i'm thinking this week isn't a very good week. or maybe i'm just super duper depressed. at least my mandarin teacher knows i'm really trying hard to learn mandarin unlike the fobs in my class.

i'm at school right now; hardly anyone is "online" on icq... (i'm using icq lite... soooo convenient) so i decided to blog. it's weird. i guess i wasn't really feeling down until i bumped into some of my old junior high acquaintances at the med sci building. like my friend once said, if you bump into someone you know but don't like, at least you ought to have the courtesy to acknowledge their presence. well, not only did the look at me in the eye and quickly scurried away, they didn't bother even smiling and saying "hi" when one of the girls in the group said "hi" to me (she was my friend, the others were just pure acquaintances) and chatted with me for 2 minutes... the other two people just stood by the corner and stuff. i find that annoying. i guess it does bother me a bit, but i'm not gonna fret about it. many know my junior high days were a nightmare. :P

on another note, i bumped into two friends today while shopping on bloor. (funny thing is i bumped into them in the GAP lingere section - i rarely go there) karen l-s and karyn pong... haven't seen karyn in eons. so that was nice. since i had to do some sponsorship searching around the Yorkville area, i went and did some shopping with those two... despite being on a tight schedule and all. but that was enjoyable.

i've seen some weird things at UT tonight. if only i didn't have that asut meeting to go to, i would've gone home. i finally saw the skule band play. they were marching along st. george... must say they're quite an interesting group... (they're awful hehe). glad i don't have many night classes anymore.

does anyone have PS1 games to offer? i got a new playstation 1... (yeah, i didn't get PS2... too much) i just need more entertainment. i've only got beatmania and DDR. hehe :)

anyhow, i think i should head off soon for the meeting. must meet my "rivals" soon... hehe 'til next time.

BTW - Carol, if you're reading this - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

today's really not my day.... as expected, i bombed my accounting midterm. those who know me well know that i mean it when i say bomed. i'm not the type to say i failed something if i got a 70. :P

i want to run for a position for the accounting society of university of toronto (asut); sadly, election is on a thursday, where no one i know goes to school. this is not good. and the position i originally wanted to run for is a competitive one. i think i'll stick with the "lower" positions. the ones that are not sought after.

i'm in a bad bad mood... today's not my day. i feel dizzy now.... :P *sob*


would somebody please kick me in the buttocks and get me to start studying and working harder? today's one of my days off.... and i have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... except for organizing my notes and setting up my playstation.... otherwise, i have done nothing constructive. please kick me... and kick me hard...

my T4 from UT and work arrived today... i received other ones earlier on. man, i finally realize how i'm getting older.... having to deal with complicated issues like taxes. but then, i can always throw my crap to an accountant and have him do it for me... but still.... :P

i finally finished reading "snow falling on cedars"; i got that book as a gift two years ago and started reading it two weeks ago..... it's a good read, but a little more on the explicit and descriptive side. (let's not go there) i need a new book to read. i also need new CDs to listen to. i think i've exhausted my mp3 collection (which technically isn't a lot, since i try not to download lots of songs...) recently, i realized how many of my CDs have gone missing... my favourite Michael W. Smith one is gone, my one and only Delirious CD is missing, and even the dreaded "enjoyment of music" CD collection for theory (which consists of 8 CDs) is no where to be found. hmmm.

i should begin doing some work.... i'll do that. :)


this is crazy - i went to TWO roots stores an called to check another one out for the "Canada" hats and the roots olympic hockey t-shirts. THEY'RE ALL GONE. poor roots salespeople feeling sympathetic for me. but then, i should've bought the stuff when they were out... i have a problem - i always contemplate too much when i buy things; by the time i decide to buy the item, it's gone. :(

well, it's back to school mode. i'm tired, but glad that i'm on some kinda schedule now, instead of wandering aimlessly around the house. :)

the olympic theme song "light the fire within" is stuck in my head. leann rimes sung the song at the opening ceremonies and i really like it. when the figure skaters were skating to the song at the "stars on ice" show towards the end, i had tears in my eyes. during the closing ceremonies, when scott hamilton skated for the finale, i soooo wanted to cry 'cause it was so beautiful (both the skating and the song). i guess i get all sentimental about these things.

NBTC (the national business technology conference) is coming close.... so things are REALLY stressful right now with the conference. :P well, it'll be over soon. but i must say i did learn a lot. it was fun contacting the journalists from national post and the canadian business magazine as well. :) (did i tell you i like journalists? haha) IF YOU"RE INTERESTED, COME!!!!!

anyhow, i must review some notes. i'm determined to become a more studious (sp?) student for the remaining months of school. :)



wow; this afternoon was awesome. i won't be raving about the hockey game much... i think i've done enough of that today. i'm not usually this crazy about hockey and sports... but i really do like the game a lot :)

this weekend nicely capped my reading week; i was, once again, unproductive as usual. met up with a friend for afternoon tea and some shopping at pacific mall - got a new webcam!!! woo hoo :) they're cheap at chinese places. today's highlight was the hockey game :) i also got a box of godiva chocolates (yum) from a grandlady at church.... yuuuummmmmmyy.

school starts tomorrow. noooo. but then, i go back to the regular routines and schedules, which is good, i suppose. at least i'm somewhat productive.

not much to say now; exhausted from cheering, jumping, and screaming too much from the hockey game :)

WE WON!!!!!!!

we score at 58:40!!!!!!!!!!!!

INGINLA! YZERMAN! SAKIC!!!!! THEY ROCK!!!! 4-2!!!!!!!!!
we rock.... go CANADA! :)

second intermission: we managed to strive and pull thru to continue leading the game. thanks to sakic. :)

i really like the commercials that are made esepcially for the olympics. some of my favourites:
- the petro-canada commercials talking about the friends and families of the athletes the company supports (although the part about buying roots wear from petro-can kinda sucks.... :P)
- the canada post commercial with the aerialist (mark fontaine? not sure) - i like that one a lot
- "who would i give my last fry to?" commercial from mickey dees
- the bell sympatico commercials - why is it always against finland tho?
- the bud commercial where the guys shake on a deal - i like the meaning behind the commercial

i'm sure there's more, but i can't think of any at the moment.

i love this. i love the fact CBC showed the empty streets of toronto (downtown yonge st. by the eaton centre is COMPLETELY QUIET. not a living soul - except for those few cars who don't understand the game), the different sports bars and places across canada, and even the kandahar army camp (for the Canadians) in afganistan - HOW ALL THE CANADIANS ARE TURNING IT UP AND CHEERING FOR THE TEAM :) this is awesome. this is the one of the best games i've seen in my life - i'm not saying this because of the hype; this is a really good game....

i just found out sale and pelletier are the closing ceremonies flag bearers. hockey's more important right now.

anyhoo, back to the game.... :)

GOOOOOO SAKIC!!!! he's gonna be one of the three stars tonite!!!!!
hahaha the guy behind pat quinn is cheering with his cell phone.... HE"S CANADIAN!!! hahahahaha.
but yeah, we're leading again!

(if only pronger's stick wasn't in the way.... hehehe)

first intermission: WE ARE LEADING! this is sooooo cool. although i've always hated the idea of having my mom's workstation in the family room, right now, i'm thrilled, since i can do this blogging and icqing while watching the game simultaneously. my throat hurts and it's only the end of the first period. this is insane :) but i'm loving every second of it.

don cherry's on right now. that guy is funny. you know how the americans like to go "USA! USA! USA!"? well, instead, i'm hearing "CAN-A-DA! CAN-A-DA! CAN-A-DA!" being screamed louding that USA! at the E Center. THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME. i so wish i am in salt lake right now.

kariya is so good too. man this is awesome. thanks sweden for giving us the wake up call ;) (personal thanks to sundin *wink*!)

WE SCORED AGAIN!!!!!!! go Iginla and Sakic!!! WOO HOO WE ARE LEADING!!!!

KARIYA SCORED!!!!!! Canada's gonna ROCK!!!!!!!!


i finally went to the ACC for the first time yesterday... and watched the awful raptors game. the last game i saw was a while back, when jordan was still playing for the chicago bulls and the raptors played at the skydome. we had good seats... so i got to see some faces - AD, dell curry, VC (although he was in his suit), JYD (he's cool, but sucked big time last night). like the stars says, these stars are physically healthy, but do need to be put on the injured list for brain problems. haha. it was ugly last night. 19 free throws, missed 10 of them. people left before the game was over. even the painfully cheerful and optimistic lady sitting behind me left before the game ended. it wasn't a nice sight. some drunk guy sitting in the sprite zone threw something down to the people in the lower bowl as well. *sigh*

well, tomorrow's the big game. i gotta be home for this.... canada vs. usa. canada better kick some buttocks! go canada go!

the women's hockey game was awesome; kim st-pierre amazes me. i think cujo should learn something from her. the penalties were disgusting though. eight consecutive canadian penalties are just too much. what was the IIHF thinking when they decided to put an american referee to ref a game involving the americans?

anyhoo, reading week is over. have to return to the regular routines. i accomplished nothing. :) although there is a slight twinge of guilt inside me, i'm pretty happy overall. i needed the mental rest. better start catching up with macro and micro. yipee. (sense my enthusiasm?)


after reading thru endless journals on AsianAvenue, and the blogs of a few friends, I've decided to keep one too... ahh.. my source to procrastination. i suppose it's also another way to update friends about what's going on in my life. hehehe.

so far, i've been very unproductive this reading week. i'm also mentally exhausted... but i'm not complaining. i'm enjoying my reading break.

no thoughts or opinions right now, except for the olympics... it's a shame that the women's curling team had to suffer a loss to great britain, thus going into the game against the americans, fighting for the bronze... it's also quite hilarious how the aussies are doing this year at salt lake. don't we all love speedskating now? hehe :) that's all for now... tata :)