I'm Off!

Well, this will be my last update until Wednesday. I will be heading to Brock Univ. from today 'til Tuesday for my church's annual summer conference. Apologies in advance for the lack of updates :).

My first rendezvous with Lydia was fun today! We got to Riverdale CI, where Matt was playing, at 11:30am and didn't leave until 2:00pm; spent the hour and a half chatting about things - from church life to relationships, and watched Matt play for an hour (and his team won... yay!). Afterwards, Lyds and I hiked up a hill to Danforth, and tried a new Japanese restaurant... yummy and filling. I am proud to say I walked from Pape Station to Yonge/Bloor Station! :) Of course, along the way, I went through some paper & card shops and spent a bit... :P

That's all for now... I've been packing and stuff for the night. Have a great long wkend and see you when I return :)


The River Gambler

Along the lakeshores of Lake Ontario, many boats can be found. The River Gambler stands out among all the other boats on the lake, with a big multicolored moose (one of the Mel Lastman ones...) right at the back of the boat. Many interesting things can be seen on the boat, at least when the AXA Insurance crew takes over the boat. You see a few drunken men, hula dancers, men and fat ladies hula dancing, the director of finance singing to "Can't Get You Out of My Head" by Kylie Minogue (btw, she's in her mid forties) while dancing, a bunch of older women dancing to the latest hits from Toronto's most ghetto station, and who can forget the wonderful lake and the view of Toronto covered with smog and fog?

That was my adventure yesterday at the annual company "picnic." At first it was raining cats and dogs, with thunder and all, but things cleared up and the weather was just lovely after that. The music was great, although the music didn't suit the crowd... the food... awesome :) Strawberry dipped in chocolate is the best!

The most interesting part of the trip happened while talking to a friend while taking a breather from the stuffy dining room. I noticed he had this taco bell dog (the freaky dog, as jon would refer to...) that says "Yo Quiero Jesus"... so I asked if he was a Christian. I had a sudden feeling he may know Eyen, this dude I met through Yonge Street Mission...; I asked and it turns out that he knew Eyen... as well as most of the guys at my church. What a small world. Apparently they're all part of the same men's group.

I took many pictures during the trip; recently, I've been interested in photography... I took plenty of pictures during my trip to Muskoka, and decided to take some on my cruise trip. Hopefully they'll turn out well. With the Toronto Outside Workers Strike going on, the Toronto Islands were empty. No sign of life on the islands, which is unusual for a lovely day like yesterday. I wonder how long this strike is gonna go on.

On a completely unrelated note, scandals are starting to pop up like popcorn! :) (that was cheesy...) On Monday, the Martha Stewart scandal was all over the news, WorldCom's mess came out yesterday, and today, Xerox's dirty work was disclosed. It is so unfortunate how great business minds can be sooo corrupted. First with Enron and Anderson, then this... The more I read about these scandals, the more I dislike being in business. Like I read somewhere in The Star (I think), scandals are becoming an epidemic. *sigh* You know, the sad thing is, these scandals ruin many companies and lives; the WorldCom employees were given notices today for an immediate leave. Sad.

Must wake up early to meet Lyds tomorrow.... Tata!


Sleep Deprived...

...even the loud disco music blasting from the courtyard at the building's BBQ didn't wake me up. Couldn't sleep until 2:30 this morning... I tried my regular routine to fall asleep - read several chapters of "The Brethren" by John Grisham, and played a few rounds of Bejeweled. Usually I dread filing and doing manual labour things, but today, I volunteered to do so, 'cause I was dozing off at my desk... (thank goodness the director was out of the office for a few hours... and my boss is still in Europe).

I'm finally going to meet up with Lyds! :) I've only met her once at Jaka's (and that itself was unexpected...)... To my surprise, I met Dorcas, her younger sister last week, just as I was questioning her disapperance on Lyds' gbook/forum. Watching Matt play 9-man vball and walking around Danforth - that's the intinerary. On Sunday, I'll be heading into Brock Univ. along with many ppl from church for our annual summer conference... so it'll be great relaxing for a few days away from the city :) That's my long wkend for you.

My mind is blank now. The only thing I'm looking forward to right now is for 5 pm to strike...then I'll be out of here. Hope tonight's worship practice will be fun too ;)


Old School....

While visiting a friend yesterday, we were discussing video games, and how I lacked skills in playing, as you've probably read my story about my past w/ computer & video games. All the sudden, my friend's cousin brings up this old game, Tapper, we used to play ALL THE TIME when we crashed at her place...; it's one of those games on a five inch floppy. To my absolute surprise, her computer was old enough to operate the game! I had so much fun playing the game... and found out a place on the 'net where you could find old arcade games from the 80s - The Underdogs. I found tapper, but unfortuantely couldn't download it... I managed to find the shockwave version of the game and played to my heart's content.

I would love to operate Typing Tutor again - the old version I played with, that is... :) Happy memories, I must say, with all these old school games... :)


Launch on Yahoo! is awesome - it allows you to set your own radio station, which only plays songs of your favourite artist. For a person who's too cheap to buy CDs, I find this as a good alternative. Instead of listening to all the thuggy songs on Toronto's ghetto station while wanting to listen to only one or two, I get to choose the singers I want to listen to, and block out songs and artists that I don't want to hear from....

Anyway I highly recommend this - :) update later.


Fobby Chinese People...

Went to Pacific yesterday with Peggy after church... and there were way too many people. Plus, the weather was humid, and the mall didn't have any strong air conditioning on (Chinese people are too cheap for good air con... sigh), and I think that's when my migraine started. Last night, I wanted to bang my head on the wall, and use Peggy's stone carving to hit my head w/ it. Back to Pacific; bumped into too many people there, including Ian, which was wierd, since we rarely bump into each other.

I used to have a crazy fettish over HK pop CDs... I would ask my relatives in HK to buy them, and if I couldn't wait, I would buy them myself here at a ridiculously high price. I haven't purchased a HK pop album in ages. Eversince I realized what talents HK pop stars lacked, I stopped purchasing other CDs. Besides, I was going broke.

So when I stepped into Music Headquarters at Pacific yesterday, I was surprised to see what HK pop stars were up to w/ their CDs. Not only do you get a CD with your purchase, along with it comes plenty of goodies. Many CDs were packaged in big boxes, with different samples, postcards (advertisements or pictures of the singer), and stuff for the computer. Joey Yung (Yung Jo Yee)'s newest CD came in a little box that looked like a cardbox purse with a H20 product sample, and various goodies and offers from the companies she represents, plus stuff for the computer... Gaaaaah. Gigi Leung's (Leung Wing Kei) CD came in a rectangular box, with postcards of herself and some offers for ringtones (for cell phones in HK). The most interesting one I saw though, was a CD cover that was made of plastic, and it was filled with this blue liquid that made it look like it was water, and inside was the picture of the singer herself.

What's gonna be next? CDs that come in a toaster? :P


God is Good!

Within the past 36 hours, I've experienced and saw so much of God's blessings and grace. Just the weather alone reminds me of how great our God is.

Around 5pm last night, it was raining cats and dogs at Yonge and Finch (where I work). In fact, as I left the office at 6pm, it was still raining very heavily. I was uncertain whether or not Youth on a Hill (yoah) would go on, despite the weather, since it was outdoors at Mel Lastman Square. Nonetheless, I spent my time in between work and yoah at my friend's apartment... got to her place and was dead tired, with the rain pouring outside; my friend suggested that I shouldn't go to yoah. As much as I wanted to stay home and rest, something inside was urging me to go to yoah. I ended up going at around 6:45; it was still raining a little as I walked down to Mel Lastman Square. As soon as I got there, the rain stopped and the skies were clear! Seeing so many youths there praising His name was very encouraging too.

Personally, I thought Yoah was a little TC-ish, but I was glad I was there - the speaker, who was a gr. 12 student, reminded me so much of our purpose here on earth. I liked the way he said why he had to go to school... "I hate school!" He says "but the reason why I wake up everyday to go someplace I don't even like is because I know there are many lives that need to be changed there, many whom have yet to know Christ, and that's why I go." Perhaps I should wake up in this sense.... So that was a little on my experience at Yoah...

Today was my trip to the Muskoka region with my parents and the seniors fellowship at church. Since a part of the trip was outdoors on a ship, we were praying for the weather to be nice... Woke up and saw cloudy skies. My spirits weren't dampened... but still, I was hoping for a rainless trip. As we headed up north, some rain started to fall, but that was about it. We got there, boarded on the ship, and it was cloudy, but no rain! :) The weather was just right - not sunny, but without rain and some breeze. Very relaxing, I must say; I spent some time on the cruise admiring the cottages and taking random pictures.

Weather isn't the only thing that reminded me of God's work... His plan is so amazing. When we got off the ship an hour later, it was lunch time. There was some loud campfire music playing in the eating area outdoors. To our surprise, the churches in Gravenhurst (where we went) decided to get together for a BBQ with the workers at a nearby nursing home to show their appreciation for the worker's hard work. The people were very welcoming (and hugging too!), and we sang Amazing Grace together with them, as they wanted us to join them for one song. Since most of the seniors didn't know the English version, they sang in Chinese while the Gravenhurst brothers and sisters sang in English... Wow... it was just amazing how God planned for us to have a time of praise and worship beyond our expectations!

I was thankful I got some time to relax today. Instead of following the group while going on different tours, I sat outside and relaxed, and enjoyed the breeze. Despite my little headache, I found it enjoyable... :)

I could ramble on and on, but I'll keep this short(er) and sweet. That's my weekend thus far. What a great weekend.


Oh My...

...black coffee is awfully bitter. First time trying black coffee - no sugar, no cream - just black. Unfortunately, the caffeine is not working well either. I'm still half asleep in my cubicle.

I think the summer vacation is giving me too much time to think of things I shouldn't be worrying about. Or things I shouldn't get upset over. Such as my future. I'm really worried about not getting a job next summer at a Big4 firm, or even another company, as I'm intending on not returning to AXA next summer; I need more experience, and returning to the company for the third time would not help... so I'm just a little confused. Coincidentally, Carol was having a career crisis at the same time as I was... but hers is over while mines... it's still hanging on the string.

I did mention a while back I had some goals to achieve this summer, now that I've dropped summer school. Had I stayed in the course, my exam would've been on Monday and I would've been freaking out by now. Anyway, back to the original topic, I started to work on my critique page last night by learning more html stuff - i'm sooo confused with all the different codes, with html and css and all that stuff :P Gah.... but my html/web programming sifu Ben told me to simply test with a webpage... so I will. My original one is still around but was designed with VERY SIMPLE html codes... if anyone wishes to help me out, give me a shout! :)

Last night while "thinking", I had a sudden aspiration to become a restaurant critique person - a professional one, I mean. I was thinking after my BComm, perhaps I could take journalism or something! :) But then, my writing skills are so bad... so I wonder if that's even possible. I guess I'll just stick with my little fun critique page for now.

I just received a forward from a coworker; attached were two powerpoint presentations. To my surprise, it was a motivational sort of slideshow, encouraging the viewer to be positive and happy. The other slideshow included several bible verses from Psalms and other inspirational thoughts. I thought it was nice to have to sent around, but when my coworker (the one who sent it to me) started joking around with this whole "God" business, joking around how people are preaching here, I got a little annoyed. Ah well.

Going to Youth on a Hill tonight. Unlike many other events and rallies I've been to, I'm not treating this lightly... I feel as if God had planned for me to go to this event, 'cause originally, I was uncertain as to when I was gonna tutor. I was supposed to tutor either last nite or tonight...; the kid came yesterday night. I feel as if He's telling me to go. I'm not sure what to expect, but I know lots of prayers are needed for this event... I'll blog about it later.

As for now, it's back to work!


An Update on Me...

Yesterday, went downtown to meet Ian for dinner; we both wanted to try this Japanese place for ages... I've heard good recommendations from people, so I thought we'd give it a try. Had NO clue on how to get there; luckily, a girl who works at AXA took me there since she lives around the same area. Bumped into Ian at Chester Station, and we walked to the restaurant together. Mind you, although the restaurant was only a block away from the station, I spent $8 while walking to the restaurant, 'cause there were so many interesting shops around that area. I found this card shop that actually had many postcards, like the William Wegman and Keith Haring postcards I've previously purchased at Chapters. Yay, I found a place to satisfy my little fettish for postcards!

Mariko is the restaurant we dined in. It offered an "all-you-can-eat" menu, and we chose that. To my surprise, I didn't order a whole lot of sushi; instead, I tried many of the Japanese appetizers offered, such as Kushikatsu (Breaded Pork) and BBQ Chicken. Yummm..... although it was a bit pricey, I still thought it was worth the price, 'cause of the variety of food both Ian and I had.

I would love to go back to the Danforth for an afternoon, just to relax and eat... :)

Today's a relatively quiet day. I actually went home after work for once, 'cause I had to tutor a kid. Right now, I'm just relaxing... yay, some me time. :) Perhaps I'll start w/ designing for the restaurant critique page. But for now, it's time for my Chinese TV show time :)

Oh yeah... before I forget... I got a Tie Domi bobblehead doll a few weeks ago!!!

Expect the Unexpected

That's what I have been experiencing for the past while. These unexpected turn of events ranged from simple things to big things. For the most part, these unexpected events were plesant.

Yesterday at work started out great and relaxing. In fact, up 'til 3:30pm, it was very pleasant and nice; got my work done, settled some lingering issues. However, something between me and this guy I worked with unexpectedly happened and the day ended off on a sour note. Although the situation is settled now, the end of yesterday was still bad..., which left me off in a not-so-great mood for the remainder of the day.

Dropping out of summer school was also unexpected. (Well, according to my mother, she expected that I would possibly drop, but I didn't see it coming...) However, with that out of the way, I was able to start enjoying my summer, and serve more at Church, see more friends, and participate in more extra-curricular activities. A little more of "me" time would be appreciated, but otherwise, I am really enjoying my summer. Unfortunately, it's going by way to fast for my likes; I'm not looking forward to my third year.

Another work related situation that was unexpected was my cubicle move. One of the contract workers left in the accounting dept, and that wasn't expected until the end of August. She found a FT job downtown and gave a two week notice. It didn't struck me that there would be a vacant seat until the day before the contract lady left... and to my surprise, I had to move. I first thought it wouldn't be a pleasant move, as my cubicle lacks privacy of any sort, however, I'm settling in, and am very slowly starting to enjoy my stay. I'm glad things worked out at the end.

Last Saturday, my friends and I were supposed to go to Niagara Falls... however, someone decided to back out last minute, leaving us with 6 girls with one car... since someone had to go, I offered to stay behind. Originally I was disappointed as I was expecting to go and have a good time. To my surprise, my quiet Saturday afternoon spent at home was enjoyable... I was very happy I was able to grab some private time alone... so that was nice. Oh, in the end, due to bad weather, the trip was cancelled... but that doesn't matter!

Originally, my dad wanted to go to Dallas, Texas to visit a family friend plus check out several places within the area - however, the air fare was simply too much and we decided not to go. We weren't planning to go anywhere far, probably around Chicago (again, for the umptieeth time). Last week whil talking on the phone with my cousin in Vancouver, she mentioned it was my Uncle's 80th bday bash, and jokingly said we should come over and visit... after she talked to my dad on the phone, my dad seriously contemplated this possibility. In less than a week, it was confirmed my dad and I were going to Vancouver for a mini vacation. THIS was totally unxpected.

Anyway I could probably go on and on... but I think you get the point. I'll end off with a lesson I learned while playing bejewelled. Often, you may plan out your strategies, figure out how to move and such to win the game... but one move can affect everything else, and your plans will be changed... thus, expect the unexpected. :)

End of a long blog... must get back to work!


More Random Thoughts...

I'm almost done with my work - just waiting 'til 2pm. That's when the fire drill begins. I've been anticipating for this day, 'cause it's a great excuse to get away from the cubicle. Plus, it gives great exercise... however, if we were to walk UP the stairs instead of down, I wouldn't be as giddy about it.
Work's been... interesting. I finally switched into a new cubicle, and am slowly adjusting to a different environment. However, the con 'bout working here is the lack of privacy I get. My cubicle is right in the middle of nowhere, across from the group of cubicles... my seat is sometimes taken by the director or other coworkers who decides to make a "short" stop... leaving me with no where to do my work temporarily. Plus, everyone could see my screen and see if I'm emailing or surfing... :P GAH. My boss has gone to Europe for a week, so I'm happy now, and feeling a bit relaxed. So for now, I can't really complain.

FOOD LOVERS! - before I forget, if you're a Chinese dumpling lover, please support Matt Mark and his 9man volleyball team and buy some dumplings! $10 for a lot of dumplings, apparently. Check his blog out for more info :)

Trying out a Japanese Buffet tonight - am excited. Heard good stuff about this buffet; Matt recommended it, plus a girl from ASUT who's really picky about sushi also gave thumbs up to it. We'll see how that goes.

Last night, we had a summer conference meeting... and it was fun :) Some of us learned more about the others on the exec. team, and it was quite interesting, I must admit. I also got to play around with Matt Lau's Sony Clie... and it is the bomb! Apparently there's a digi cam attached with it, and I had fun taking goofy pictures as well as surprise candid shots :) Matt also had "Bejeweled" on his Clie IN COLOUR.... I fell in love... :)

Speaking of "Bejeweled", I tried to make myself fall asleep last night by playing with that... started at around 12:45 am but ended up sleeping at 1:45 am.... this game is SO bad for my health. I just got back from the fire drill and spent the time waiting in line to go on the elevators playing the game... SO MESMERIZING AND ADDICTIVE...! Nooooooo!

Anyway have to get some work done...



Yonge & Finch - the centre of Korea Town. Going south along Yonge, many Korean karaoke bars, grocery stores, and restaurants are found. Today, those businesses would not be seen; instead, all a person could see was endless Korean flags waving up and down. As well, endless car honking can be heard.

As many know, Korea upset Italy 2-1 in their extra time win. Working 14 floors above Yonge and Finch, all I could hear was the endless honking, and looking down, I see countless Koreans proudly waving their flags.

This went on for the whole day actually. My workplace was just struck with world cup fever, with everyone in disbelief, wondering why all the underdogs of the World Cup are making to the Semis - Korea, US, Senegal... Keep in mind, people at work are also in disbelief because of their place in the soccer pool - the expected leaders were unexpectedly ranked low... and vice versa. Another funny thing is, in the food court of the buidling were four fast food restauarants; three were owned by Koreans, and the last owned by the lone Italian. What a coincidence.

In other news, it is confirmed that my father and I are going to Vancouver in the end of July! Can't wait.... my first trip in two years.

Okay, I'm starting to diverge from the original topic... :) In fact, I think all my thoughts are just coming out, all non related.

Today was piano teaching day - my only day, since I only teach two girls and they're sisters :) The younger one was great... but the older one was a little upset over an earlier incident. I had dinner with their family, and we had an indoor picnic. Mind you, I've never even been to an outdoor picnic... so it was quite interesting. There wasn't a lot to eat, but surprisingly, it filled me enough. There were bread, sardines, celery, cucumbers, and some dips. Of course, ice cream topped it off and I had a lovely dinner. I was touched with the flower the younger sis gave me.

Signed plenty of gbooks recently - I'm starting to get annoyed when typing my blog's URL out everytime... :P I'm seriously contemplating on getting my own domain.... hollyholz.com is appealing... but anymore suggestions? I'm taking Jon Sy's advice about NOT using my own name as a domain.... (he said something in my gbook a while back....)

I finally used this L.L. Bean gift certificate my uncle's brother got me for Christmas last year... I bought an alarm clock. With the amount I received, it was too little to get most of the items in the catalogue... but it was a nice one :)


...he's becoming more like my mom and vice versa.

My mom - she's very picky and likes to complain a lot...
My dad - (before) very mellow, not loud but not absolutely quiet, didn't care so much for the little things (like zits and what not on my face... haha)

Last night, I ask both of my parents the same question, but individually. My mom, unlike her usual self, gave me a straight and simple answer. My dad? Well, I asked if he preferred English or Chinese, and he went on giving me a speech, and never answered my question until I asked him again. Man, my mom's right - my dad is becoming more "see lai" and "pau ma" (very Chinese lady like in behaviour... a big fuss and complains a lot... can be very annoying).

Another situation? The zits on my face have been popping more frequently lately, probably 'cause of the hot weather. My mom would usually make a big fuss over them, even with the smallest zit ever. Recently, my mom hasn't really said much about them, whereas my dad is saying "oh my gosh, you have sooo many zits on your face (when there's only 3...)... you have a big problem!" Strange huh?

I guess this story's funny if you only understand what "see lai" and "pau ma" meant.

Back to work :O

An Interesting yet Useless Tidbit on Me...

First time I've seen one of these surveys... kinda interesting. Enjoy!


9 Things You Wear Daily

- socks
- shoes
- glasses
- watch
- a shirt
- pants
- underwear
- PJs
- hair thingy (scruchie)

7 Movies You'd Watch Over And Over

- The Sound of Music
- About a Boy
- Save the Last Dance
- My Best Friend's Wedding
- West Side Story
- Forrest Gump
- D2: The Mighty Ducks

11 Albums That Matter

- to be filled in later...

6 Objects You Touch Every Day

- any keyboard
- TV Remote
- Bed
- Palm Pilot
- Wallet
- Coffee Cup

6 Things You Do Every Day

- Sleep
- Snore :) (and occasionally talk in my sleep *wink*)
- Eat
- Email
- Watch TV
- Reflect a little on life

2 People That Have Influenced Your Life The Most

- Parents (they're married, thus they're in one :) )
- big sis Angie

1 Thing You Could Not Spend The Rest Of Your Life Without

- Faith

I SEE? a duck
I NEED? a better GPA
I FIND? that I get too tired easily
I WANT? more "ME" time
I HAVE? too much extra-curriculars on my plate at the moment
I WISH? I was certain of some things...
I LOVE? sushi.... :)
I HATE? bandwagon sports fans (i.e. the US - according to a CNN poll, only a few would consider watching the World Cup, but after US won Mexico, CNN had another poll, and everyone wants to watch now... :P)
I MISS? sushi....
I FEAR? my loved ones would die w/o knowing Christ
I FEEL? hungry
I HEAR? wind
I SMELL? nothing
I CRAVE? for sushi... what else? :)
I TOUCH? my laptop
I SEARCH? for who I am...
I WONDER? why...
I REGRET? signing up for summer school


SMILED? just a few minutes ago in front of my bathroom mirror
LAUGHED? when dad was being so... "pau mah" (i guess reacted strangely...)
LIED? that's for me to know and u to find out :)
BOUGHT SOMETHING? i bought a tea at tim hortons this afternoon...
DANCED? last friday at the music banquet... although i gave up within a few minutes...
KISSED SOMEONE? a while back
TALKED TO AN EX? never had an ex actually
WATCHED YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? ages ago - haven't seen sound of music after seeing it on TV every single week for a while (both in Toronto and in HK...)
HAD A NIGHTMARE? haven't so far, but when school starts, they'll come regularly ;)
LAST BOOK YOU READ? comic book you mean? ;) last week
LAST SONG YOU HEARD? Full Moon by Brandy
LAST TIME YOU SHOWERED? fifteen minutes ago (1 am)

DO YOU....

DO DRUGS? everyday!! :) (which type I take, that's for you to decide...)
HAVE SEX? Nope...
LIVE IN THE MOMENT? this weekend, actually - simply relaxing and wishing school would never get in the way.
READ THE NEWSPAPER? yes & i watch the news
LIKE THE TASTE OF ALCOHOL? depends which type...
HAVE A FAVORITE CANDY? favourite chocolates, yes :)
PRAY? yes
PETS? nope... parents hate fur all over the place...
TALK TO STRANGERS WHO IM YOU? nah... no time for that
WEAR HATS? occasionally
HAVE ANY TATTOOS? not to my knowledge
HAVE AN OBSESSION? current one: bejeweled on my Palm V :)
HAVE A BEST FRIEND? not really.... a few close ones
WISH ON STARS? just for fun, but I know prayer is waaay much better :)
LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? used to, when I actually paid attention to my writing... now, bleh.


Typing Tutor...and Other Stories

While punching a list of numbers into Excel, the lady behind my new cubicle commented on how quickly I typed.... (according to her, I type like a machine gun....). I told her the story about my childhood without video games. You see, my parents firmly believed video games would screw me up, so while every other kid on the block at a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in their homes, I had nothing. They wouldn't even buy me a computer game! Fortunately, my dad had a copy of typing tutor on one of those BIG and paper thin floppies and allowed me to "play" with that. So the only thing that kept me entertained was that game on typing tutor where letters or words fall from the sky, and that letter/word must be typed out before they drop onto the ground and blow up. So my typing skills are quite polished :) Hee hee... Although I got a NES from my aunt a few years later when she got her brand new SUPER NES, it didn't help, 'cause I only had one cartridge to play with - Super Mario Brothers 3... and I never got past the 3 world.

So it's pretty sure my dad is going to Vancouver now - my trip is yet to be determined, 'cause of ridiculously pricey air fares.... if I go, I'll be going on my own to Vancouver and back. (my dad is using his air canada miles for his trip, so his trip has this wierd schedule where he has to stop two times on his way back to Toronto - once in BC and once in Calgary....) My dad was joking how I would be the only one crying on the plane with no one watching and caring for me. Here goes another story from my childhood...

9 years ago, my dad and I went to Vancouver to visit relatives. It was my first trip away without my mom around... Since my mom didn't know how to drive to the airport at that time (in fact, she still doesn't know how to, but that's beside the point), she didn't want to trouble the person who drove us to the airport by making him drive her back home; thus she didn't come with us. As soon as the car left the driveway, unexpectedly I started crying. My dad and his friend thought it was a temporary thing, and I would eventually stop. Were they ever wrong. Got the airport, checked in, and I'm still crying. Boarded the plane and fastened my seatbelt - still crying. Two hours past, and I'm still sobbing my head off... Eventually, I got tired and fell asleep in tears... woke up and continued crying during the fourth hour... landed in Vancouver, and I finally stopped crying after calling mom at my uncle's place. My parents still tease me now about this... :P

Anyway, enough childhood stories for now... :)


A Long Delayed Update

I've been moody for the past few days; it all started on Thursday night, when I came home and heard several bad news. I realized that night how there might be changes at work - and I was right.

Remember back when I started working in May how I complained I didn't like the fact I sat far away from my department? Well, I love it there. Unfortunately, a contract worker from my department has left the company and her seat is vacant. I realized on Thursday night how it may be possible to move me back into accounting/finance. I wasn't thrilled at all, 'cause the place I would sit in had no sort of privacy, and it's too close to my mean co-worker. I won't even have the chance to vent when something goes wrong between the two of us. Plus, I've gotten acquainted with 'Chris Tucker' and the lady behind me, plus all the other claims people in the area. Funny how Lyds mentioned at first I didn't want to be in the claims department, but now that I have the chance to move back to my own dept, I'm unhappy about it. My dad tells me to treat this as a challenge... SO, for all you wonderful people that keep me entertained at work w/ emails, please be advised I may take longer to reply now, with shorter msgs; I also won't be blogging from work as much, or even never at all.

What made me upset this past week was also the a "fun" accounting event hosted by a firm - originally, they mentioned how the participants would be randomly drawn... after much observation and discussion with my friend from the accounting program at Univ. of Waterloo, we both realized how "random" the participants were. All of the participants from UT either on CSA or ASUT (no, I didn't get in...). My friend and I both realized the people who were the most outspoken from our respective accounting societies were selected to participate, and her ex-bf also got in (he's in the CSA for Erindale... plus he had connections too...) I'm just upset how "random" this whole selection process was, I suppose.

I haven't been home for dinner at all this past week, except for yesterday night and tonight. (Actually, I'm at Peggy's house right now, but nevertheless, I'm still spending it with my family plus others...) I spent the whole weekend at home, just to spend time with my parents, I suppose. I find that life has been too busy as of late, and I haven't had any quiet time. This weekend was sort of good for myself to catch up on... me. :) Family time was very enjoyable this week. We didn't get into any arguments or anything... it was very warm and nice (very different from the weather) I also got myself addicted to this game on my Palm V - Bejeweled. Believe it or not, my 6-year-old piano student taught me how to play the game, and I find it very challenging. Unfortunately, whenever I close my eyes, I see jewels and try to strategize how to match up 3 jewels of the same kind. :P

Just found out this past few days that my dad and I may be visiting Vancouver sometime in July for a few days. It's my Uncle's 80th birthday, and my relatives want to hold a b-day bash ("dai sau" in Cantonese) for him. I've been looking thru expedia.ca and other airline websites, but all are soooo pricey!!! Anyone know of good deals? I'm so happy I get to get out of Toronto for a bit this year... The last time I was outside of the province was September 2001, while visiting my cousins in Chicago.

Anyway it's almost time for dinner - I hope to blog at work tomorrow... 'til then, adios!


Tip of the Day

While reading In Style, I came across this very interesting advice Anjelica Houston gave in her interview...

"My father always said that the most important thing in life is to remain interested..."

Easier said than done, I know - so treat this as a challenge :)

Tricky Questions

These questions are tricky - try 'em.... :) Just a little something while I'm waiting for something to come up (to blog about, that is)....
The answers are below, but attempt w/o looking!


1. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?

2. A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

3. There are two plastic jugs filled with water. How could you put all of this water into a barrel, without using the jugs or any dividers, and still
tell which water came from which jug?

4. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

5. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

6. This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it! In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out! Try to do so without any coaching!


1. The third. Lions that haven't eaten in three years are dead.

2. The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry.

3. Freeze them first. Take them out of the jugs and put the ice in the barrel. You will be able to tell which water came from which jug.

4. The answer is Charcoal.

5. Sure you can: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

6. The letter "e", which is the most common letter in the English language, does not appear once in the long paragraph.


AXA's very own Chris Tucker

Heehee - my company has our own Chris Tucker! Lately, the Jamaican guy who blasts rap music from his computer has been wanting to learn some Chinese. He's hilarious in every way - once he starts talking, he gets interesting. Unfortunately, like Chris Tucker, he has problems learning how to pronounce a lot of Chinese words (remember the end of Rush Hour 1 where he's trying to speak Chinese to a stewardess?). It's taken him forever just to say "pretty girl" [Lang Lui] - he wanted to learn pick up lines in Chinese... but it just doesn't make sense after the translation! Get this: "At a far distance you look good, but up close and personal, you're very stunning."

Anyway, my co-worker recently taught him how to say "shut up" [sau sang] in Cantonese. Little did I know when I taught him how to say "you're so annoying" [nei ho mah fan]. All the sudden he has work to do, and you hear him going like this:

Chris Tucker: (to the guy who gave him work...)Nei ho mah fan!
Me: (laughing my head off...)
Chris Tucker: (to me)Sau Sang Ah!

and I'm laughing even harder...! Funny part is, he's making sense!

Well, today's a more or less relaxed day - everyone's happy :) More stories to come.....

Funny Story

Got stuck in traffic this morning - right where the TTC bus terminal and the York Region Transit Hub are... Anyway got to the elevators around 9:10 - usually, I don't care if I'm 10 minutes late; anything over ten minutes I DO count ('cause I'm on contract) - I was hoping to leave at 4:30, leaving my boss to assume I got in at the usual time (I'm supposed to leave at 4:40). Stepped into the elevator and was leaning against the side when this lady decided to stand right in front of me, blocking me from exiting the elevator... at first, I minded, but all the sudden, I see my boss rushing into the elevators just before they closed. GAAAH. Thank goodness the lady was blocking me! I kept my head down - although I was supposed to get off the 14th floor, I was too paranoid to do so and ended up pressing 20 instead (my company has three floors to this building). At least my boss didn't see me....

That's my adventure for the morning. Right now, I'm torn between listening to the rap music blasting from the guy next to me and the classical music playing on my co-worker's computer... interesting, eh? I'm hungry....


Lesson Learned

I didn't get a chance to blog today at work. Actually, I could've; instead, I spent the majority of the day sulking at my cubicle. Reason? My co-worker (the nice one) tells me I screwed up in updating the financial statements... I was upset at myself for messing up something that was relatively simple.

I guess I took this job a little too lightly when I returned this summer. I just wanted to go in and get out as soon as possible, especially during the first two weeks, as I was facing some problems with the other co-worker (the mean one - I have two co-workers only!); I felt like he treated me as his assistant, and bossed me around when he wasn't my boss. Even my boss treated me with more respect than this guy did. In the end, I decided to try and make the best out of my summer at work, and be nice to the guy despite the way he treated me. I thought I wasn't getting much work this year, and whenever I got something, it seemed all too simple for me to do and did it with minimal effort. However, this attitude of mine obviously screwed me up and I had a big lesson to learn thru my mistakes. Although my nice co-worker doesn't mind my lack of effort and carelessness, he did remind me constantly that where I work is a "training ground" - shouldn't complain too much. He's right. I need an attitude change.

You know what inspires me? The lady who works at a small Chinese restaurant my mom and I frequent all year round. Saw her yesterday, and she was happy as always. She said "Thank-you You" like usual and was constantly cheerful. Even with a job like hers, she could be so cheerful and work with such enthusiasm. I ought to learn from her.

Short blog, but at least there's a lesson learned for myself. Hope to blog from work tomorow.
Night :)

I just found out two of the many shops the Drunken Russians vandalized in Moscow included this very famous grocery store I've been in, as well as the lovely Sbarros (sp?) Pizzeria. *sigh*... that's also where the subway underground bombing took place two years ago, less than a week after I left Moscow. (Yes, I've been to Russia.... - St. Petersburg & Moscow)


Ah, the Old School Days and Memories...

Just before worship practice on Saturday, our team had a brief time to share - we were to think of something to be thankful for, and something to pray for. Some of the thankful things/prayer items included friends in high school. Since the others were in their final year of high school, many were starting to miss their friends and the good times they've had for the past five years. I thought about my own high school friends. Man, I knew of a lot of people - but only really knew a few that I could relate to. I am still thankful that I've been keeping in touch with some of my high school friends plus the music council :)...

Tonight, a few of us (Roni-G (aka Rono), Jon, Ian, and myself) got together for some Korean BBQ, just to see each other before Jon heads back to Cornell. Roni-G and I were reminiscing the old times, back when we first met in Gr. 10 English. Haha.... we were turning red from laughter! Ian and Jon were also talking 'bout their own thing. Both Roni-G and I agreed though, that it's a very precious friendship we've got; Carol J. and I were discussing about high school friends during dinner on Saturday. She was telling me how one of her roommates totally dislikes her high school friends and how they never associate. I find that quite sad. I mean, I know life goes on and people change, but wouldn't it be nice to keep some memories alive? I really find my mom's friendship with this auntie very unique - they've known each other since grade school and are still meeting up regularly. I find that awesome.

On a completely unrelated note, my mom hasn't been too lately while cleaning the church... and I totally understand her. After a coffee house ladened with candles on Friday night, she was pretty upset with all the wax left on the floor... still can't get it off the floor. It wasn't until I started helping her out did I realize how tiring and tough it is to clean the church - and I was only sweeping and moping the basement floor! Today, she told me she found some nail clippings on the 2nd floor (where the church balcony is), as well as another floor. I find that simply inconsiderate... (the nails, I mean...) If people don't leave garbage and scrap on the floor at home, why would they do that in God's house? Remember kids, we're in God's house - let's try to keep it clean and tidy as possible...

Ahh, all the thoughts running in my head... but I need sleep soon. :) Tata!


I've got a bunch of random thoughts - nothing too deep or insightful this point... too early in the morning :)

My weekend.... well, Saturday was just jam-packed whereas Sunday was lazy and free...

Saw "About a Boy" with Carol J. on Saturday. Let's just say, "Killing me Softly with his Song" is never gonna be the same to me anymore.... ;) That romantic and sappy song is gonna make me laugh next time I hear it.... I was intending to blog about the movie, but I realized that not many people knew what to expect of this movie before watching it, not knowing what the movie's all about. Thus, I'll leave you all in suspense... but I really liked the movie and the meaning behind it. Unlike most Hugh Grant movies, it's not really all that romantic or sappy - not much kissing scenes ;) Hugh Grant was terrific, and that kid... he was surprisingly good too :) The Brit setting was interesting. I highly recommend this. The next movie I wnat to see is probably "The Sum of All Fears"

Over the weekend, I thought that it was awesome how the World Cup brought many people in the world together, with some common interest for one month, just like the Olympics. However, that thought changed as soon as I watched the evening news on TV last night. Not sure how many of you know about this, but after Russia's 1-0 lost to Japan, there was a riot in Moscow, I believe. Drunken teenagers decide to cause a raucaus, which got everyone punching each other's lights out. Unfortunately, 2 people died from this incident. I thought the same about the Olympics until the whole skating scandal, Russia's threat to pull out from the Olympics, and other controversies. I suppose the original purpose of these games (which I assume is uniting the world thru sports) is changing into some sort of alternative for political wars and chaos. I wasn't too happy when I heard about the Russians and their act of sorrow....

Lyds blogged about her thoughts on blogging sometime last week, mentioning that I was running out of topics to write. For a while, I did.... (in a way) 'cause I didn't want to bore my readers. She's totally right about the change in our original purpose to blog. I started this page so that my friends (especially those who are out of town for the school year) could see what's going on in my life. However, I find that many don't really read it. :) I guess now, I'll just blog as if they did.... 'cause this is meant for those who know me. That's why I'm not fretting over it too much now :)

Time for work... gaaaah.


Great in Power

Praise Him, you heavens and all that's above.
Praise Him, you angels and heavenly hosts.
Let the whole earth praise Him.

Praise Him, you sun, moon and bright shining stars.
Praise Him, you heavens, and waters and skies.
Let the whole earth praise Him.

Great in power, great in glory,
Great in Mercy, King of Heaven.
Great in Battle, great in wonder,
Great in Zion, King over all the earth!

This song has recently been stuck in my head. It's been a great reminder for myself to remember how great, wonderful, merciful, and powerful God is. You see, while I was talking to a friend at the greeting table at the coffee house last night, this song was sung. She was telling me how she just landed a teaching job at a school she really wanted to teach at. It was just awesome for her (and for me to hear this news) and she was soooo thankful and everything, realizing how God works...

Tonight, after Carol J. and I met up for a movie and sushi fest (to be blogged about later), I had some time before meeting my parents back at Finch station. Originally, I was planning to walk from Richmond and John towards Dundas and Yonge, but suddenly decided to head south to Harbourfront. I got there and stood right in front of the Queens Quay apartments, looking at Lake Ontario at night... it was beautiful, with some lights here and there; this song once again poped up in my mind, as I was marvelling how awesome God is, and how he made such a beautiful place. It was very peaceful and calming... to be part of nature and also to experience God's power.

Anyhow, for the first time in a while, I end off with a cheerful and happy note :) 'Nite folks.


Sushi Gal

Sushi Gal - a nickname given to me during my first year at UT. You see, I was taking mandarin, and this was a night class; often times, my friends and I would go out for a sushi-fest (until our pockets were totally empty).

Well, sushi gal has many plans for the summer, and one of them is to develop a web site just for japanese food... included will be critiques of different Japanese restaurants around Toronto.

However, this is becoming a very expensive hobby - Japanese food isn't exactly cheap. Thus I'm setting up a fund just devoted for Sushi Gal's sushi fests... :) (just kidding) Anyhow, this weekend will be a good start for me to try different restaurants; will be meeting my friend in an hour or so for dinner at Akasaka, and will be trying HoSu on Queen St. with Carol tomorrow evening.

I just need to know how to add those commenting pages.... like the one Will has for his page.

Will keep you posted on the development of this Japanese Restaurant page :)


What do you want to do?

This quote came by as a surprise for me:

It isn't really important to decide when you are very young just exactly what you want to become when you grow up. It is much more important to decide on the way you want to live.
~ Golda Meir (1898-1978)

Going thru numerous blogs, a few stood out in particular - the ones describing their summer adventures, working away from home in another country for the summer. (such as Bernard and this girl Joanne) I kinda envy them, 'cause recently, I've come to realize how hard it is to really find a job that one can truly enjoy and appreciate. Both Bernard and Joanne seem to be livin' life the way they want, doing what they enjoy... and I find that awesome....

For the past year, I've been struggling on deciding what commerce stream (accounting, finance, marketing, etc.) I should go into, and whether accounting is really for me. I've been thinking about what I wanna be when I "grow up"... However the quote above tells me this isn't the important thing; what I need to do is to choose how I wanna live. I find that close to impossible in this ever changing world. It's like, without a job, you won't be able to survive in this competitive world.

How do I want to live? Not necessarily leisurely and elegantly, but simply having a job that I simply enjoy... I think I know HOW I want to live - a simple life and just being happy with a nice family. I just want to have a job that I truly enjoy; however, that's my mini problem - I don't know what exactly is my ideal dream job... that I have yet to find out. In the meantime, I guess I'll continue with accounting/business just to keep on going... when I come to realize what I wanna do, I'll be :).


Bein' Aware in the Workplace

Actually, I'm not very aware of anything today at work; sleep-deprivation and weather probably affects my mood, more than I thought it would.

I don't sit with my own department; they don't have enough room for me. I'm usually left on my own, but my boss and co-workers do check up on me once in a while, and often unexpectedly. I've thought of different ways to get myself preped, as my cubicle is designed in a way in which I can't see who's coming from my left. I thought of putting up a mirror on the right wall of my cubicle, so i could see who's coming from the left... and it kinda works - if only I could find a mirror bigger than a make-up mirror and stick it on the wall, that plan would be perfect.

Recently, I noticed I could make out certain footsteps... I can sometimes tell which footsteps belong to which person. If I start to recognize my coworkers and my boss' footsteps, I'll be all right :)
(Did I ever tell you how sensitive I am to noise?)

Yay, only 10 more minutes 'til I get out of here!

Challenge of the Day

If you train your mind to search for the positive things about other people, you will be surprised at how many good things you can observe in them and comment upon.
~ Alan Loy Mcginnis

In light of recent work experiences, I find this challenge very suitable for myself - I challenge you to do so too :)

Too busy to blog for now ;)


Talk About Forwards...

Last week, I shared my theory about forwarded emails at work; here is the FUNNIEST I have ever seen. (btw, you need to have windows media player on your comp in order to view it normally...)

Actually.... since I'm running out of space on my utoronto webspace, I had to take the video down... :(

I actually have three videos, but didn't want to make everyone wait for them to download and stuff. To start the Dragonboat Racing spirit (the races in Toronto take place at the end of June), here's one video. Enjoy :)

Thoughts at Work...

I can't believe how random thoughts can simply pop up at work... like Elaine's entry yesterday - she thought of that while thinking about numbers... read her blog and you'll understand why I'm amazed by her train of thoughts.

I meant to blog last night, but sadly, the cable in my area was down - I was so bored last night 'cause I couldn't watch TV or go on the 'net. It's sad how reliant we are on cable, computers, and other tech stuff. I wonder if I can survive one day w/o electrical appliances.

Went out for dinner with Pris last night - very filling but fun. We got so full that we decided to walk around Fairview to walk off the artery clogging meal, but Fairview was closing up... so we went to Chapters to walk more :) Haha... while she was browing thru this make-up book for Asians, I got bored and decided to look at interior design books, since I still have this thought of redecorating my room over the summer. I picked up Debbie Travis' decorating book (I think she's on WTN) and saw this lamp that she decorated. The lamp cover was decorated with Chinese newspapers, making it look very "exotic"... I read the chinese words closely, and realized the article she used was related to some murder thingy... O_o... which brings me to the thought of non-Chinese people wearing shirts (or jewelery, or even tattoos!) with Chinese words on them.

A few years ago, wearing shirts with Chinese on it was a fad... I remember Roots having their own line of Jewelery with Chinese Characters written, such as the word 'love'. A few days ago while shopping, I saw this girl wearing this shirt with 'I Love You' written on it in Chinese. My friend also has this cute shirt, with 'Love and Peace' written on it, although the Chinese characters weren't really written properly. If you notice, Iverson (from the Philidelphia 76ers) has this Chinese word tattooed on his neck, which means evil, or simply says he's a bad guy. :) I sometimes wonder if people know what they're really wearing. I mean, what if it was some Chinese swear word? Would the people know that they're showing off profanity? But then, I remember the HK Fobs had this trend a few years back about wearing clothing with Japanese sayings and what not. Like my friend said, for all you know, the shirt can say that 'I'm stupid' or something in Japanese whereas you think it says 'peace' or something like that. Hehe.

Right now, I'm at work - it's been busy for the first two days, 'cause it's the beginning of the month, and I have a mini report to prepare. Otherwise, it's pretty calm. Still, I wish we could get a four day holiday like the Brits do, since it's the Queen's Jubilee Celebration. Hey, we SHOULD get that four day holiday, since we are part of the British colonies, no? Anyhoo - have to get back to the report. I have yet to finish the blog I started yesterday about my weekend... so check that blog (weekend update) later...

PRIS - He didn't call me back so I don't know. I couldn't reach him for the above reason either.

It's June 4th...

...Team China has played its first game ever in World Cup...
and not surprisingly, they were beaten 2-0 by Costa Rica.

That's not the important part of today's blog, actually.

Ironically, China's first game ever was played on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

June 4th, 1989.

I was only 5 at that time, not knowing much that was going on; but I do remember seeing the cover of Time magazine, and seeing a tanker. As the History Channel's "Today in History" says, about 300 or more were killed, and more than 10,000 people arrested.

People, mainly students, were there to protest and fight for democracy, but their spirits were crushed by this big Chinese tanker. Since then, people have held vigils on June 4th to remember the brave souls that fought for freedom.

13 years later, June 4th 2002... the attendance at the annual candle light vigil in Hong Kong has decreased significantly. Word is, people would rather stay home and watch Team China play in the world cup. On the Chinese news, the top story of the day isn't about the June 4th events - it's about world cup, and how Team China was defeated. In fact, little was brought up in the Hong Kong Satillite News.

I'm not some pro-democracy girl, or some person who's die-hard about this tragedy. I'm only blogging about this just to remind you of what shaped our past; I'm hoping as we grow older this event wouldn't be forgotten... after all, the people that died on that day did fight for the freedom that we all have now, do you agree?

Anyway, just a thought.


Weekend Report

I haven't thought of anything insightful to ponder and blog about, so I'll just give y'all an update on my weekend.

Friday Night

Went on that dreadful PwC tour. I never really liked meeting recruiters... they give me the creeps. However, this lady from PwC was so.... normal :) She was easy to talk to and stuff - so it made the PwC experience quite fun. The ASUT group met at the foyer of the Royal Trust Centre - it was SO HARD TO FIND... all the buildings look the same. We went up to PwC as a group, and as soon as we walked into the corridor leading to the conference room, we were in awe - the lakefront view is magnificient. The sunny day complemented the view, and we were enjoying the lovely corporate environment. Penny gave us a tour of PwC and updated us on upcoming PwC events. We also received corporate goodies, such as a PwC stress ball and a PwC chocolate bar... I gave mine away, albeit I was told the chocolate was really really nice.
(sidenote: I finally understand WHY the stress ball is called a stress ball... during the whole presentation, I was holding onto the stress ball, not letting go of it at all... I didn't really squeeze the ball too much - holding onto the ball simply reduced the stress...) Found out that PwC employees get FREE flavia coffee - here at AXA, we have to pay fifty cents for it :P... and the coffee isn't that great anyway. boo.

After the tour, my co-junior rep. and I decided to eat out together, and no one was interested in joining us... so we went up to Yonge and Eglinton to feast and dine... I've never been in that area, and I found my first time there an awesome experience! Since Carol lives nearby there, she took me around to see different shops... along with her bro. There was an outdoor sidewalk sale at Indigo, and to my luck, I found another Keith Haring book - this time, it was 50% off the SALE price, so I got it for roughly $3! :) We ate at this Japanese restaurant (yay, I get a new restaurant to critique!); there, her bro and i find out that the Red Wings are leading the Colorado Avs by 5 in the first period. :) (I'm happy, 'cause I ain't no Avalanche fan!). We had a big meal, and decided to go for baskin robbins after ward... Carol and I got the Love Potion #31 flavour - the ice cream boy decided to be tacky and told us there were no guarantees about the effects of the "love potion" - it took Carol and I a while to figure out what he was trying to say. Haha. We walked along Eglinton, went to a used book store, looked at a bead shop, and it was a fun night. I got to Finch a bit too early to meet my mom, but luckily, I bumped into Jon on the platform level and we chatted for a bit. Friday was a fun night :)

[TO BE CONTINUED... - after all, I AM at work... hehe]


A Few Things I've Noticed Recently...

...that either peeves me or makes my eyes twitch. Here's a few random observations - things I've realized that bugs me...

Observation #1: Couples Wearing EXACTLY the Same Shirt/Pants/Hats... etc.

As I was coming home last night from downtown, I saw this couple get on the subway wearing the exact same polo shirt. At first, it was the ugliness of the shirt that caught my attention - bright neon orange polo shirts with ugly brown, white and black stripes.... eeew. THEN I realized the couple was wearing the same exact shirt. I don't know... I find that very tacky. I mean, I assume it's a way that couples tell the whole world that they're deeply in love and that they're together, blah blah blah. I guess I'm not a big fan of PDA (haha, read Elaine's entry on PDA...), let it be wearing the exact same shirts to making out in public. I guess the farthest I would go would be hand-holding. Nonetheless, I wanted to gag when I saw the couple wearing the exact same shirt! When I read some person's webapge on AsianAvenue, saying she bought matching visors for her and her "favourite" bf (I mean, how many boy friends can you possibly have?), I rolled my eyes. :P Geez... people may think that's cute, but I think that's just cheesy. :P I guess if couples had matching rings, watches, or something small and sentimental, I find that lovely, but to let the whole world know with matching clothing... GAAAAH.

Observation #2: "I LOVE YOU HUNNY!!!!!"

I find it annoying when people write mushy love shout outs (actually, most of them are so long, they could be love letters intead...) on their homepage. Again, it's the same type of idea as the above. No need to scream out to the whole wide world that you love a certain person, unless if your partner is totally oblivious to everything and needs a big huge reminder written (or typed) in size 24. Perhaps I find that it's very.... wierd for people to do that... MY personal opinion is, perhaps the relationship isn't very very stable, and the couples always need to constantly remind the whole world or themselves that they still love each other very much, and that they're practically married when they've only been going out for less than a month... or they just want to rub it in everyone's face that they're going out and they in a lovey-dovey stage when everyone else isn't. :P I guess it's all about PDA at this point... for me, a simple "I love you" would do... no need to write a whole list of reasons why i'm being loved...

Observation #3: Tabloids

I usually glance at the tabloid covers while I'm waiting in the check out line at grocery stores. While I was waiting to pay for my grandma's groceries today, I noticed the National Enquirer, and its cover story about JFK Jr. and his wife. Something about the possibility or "new evidence" that his wife Caroline was five weeks pregnant when JFK Jr. and her died in a plane crash. Gosh - can't these magazines give some rest and peace to the dead? They've got plenty of new stories to exhaust. As much as other stories of the living annoy me on these tabloids, nothing peeves me more than discussing the lives of the dead.

Observation #4: My Mom's Expectations...

...well, moreso her expectation that my father or myself would be able to help her out at anytime of the day, regardless of the tasks we have on hand. Like tonight - I was planning to laze and lounge around the house, clean my room up, and basically spend a homey Saturday night. All the sudden, she "asks" (basically demands) if I could help her out by cleaning up the church with her. If she had only given me advanced notice, I wouldn't be this annoyed... but my plans go ruined. Of course, this isn't the first time, otherwise, I wouldn't be venting about it.

Observation #5: Pathetic "Personality" Tests

I enjoy doing those funky tests on Emode.com when I have absolutely nothing to do. However, there seems to be a recent trend with people taking different personality tests, wondering what kind of bubble tea, movie/pop star, jelly bean, or body part I would resemble. I don't also care if I'm n% lesbian, or if I'm n% evil. MAN - I haven't gotten myself down to that new low yet; I know I don't have a life, but I'm not bored enough to fill out all those phony tests just to see what item I resemble. I find people who fill their journals up with these tests results simply... pathetic?


Perhaps I'm in a cynical mood these days. Haha... just to keep in mind, all of the above comments are not targeted towards anyone... just personal opinions from random observations, so please don't start sending hate mail to me :) Thanks. (I have a slight feeling people are gonna start giving me dirty looks the next time they see me... hehe...., mostly because of observations 1, 2, and 5...)