Dang! I wrote a long blog about my trip to Vancouver but it was deleted - probably timed out.... ARGH! :(


...and I'm Back...

...although I really don't want to be. As soon as I checked my emails, I dreaded coming back. I was complaining to my aunt this morning how I've been deprived from the internet... I take that back. It's back to the old work mode again... in my inbox is a bunch of emails related to ASUT, which doesn't really tickle my fancy... Besides, so much time can be spent offline doing more interesting things...

My plane was delayed by an hour today, so my dad and I arrived home late tonight. I planned to write a long blog about my trip, mostly on the highlights, but I think I'm too tired... :P I don't want to suffer from jet lag, as I have to return to work tomorrow morning. *sigh*

I think this trip wasn't really meant to be a vacation - it was more like a retreat for both my dad and I. It was also a time for bonding w/ family... lots to tell... but I'll wait until tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know that I'm back in Toronto safe and sound, albeit my mind is still on vacation mode...


Greetings from Vancouver

I'm in Vancouver! Arrived last night at 10:15pm (1:15am Toronto time) and couldn't sleep 'til 12am (3am EST).

I just realized I have many relatives I have never seen - some nephews and nieces, and one cousin. I feel very distant to them, as I only see these relatives once in a blue moon, but am slowly beginning to get to know one of my nieces better. I'm writing from her house (which is huge; has around 5-6 rooms, plus plenty of dens), which is located in the middle of the mountains in West Vancouver.

My trip to Vancouver is so far... beautiful. Although I am quite bored during these gatherings with distant relatives, I am in awe as my cousin brings me everywhere - to a Salmon hatchery to a beautiful mountain top, which has a magnificent view of all of Vancouver. As well, we went to this place called Lynn Valley, which has this very freaky suspended bridge. So far, it's quite a new and interesting experience.

Will be heading out to try some Vancouver sushi - I've been told it's quite different from Toronto. Friends from Vancouver tell me that sushi from Toronto is just nothing compared to Vancouver sushi. :) Will tell you later about my opinion.

It's Elaine's birthday today, but unfortunately, I can't go and celebrate w/ her. Happy Birthday Elaine!

That's all for now. This is Holly signing off from BC...


I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

...don't know when I'll be back again. :) (I wish....)

Originally I planned to write a longer blog, mostly about my day after work yesterday, as well as my insights on kids... but with my last minute packing, I barely had time... So here's a short recap of yesterday night: after work, I met up w/ Ian and we strolled along Main St.; the weather was just perfect, as there was a slight breeze, and nice clear skies. We also detoured to First Markham Place before going to the Hwy. 7/East Beaver Creek area for some food. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was still enjoyable and relaxing, despite my hectic and frustrating day at work.

Speaking of work, it's been quite wierd. I feel like I'm monitored for the 7.5 hours I work by the mean one; it's really hard with him having no respect for me whatsoever. I don't need him to be nice or kind to me, just some courtesy would be much appreciated. Sadly, I don't even get much of that from him... if I didn't have to work w/ him for the budgets, it wouldn't be that bad. Like this morning, I was working on something for the nice guy, and the mean one came up behind me (like usual, scaring me to death) and asked what I was doing. I told him and he said "Stop that." Two words only. It wasn't even a question; it was more like a command. :P I have to keep reminding myself this is a summer job and that I would be out of there in a month....

Anyway, must have a last minute check on my packing - hopefully, I'll get to blog once more before leaving for Vancouver at 8 tonight.


My Dad

As a child, I was taken care of by my grandparents during the weekdays, and by my dad during the weekends since my mom was a nurse and often worked through night shifts. My dad took me to piano lessons, Mickey Dees, swimming at his company pool, and all the fun places a kid could imagine. We had this special bond eversince I was a kid. Of course, while I was a kid, I thought my dad was cool 'cause he took me to places mom wouldn't take me, fed me junk my mom wouldn't even buy, and spent lots of time with me. Mind you, my mom spent time w/ me too whenever she had the time, but it was more special w/ my dad.

Growing up, I thought my dad was a pain in the butt; he'd often help me out with my homework, especially with my math homework. Not many people know, but my dad used to be a math tutor (after a full day of work too!) at this tutoring place, but due to certain circumstances, he left his tutoring position and focused on his full time job. Anyway, I dreaded those times he'd come to me, ready to show me the wonderful world of problem solving with math... (man, thinking about those times right now makes me shiver); it got to a point where I couldn't stand it, and wrote "I hate math" on the back of my desk calendar. Looking back, I appreciate those long hours dad spent on scolding me, and forcing me to do additional math problems... otherwise, I don't think I could've gotten through calculus...

Now that I've grown and matured a bit, my dad has been sharing with me more, like a good old friend. He's been having some personal issues, and I was surprised he shared w/ me about his feelings towards them. While coming home last night, we were talking about some of these issues, which brought him to share parts of his spiritual life, and at the same time reminding me of the plans God has in stored for us. Despite the recent bickering we've had during the past few months on the smallest issues ever (like doing the laundry), I still feel close, if not closer, to my dad.

Dad has taught me a lot - let it be academic related or issues in life. I'm very thankful for him...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... he's the man who introduced me to hockey! :) Although he's not the biggest hockey fan out there, he's still very interested in sports, and it's fun talking to him about hockey! He knows of my little obsession over Domi... and thinks I'm crazy. Nonetheless, w/o dad, I wouldn't be crazy about the Leafs and hockey... ^.^



I originally didn't feel like blogging, but had some thoughts in my mind... Nothing too insightful at this moment, but worth jotting down, I suppose... at least, for my own purposes.

I had a slight craving for ice cream today... told my parents about it, but my dad wouldn't drive me to Mickey Dees for a sundae (hey, $2 for 2 Sundaes...!) :( To my complete surprise, when my mom went out for errands, she bought some Breyers ice cream... and surprised me when I finished my devos. So I had a late night snack :) I really appreciate what my mom does... let me tell you, buying ice cream (which is rare in our household eversince my mom's ice cream craving... by tubs... :P) is just something little my mom has done. So... I've been quite thankful for her as of late.

I'm a sucker when it comes to romantic TV shows and movies. Today's episode of "Oh Moon Gaai" (aka Macau Street, or Return of the Cuckoo) brought me to tears towards the end, as it was very sentimental but bittersweet... reading Elaine's blog about her one year anniversary with Cheech afterwards nearly made me cry all over again, as it was quite sweet. :) Although I appear to be a tomboy on the exterior, I'm quite touched by the smallest things - ask Carol J When we went to watch "About a Boy", I was crying (rather loudly!) at this scene at the end - it wasn't romantic or mushy - just sentimental... 'cause of the unique relationship between Hugh Grant's character and that Brit kid.

This afternoon's thunderstorm was wicked! As I was watching from my office, it was awesome 'cause we were high up and saw everything without having to look up at the sky... from my area, I could see the clouds coming from the north (Richmond Hill/Markham area), and the brightness from the west slowly diminishing... soon, everything was dark and one could hear the rain battering against the windows from the north end, gradually heading towards the south-west end, where I was. My co-workers and I saw a few helicopters in the sky, and it looked like a scene out of a war movie... pretty freaky, but enjoyable nonetheless. The lightning bolts also added to the effects... :O

Time for bed now - but watch out for tomorrow's blog on... my dad. :) Something cool happened on the way back home w/ my pops and I, and I thought I'd like to share it...


A Quiet Weekend

While resting at home this afternoon, I came across several old episodes of my favourite Chinese TV shows - literally translated from its Chinese title as "Macau Street" [oh moon gai], otherwise known as "The Return of the Cuckoo" (I don't understand where the English title of these TV shows come from, as they don't relate to the Chinese title in any way.) In one episode, the main female character wrote a note to her "brother" (the boy was abandoned by his own mother and the girl's mom took care of him at a very young age); in the note, she said something I really agreed with... and here's the interpretation:

"...I was going through a box of old notes that you used to write me, a collection of notes from all these years. As I read through them, I realized how many memories we had; the only sad thing was that you couldn't speak [the boy was mute eversince he was 4]. Now that we've grown up, and you could finally speak, I find that our distance is growing apart more and more, and we have less things in common. I guess this is one of the things we must compromise as we mature. No matter what though, I'll always be your little tomboy sister..."

This quote brought me back to an entry Olive wrote on friendship a few weeks ago. Change, especially with friendship, is inevitable. Times spent together may be less, but the memories last forever. So, to all my friends whom I haven't seen or spoken to in ages, I haven't forgotten about you; no matter what, I'll always remember you.

In other news... I spent the majority of this weekend sleeping. I think I'm suffering from fatigue or something. I thought I could pull through the entire day on Friday with four hours of sleep... but Saturday came by and I realized how much I needed sleep. Allow me to backtrack to Friday though; I took the day off to spend time w/ my relatives from Tokyo, as it was their last day in town. We went to the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg, and there I saw Vicky working w/ her cute camp kids. I really enjoyed the exhibit, and took some time to appreciate the art work of The Group of Seven, and other Canadian Artists. After, we went to the Niagara Region - Drove past Niagara-on-the-Lake, and also the falls; quite a nice day to drive around, but unfortunately I was half awake as I only had four hours of sleep and was up since 5:30 am.

I spent Saturday recooperating as a result... after dropping my relatives off the airport, I returned home and slept 'til 1:30pm... woke up for an hour, then fell asleep until 7pm... ate dinner, spent time with parents, then fell asleep at 12:30am without any problems. However, I think I overslept... as a result, my Sunday was pretty much spent at home in a daze, watching old videotapes and cleaning my room.

It's raining pretty hard out there right now; lots of thunder and lightning too... all this reminds me of the song "My Favourite Things"

"Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper candles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favourite things..."

I'm thinking about my favourite things... what are yours?

Time for bed... four more days 'til Vancouver...!


I'm Done w/ ROSI!

... at least for this year I am... YES :) (I think we all have mutual feelings for the system... :P the one thing that Engineers pity us for... *sigh*)


So we're all still stuck on ROSI - apparently after my last blog, I signed on to icq, and began talking to some ppl... and my friend Andrew doesn't msg me for a long time.... all the sudden i get this msg:

... I mean when you have 100 or more contaacts you'll need a backup, an dI don't know what the heck is going as I'm falling asleep... time for caeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
oh man, I should avoid lett stuff like tha tiiiiiiiooooooa..... that's me dozing off

hehe you see what ROSI is doing to all of us? Right now, I'm still stuck on ROSI, blogging, and watching Full House all at once. :)

Another Wierd Dream

Yep, two wierd dreams in a week. Actually, the last one was wierd and freaky, but this one was just plain wierd. I was downtown, heading to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) for some reason, and I see this guy from the back, with red streaks in his hair. Turns out the guy was Jon S., and I was like 'huh?' w/ this hairdo I see... (red streaks.... *shiver*) Then around the corner, I see Joe w/ his nice clie, playing "Bejeweled" (go figure... I think I'm addicted to the game...) and I run past him, up the stairs to the main entrance. What was I so excited about? To use the computer at the ROM 'cause it had internet access...

What a second. Why would there be a computer terminal at the ROM? It's not like the ROM has its own Scotiabank Info Commons like Robarts (UofT Library) does.

Then I woke up. I realized the dream was an alarm clock in a way... it woke me up just in time to prep myself for the yearly routine.

Today - first day for third year students to register on the Repository of Student Information, otherwise known as ROSI. Note the time of this blog. Normally, I'd be asleep but unfortunately, I have to register for my courses. ROSI is a pain in the butt. Big time. I logged in at 6:00am exactly - right now it's 7:17am and I have two more courses to sign up for. It kicked me out several times, and is very very slow. I've played several games of Bejeweled while waiting, but still am not finished w/ registration. I want to go back to sleep, as today is going to be a long day, but at this time, I don't think I can 'cause I'd have to be up in another hour.

Thank goodness I'm not going in to work today, otherwise, I'd be dead asleep in my cubicle. I'm taking the day off for my relatives, who leave tomorrow afternoon for Tokyo. That's why I've been working 10 hour workdays for the past week. Thank goodness this week is over...

Only one more week 'til the Vancouver trip! :) Happily counting down...

Dang, still stuck on ROSI :P


Shakespeare... William Shakespeare?

It's been two longs days, working approximately 10 hours straight each day (I never take my lunch breaks). Haven't had much time to blog, as work is very busy and tiring, and my relatives from Tokyo are over. Besides, with the company tightening their internet security, I find myself being paranoid when checking my utoronto.ca email... and the inconvenience of not being able to blog during work hours, espcially when I need a breather.

Anyway, tonight was the long awaited Summer Conference worship team get together at "Katsu" on Danforth - all you can eat for $14... however, I find there is less variety than there is at Mariko. We chatted about anything, from Softball (the NTCBC Senior Team, The Ambassador, are top in their division) to good reads. Jon recommended a Shakespeare novel, which no one has ever heard of... (Hence the blog title... hee hee!) I got to play around on Joseph's Clie, which had "Bejeweled" in colour - I HAVE A NEW SCORE TO BEAT! - Nevin apparently has a high score of 115,000 (a little more than that, actually)... I have a new goal... hehe... guess what I'll be doing next week on my plane ride to Vancouver... :)

Before I end off, I just want to share a short verse:

"with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.... It is the Lord Christ you are serving" ~Colossians 3:23-24

This was from a devotional book I've been using, Women of the Bible. This week, I'm studying the life of Priscilla, the wife of Aquila, and a good friend and sister to Paul the Apostle. Priscilla and Aquila were tentmakers, and so was Paul. The author of the devo book was using this as an example of how God uses all sorts of professions and skills to guide you through; w/ Paul's tentmaking skills, he was able to support himself through his years of ministry. As well, with this common trade Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila had, they were able share w/ each other the love of Christ amongst themselves as well as to others. Anyhow, the verse is there to remind myself of the purpose of doing anything...

Must wake up for another long day at work - thank goodness it's only a 8-4 work day tomorrow... *sigh* LONG WEEKEND coming up!!! (for me, hehe)


Random Thoughts...

...just random thoughts and things I thought of within the past 24 hours.

I woke up this morning with sweat on my forehead. I guess I had a nightmare; the dream in itself wasn't that scary, but I still felt very eerie when I woke up. I think The Brethren by John Grisham really got to me - in the novel, the three main characters end up with a new identity. In my dream, I had no idea what happened, but I ended up in a little room, sitting across from a gov't official (or someone w/ gov't authority), and obtaining a new identity. My name was no longer Holz H, but something else... which was freaky. I recall in my dream I felt sooo scared, so uncomfortable. I don't think I'll ever want to be known as someone else.

While dozing off in the car this morning on my way to work, I heard over 680News that Allen Iverson surrendered to the police for some sort of crime. I had no idea what it was until fifteen minutes ago - according to Sports Illustrated Online, here is what Iverson is charged with:

Criminal trespass (felony, two counts), Criminal conspiracy (felony, one count), Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act (felony, one count), Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act (misdemeanor, one count), Simple assault (misdemeanor, two counts), Terroristic threat (misdemeanor, two counts), Unlawful restrain (misdemeanor, two counts), False imprisonment (misdemeanor, two counts), Poss. of an instrument of crime(misdemeanor, one count)

I was in disbelief when I saw "Terroristic Threat" - I never had a great impression w/ Iverson, and was never truly amazed w/ his playing skills (although he IS a great and skillful player). What shocked me the most was the fact people are defending him, and wanting him released; the 76ers are with him all the way, as Larry Brown mentioned. I'm just wondering, does stardom and fame really blind everyone? Iverson has recorded an unreleased rap album full of derogatory comments about women and gays. He's been convicted and put into jail before, but was given clemency. I don't know... what is this world coming to?

I went into work at 8 am this morning - the earliest I've ever been at work. However, I was half asleep in my cubicle until 9:30 am; I had a large coffee in the morning, banged into the washroom door, slurred quite a bit for that hour and a half, and ended up awake when I finally went to the Director of Finance to get some work done for the budget. Gaaaah. I don't understand how this lady at work does it - she goes into work everyday at 6:45am and leaves at 3:30pm... :P I don't understand how Carol can get to work around 8-ish - and she lives all the way across the other side of the city from her workplace. :P At least I finally got to see an episode of Full House - the old old old version, when Stephanie was still cute and 5 years old, and Jesse was a punk rocker. :)

Early start at work tomorrow as well... at least the internet usage mtg got postponed 'til tomorrow, so less work for tomorrow! Yay!
I'm off!


Things I've Learned Recently...

Excuse the typos in this blog; I'm typing w/o my glasses on just for the heck of it :) Nah, I'm trying on this funky Clean and Clear Fascial Mask - apparently, it's supposed to turn from blue to white when it's done, so I can't wait to see how I look in five minutes. Unfortunately, I can't blog as much at work anymore, not only because the mean guy is acting up again, but the company VPs are asked to speak to their respective depts about using the 'net for business purposes only, minimizing the level of personal internet usage :P I wonder how that goes tomorrow morning - we all have a mtg scheduled for 10am tomorrow.

Anyway, these past two weeks have been rocky for me - however, through these experiences, I've learned a few things... so here are my two cents...

...on Friendship
I went dim sum w/ my best friends, Jessica and Clary, on early Saturday morning. Although they are my best friends, I haven't seen them in ages; I last saw Jess in May, and Clary in.... March? (come to think of it, it HAS been more than a long time!) Funny thing is, even though we all haven't seen much of each other, we can still talk and share, as if little has changed. We all have our own lives now, since graduation, with Jessica commuting back and forth from Waterloo, Clary staying at Ryerson practically 24-7 'cause of her intensive program, and myself at UT. On the contrary, I find that I don't seem to connect as well w/ people I see frequently; at least, I don't usually share w/ them as much as I share w/ Jess, Clary, or others that I don't see frequently.

I realize that friendship doesn't solely depend on how long you've known a person for, or the similarities you and a friend may have. Otherwise, Jess and I would be considered acquaintances! We've only known each other for five years and she's a girly girl, while I'm a tomboy. I find that most of the friends I've known for my entire life are actually not so close to me - I could probably name you a handful. What matters are the values you share, and the faith and trust you've got for each other.

...on Career
This may sound a little pessimistic, but some of you may know where I'm coming from with this viewpoint. Lately, I've come to realize no matter how many degrees, designations, credentials and even commitment a person has, that cannot guarantee them a steady and bright future.

One of the girls that used to work as a contract at my company is a perfect example. She has a list of degress and designations: CPA, a bachelor of arts, two Masters (one in Economics, and the other I'm not sure), and is currently doing her CMA. Despite all of her qualifications, she worked at an insurance company doing clerical work, being mistreated by the mean guy (heh, what else is new?) and simply doing data entry. Fortunately, she's got a new job at another insurance company, but still, it's not what she specializes in. So no matter how many degrees/prof. designations a person tries to reach, it can only mean so much.

A man I know is currently facing insecurity at work - he has a feeling he's going to be leaving the company soon; he is a smart man, dedicated in what he does. He's been a manager before at a well-known telecommunications company back in Hong Kong, a lecturer at a University, has his Masters, and has a professional designation. He has been w/ his company for almost 10 years, and recently received his 10-year service award. Despite all that, his team members at work ignore him for the most part, and because of the decisions the company makes, his original duties and responsibilities were taken away from him, leaving him w/o a specialty at work. It's been quite hard for him and his family, and it saddens me to know despite all that he had, he's in such a vulnerable position.

I guess that's why we need God - we realize at some point in time that we're helpless in the given circumstances... and nothing can be done out of our own strength and will. Before, I stress myself out with my future career paths, but am now slowly learning how to take one step at a time...

What a Day!

Today was a busy, but interesting day :) I was part of the worship team for service this morning, and I really felt God working through our team. You see, Jon is our beloved leader, but he was busy preparing the awesome program, "Fellowship at the ROM"; as a result, we did our planning for worship team very very late (Saturday afternoon!). During yesterday's practice, things were rusty, but I didn't feel too worried about it, which is unusual for a worrywrat like me. This morning, as we were practicing one last time, one of our songs "Be Magnified" didn't run smoothly... still no panic. During service, we made some bloopers (one of which was pretty noticeable!) but I didn't feel blah about it; normally, I'd start going crazy over the mistake and become nervous. In fact, I thought it was... a little funny, but most importantly, real.

After service, I rushed to Scarborough w/ my dad to meet my grandparents and aunt... had dimsum... (again :P) and then shopped w/ my aunt at Scarb. Town Centre... that place is becoming more and more ghetto. I didn't spend too much; only bought things at the Dollarama! I got myself a notebook and a decorative art easel, so I could display postcards from my collection. Had a small family dinner at home, and learned how to make a steamed and sweet Chinese egg dessert w/ my grandma and aunt, and had a convo w/ my aunt over a Heineken :) (she wanted to increase my tolerance level, which many of you know, is quite low) I only had 1/4 of a bottle... so not too much.

I recently took the synth from church back home to play around. I finally got the adapter from Elaine today, so I tried it out - I felt like a DJ with some of the programmed categories! Unfortunately, I'm quite new at this synth, and am unable to make full use of it... :P Perhaps I should start digging in the manual. I know the synth has A LOT of functions; quite overwhelming, must say, but I'm starting to like it more and more.

OH, while I was waiting for my aunt during our shopping spree, I was playing Bejeweled on my Palm (I felt like a geek sitting at the shoe store and playing the game while waiting for my aunt to try on her shoes) - I BEAT MY TARGET SCORE!!! (I was trying to beat Matt L.'s score of +50K)

I hope to blog at work tomorrow, but with the mean co-worker acting up again, it'll be a challenge. Unfortunately, he has been monitoring everything I do at work for the past while, which I expected when I first moved into the department. It's getting to a point, however, where it's freaky. I can't see who comes to my desk from my back, which is the only entrance to my cubicle; as I was working at my desk one day, I needed to get out of the cubicle to get a printout (the printer is behind my cubicle) - I turned around and less than 3 inches away was the mean guy standing right beside my desk, wanting to tell me something work-related... THAT was freaky, and it happened a few times on Friday morning.

Need my beauty sleep. Take care :)


Fellowship at the ROM...and other things

My fellowship had a joint with the univ. fellowship from RHCBC, and it was at the ROM. Quite an interesting program led by Jon, Olive and Lillian. You'd expect to learn whatever was described for each display, but behind many artifacts, there are stories and a long history... While Jon discussed the origin of the Christian fishy, Olive shared w/ another group about this one stone mosaic that formed a picture of a lion, which brought her to discussing King Nebudchadnezzar (sp) and Daniel. The point that each station leader wanted to make was, God works through people all the time, even through those whom you'd least expect.

While the rest of the fellowship went to see the exhibit "Images of Salvation", I left ROM w/ Justin, a friend from California, and showed him around town. We went to UT, where I picked up my Anti-Calendar, and down Spadina to Harbourfront, where the "Rhythms of the World" festival was going on at the Harbourfront Centre... I was able to try some food prepared by Afghan women at the World Cafe, which was very interesting... My night ended with a short walk around the ferry area... I must recommend Harbourfront :)

Anyway gotta go dimsum :) bye!!

Tough Guy Tie

YAY! Mags brightened up my awful morning (long story... work related, let's just say) by emailing me and telling me about Tie Domi's decision. HE'S STAYING IN TORONTO FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS! Awesome! (I was just about to hit the hay, but thought I'd share my joy and happiness... otherwise, Mags would wonder what on earth happened to me...)

However, after reading the Leafs' announcement on their webpage, Bill Watters (the assistant to the president) didn't sound too convincing about wanting Tie to stay in Toronto from the start... :P

"Tie has been an integral part of our team mosaic for eight years. We fully intended to re-sign him," Watters said. "It was a matter of him testing the free-agent market for the first time and making up his mind." Interest in the 32-year-old winger was high. At least four teams made substantial offers but in the end it was his connection to the city and Leaf fans that made him decide to stay put.
"There were benefits of playing in each of those cities," Pat Morris, Domi's agent, said. "But in the end, his loyalty to the Toronto organization and his desire to stay here outweighed those options. He's relieved. It was a long, very interesting process, and one that was done methodically to allow him to see other opportunities."
The Leafs are content that a deal could finally be reached.
"I thought it would go on forever," said Watters. "We were never in a position where we didn’t want to sign Tie. We always wanted him."

"We always wanted him".... sounds a little too phony, no? ;)

'Night folks!


Good 'Ole Al

My cousin arrived from Tokyo last night. You know, I used to dread his visits, especially a few years ago, when he was in gr. 7 or 8; he was a brat (or so I thought), and frankly, I didn't like him that much. I remember him screwing up our computer in gr. 8, just because he wanted to install "The Sims" on our computer, and decided to delete all the files he thought that were unimportant :P. When I visited my aunt, uncle, and Alex in Russia, he ignored me for the most part, and spent more time with the computer instead of me...

Eversince he went to boarding school in Ottawa, my perspective of him changed. He came to Toronto for the long weekends and long school holidays. Instead of being a brat and refusing to hang out with me, we ended up going downtown together for sushi-ing and shopping on our own, without bickering!

When his parents decided to move him to Tokyo to study at the International School instead, I missed him... at least I missed anticipating on his usual visits, missed greeting him at the Via station, missed going downtown with him (despite going downtown everyday for school :P) and missed his goofiness. (in Chinese, his nickname is "unn pey jai")

Whenever my aunt, uncle, & cousin visit, they'd arrive, ladened w/ gifts and souvenirs. Since this is their first visit to Toronto ever since moving to Japan, I got plenty of new and nice souvenirs from Tokyo. My cousin decided to be a sweetheart and chose one of the stuffed World Cup mascots to give to me... and since my aunt knew I collected Coke bottles and stuff, she bought me a bottled coke from Japan... however, my cousin decided to be nice and drank the coke on my behalf. Little did he know I prefered to have the coke inside the bottle. Nonetheless, it was very nice of the kid...

I never write about my family and friends, so I thought I'd start with Alex... :) Now you'll get a glimpse of the people who are important to me...


My Beloved...

My friend, Mags commented yesterday during our email chats that I haven't mentioned a word for the past two weeks about my beloved Leaf, Domi. I guess with all the "problems" I've been encountering, I haven't had much time to dwell upon the lack of skills the Leafs' Management has w/ obtaining their unrestricted free agents. So, we were discussing Domi's whereabouts yesterday at work, and contemplating on which team Domi may possibly go to (the most recent possibility: Chicago Blackhawks *SOB*!).

So, when she sent me an email this morning, I was in utter disbeLEAF...

So I was driving down Yonge St. with some friends yesterday after work, when this nice silver mercedes convertible drives by us.... so we speed up, drive up on its side to check the car out, (and to see who can drive this nicely), and who do we see behind the wheel but TIE DOMI talking on a cell headset!!! Hahaha... speak of the devil (re: our convo yesterday...). So my friend's, like, "drive slower, I wanna get his attention and flip him off (for leaving TO)...I can take him", but our driver wasn't into that, so we just drove a little ahead of him (got to check out the car from the front...hehehe). Interesting finish to our convo yesterday, huh??

I wish Domi would stay.... I'm not even gonna start blabbing about my thoughts on the Cujo/Belfour thing. I will be so disappoint if Domi leaves. (At least he's wanted somewhere by three teams: Boston Bruins, Nashville Predators, & Chicago Blackhawks)

I wish I was with Mags when she went out for wings w/ her coworkers... :P

"...I Don't Wanna Grow Up, 'Cuz I'm a Toys'R Us Kid..."

While lining up for my daily coffee at the Timmy Horton's at Finch Station, I was lining up next to a whole group of kids from a summer camp. Had I been wearing my casual tomboyish clothes, I would've been mistaken as one of the campees. =D My co-worker took the liberty of dissing me while I commented on my observation by saying I acted like one too. Normally, I would brush a comment like that aside... but for some reason, I really wanted to be a kid today.

I remember living a worry-free life as a kid. I think the most traumatic experience I had was when I had my first fight ever with my "best friend" in gr. 3; I remember crying on my way back home for lunch, and hiding myself in my bedroom. I didn't understand the seriousness of my dad being laid off back in gr. 4; in fact, I thought it was cool for daddy to stay home and prepare lunch for me everyday... (although now I'm sure if that happens again, God forbid, I'll think quite differently!) Summers meant going to camps, not going to summer school or slaving at work. School... meant fun. I enjoyed going to school at one point in time! :) My reading list consisted of the Sweet Valley Series or The Baby-Sitters' Club, not of John Grisham novels to GMAT and LAST books... (yep, those are next on my reading list) I did enjoy the days of innocence and cluelessness...

However, change is inevitable. I've grown to realize the problems of this world, the problems I encounter, and the fact everyone is helpless and infinitesimal at some point in time. With the recent things going on with my family and school/future plans, I'm realizing how much of a challenge it is to really depend on God...

"...What is impossible with men is possible with God." ~Luke 18:27


Interesting Tidbit...

While surfing aimlessly on the 'net, I encountered this site:


Quite interesting... :) Tells you what people have accomplished when they were your age...


Weekend Update

Since I left my last blog off with a serious note, I'll start with a light blog today.

My work week ended with me in a good mood, but sadly, my weekend started with a sour note. After work on Friday, I went downtown to campus for an ASUT meeting. I thought it would fun, but I was wrong. Something went wrong during the meeting, and unfortunately, it was more or less my fault. Let's just say I didn't enjoy the meeting... ASUT isn't turning out as fun as I thought it would be; it's moreso very business-like and serious. Blah.

Fortunately, I had fellowship that night, and things got better. (Had I skipped fellowship to eat dinner w/ the ASUT crew, I think I'd be upset for the entire night...) It was a one-of-a-kind fellowship, as we had a 'cooking workshop'. Before fellowship, I was wondering what the heck was a food workshop. Basically, we were all put into groups, and we had to make dishes from scratch...; we couldn't buy shredded cheese... had to shred it ourselves. I eventually became less depressed.

I think I like to go shopping when I'm not happy... don't know why. :) On Saturday, I managed to drag my mom out of the house and we went shopping. Another thing I observed was, when I'm not looking for anything in particular, I buy more :) I managed to find some tops and a skirt (yes, a skirt.... :P). Watched Minority Report at night... Oh yeah, went dim sum in the morning... TWICE. My mom managed to overbook us w/ two different families... both for dim sum. I was pretty full after the first round, so I didn't eat much at the second restaurant... but I'm starting to feel queasy w/ dim sum... :P

Sunday was just plain relaxing. I napped for the entire afternoon :) Again, went dim sum during lunch w/ grandparents. I don't think I'll be going dim sum-ing anytime soon.

Word just in - NTCBC peeps - Mei Ling wants to have a jam session this Thursday night at 7 or 8pm... email her if you wanna join!

That's all for now. I gotta really start working.... (I've been doing work on and off for this morning... I'm sooo tired - I walked into a wall already.)


He Listens...

..and He speaks. That's what I've been experiencing these past few days. I think this year's summer conference has really revived many of us, or at least those I've spoken with. Eversince SC, I feel as if I'm more aware to my surroundings, and to what God has to say to me. I still struggle with many issues, but at least this is the first step.

When I was doing my devos for the past few days, I felt that God was speaking directly to my "problem of the day". Whatever I read in "My Utmost for His Highest" related to my current problem. I haven't been exactly restful and happy for the past few days, 'cause of school reasons; I was very worried about course selections and my future career path. I made a mistake of taking Mandarin during second year, which screwed up my schedule for my third and fourth year, so I was quite boggled as to what I should take.

Don't calculate without God. God seems to have a delightful way of upsetting the things we have calculated on without taking Him into account. We get into circumstances which were not chosen by God, and suddenly we find we have been calculating without God; He has not entered in as a living factor. The one thing that keeps us from the possibility of worrying is bringing God in as the greatest factor in all our calculations. [taken from "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers]

This I find so true. I've gotten off track w/ God for the past while, and I'm slowly beginning to understand how vital it is to have God lead and guide from the start of anything. I've got more to share, but I'll save it for another time.

Oh, if what I've written does not make sense gramatically, forgive me, as I was typing with my contacts on... I haven't worn them in ages, so, things look quite blurry to me at this moment.


Monkey You

...another way of saying "thank you" in the office...

During summer conference, Myles told me "thank you" or "please" [mmm goi] in Cantonese is the same as the word "monkey" in Filipino. I found that hilarious, and I told my Filipino colleague at work about this. (You see, this guy and I teach each other Filipino and Cantonese respectively... so I can say "good morning", "how are you", "thank you", "i'm fine", and of course, "monkey" in Filipino) During the day, my boss (who speaks Cantonese) showed up and I decided to tell him about this monkey business...

Me: Hey Boss, what does (in Cantonese)"mmm goi" mean?
Boss: Thank you.
Me: Well, not in Filipino; it means monkey.
Boss: Oh really? In that case, monkey you.
Me: Excuse me?
Boss: Monkey you. You know, thank you!

Then he started saying monkey you to everyone in the department, which got us all laughing 'cause of the way he said it in his fobby accent... this other guy started muttering in his cubicle "monkey this" and "monkey that" and started to use the word monkey in a totally different and not-so-innocent context... One of the ladies didn't hear the monkey jokes, so when she heard us laughing at the word monkey, she said "it takes a monkey to know a monkey..."; since she said it repetitively, all of us were bursting in laughter for at least five minutes. Apparently, the director of finance and my boss heard our laughter, and our boss took it the wrong way, thinking that we were laughing AT him... :(

Anyhow, my one of my co-workers got on the phone with him after that, and told me he ended the conversation by saying "monkey you"... :D what a day....



I've only been at work for 25 minutes and I'm already falling asleep ;)

Anyway, I went to the airport last night to pick up some family friends. My dad originally suggested me to stay home, but then asked if I could accompany him. Little did I know he wanted me to come so he could have a venting session. As soon as we got on the 407, he began to complain and whine about recent problems, and unfortunately, I couldn't get out of the car... ;) but anyhow, it's nice to know dad still wants me to be there for him.

My mom was wondering why the heck I wanted to go to the airport. Same with the friend I picked up at Pearson. I wanted to go 'cause I didn't want to stay at home by myself, but there's also another reason.

I find that there's lots to see at the airport, more specifically at the gate where people arrive and meet their relatives and friends. Lots can be observed there, let it be sentimental things, or just wierd things in general. For instance, while I was waiting for the family friends, I was standing behind this little girl; she was climbing over the railing and everything. As soon as her dad exited the doors, she ran to her daddy, and hugged him. He picked her up and lifted her up high and kissed her too! It was a Kodak moment. As for wierd things, I saw this buff and tough man come out to the ramp, and he looked quite intimidating... but that idea changed as soon as I looked down his big suitcase and saw this furry, sparkly pink fuzzy thing hanging out of his luggage. (Note, he WAS by himself, without kids... heh :P) Also, while I was waiting, more kids were beside me; all the sudden, I heard them rapping to a familiar song... I soon realized the little girl, probably around 7 or 8, was rapping and singing to "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child... quite sad for the young ones... but I'm not going to get into my thoughts on kids losing innocence.

It's now 11 am... I started this at 9:30am. It's getting harder to blog at work these days... *sigh*
Ciao for now.



Originally, I was planning to blog about my opinions on the Cujo/Belfour situation and blab about my wkend. However, I've decided to save that for another time.

I came home from the retreat and caught up with some ppl's blogs. I was saddened to find out about the unexpected death of someone's father; I didn't know her personally, and have only known about her thru reading her blogs and from other ppl. This led me to my recent train of thoughts. While I was playing on the worship team during the retreat, I looked up from my keyboard and saw my dad; he aged quite a bit for the past several years. I slowly realized how quickly time passed by and how my time spent w/ my parents was quite limited. While sharing with a sister at the retreat, I shared with her my recent experiences with my parents, how my dad was becoming more fuzzy. In response, she told me that parents realize at this stage that their kids aren't going to be with them for a very long time, and become more unwilling to let go. I agreed with her totally, but something struck me - being an only child, I've grown quite attached and close with my parents; I think it'll be hard for me to let go too. I'm slowly coming to the point where I need to value the times spent w/ my parents, despite the growing annoyances and changes.

Same goes with my grandparents - lately, I have the burden to really share the gospel to my grandparents... so this is another thing I need to pray for.

Things I've learnt recently: time is very limited and expect the unexpected.