Hyper me!

Those who knew me back when I was in gr. 9/10 knew how hyper I was back then... perky, bubbly, always happy, jumpy, hyper me. People say I've mellowed down quite a bit these past few years, but today, my hyper self is coming back! It's not a sugar high... it's all natural!

I got my law midterm back today; these past few days have been very nerve-wrecking for me, since I thought I did really poorly on my law midterm. In fact, my hands were really cold going INTO class today. (that happens when I get really nervous) As I entered the classroom, my friend told me the prof couldn't find our midterms.... GAH! Apparently, his TA brought them into Rotman really late Anyway, with clenched fists, I was about to attempt at punching the lights out of my prof. Sadly, he started his lecture about negligence and what not, more specifically on medical negligence. He told us his personal story about his horse named Widdie, and how he was no longer with my prof's family since the UofGuelph Vet ppl neglected to tell him the most severe consequence of Widdie's operation. :( I felt so bad for my prof that I nearly forgot about my clenched fists and the anticipation of getting my law midterm back.

In a way, it's good that the midterms weren't in the same room as our lecture; otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to pay attention to the story of Widdie and other less important things ;)... Well, during our break, the TA came and low and behold, our midterms were there... but stupid prof decided to make us wait UNTIL he finished his lecture... finally, he started passing them out, and I passed!!! I got WAAAY higher than I expected, so I no longer have to worry about dropping this course. YAY!!!!!

Oooh, looking forward to the Leafs game also contributes to this hyper state of mine :)

I made a mistake in my blog yesterday; I originally said I was anticipating for NOTHING tomorrow... was I ever wrong. Tomorrow's the big day - I find out whether I get the job or not.... but hey, it's all in God's hands...

Gotta run.... BYEEEEE!!!!!


What a week...

... with more excitement to come. Good or bad, that's for you to decide.

Let's see... I've been anticipating for at least ONE thing each day so far, for this week. Monday, I had my int'l economics midterm to look forward to, yesterday was when I got one of my midterms (mgmt acctg) back - and I did well, and today was the job interview. Items left on the agenda for the remainder of the week: getting my law midterm tomorrow (gaaaaaaaaaah!), leafs game tomorrow nite. OOOOH nothing to look forward to on friday! yay!!! :)

I can't get off ICQ/MSN. Can someone please pry me away from the computer? I've already moved my laptop to the family room, so that I could study well away from the vicinity of my laptop! However, my dad's IBM in his study has been attracting me; in fact, I've been here the entire night! NOOOOO! I feel so guilty, 'cause I have to study for finance, and have not started :P

Anyway enough rambling from me. I don't think I'll be doing any work tonight.


Random Tidbits...

I'm gonna bid on Lyds' point form style for today's blog :D

- I hope I get to treat my friend Herman for dinner :) (Inside joke...!) I nearly forgot about my interview for tomorrow morning. I realized that I had an interview when ppl at school started talking about "getting ready for tomorrow"... hehe; school's been really busy, to the extent I've been forgetting things. I'm taking this one as it goes.... :)

- I never thought I would spend time with one of my tutors doing anything but school related stuff. After my finance tutorial today, my tutor and I ended up shopping at Eaton Centre for a short while... :) We had a good chat about anything but finance, which was interesting. Like I tell my piano kids, I'm your teacher (said in a strict meanie tone :) ) when I teach piano, but after that, we can do ANYTHING you'd like, and I'll be your friend. :)

- Speaking of shopping... I've been to Eaton Centre quite a few times this past month, but never once to go shopping. I finally had some time to go shopping today! (Before AND after my tutoring session) and I found TWO nice paper/stationery/pens/etc. stores in there - one is right inside Sears, just on the left side of the ground level floor... it's amazingly stocked with the coolest cards and stationery! Plus, there was plenty of "Le Petit Prince" notebooks, pencils, etc. there... too bad me no $... but a good recommendation from ME if you ever need to find scrapbooks, notebooks, and gifts of all sorts. Another place I found inside the mall similar to the Sears paper/cards section is actually a vendor thing on the second floor of the mall - forget the name of the shop, but a nice one nevertheless... check it out!

- I love to shop for people. Seriously... at the Sears store, I found something I thought my friend would like... and I actually bought it for her. Hehe... what about ME? :)

- Best Friends. Very, very hard to find. Last night, I had some time to catch up with one of my best friends, Jess. Jess and I don't talk frequently, but when we do, we go nonstop! We're not your typical "best friends". We don't see each other that much, but yet, there's this common bond and trust between us, that no matter in what situation, we'd always be there for each other. And it's true! Besides Jess and I, there's also Clary - we are the three stooges. At one point in time, a year or two ago, I felt that we were drifting big time. All of us were busy with our own studies (being in different universities, with Jess in Waterloo, didn't help either). I actually thought we weren't really that great of friends. This past year, I've learned lots, and realized no matter how much or how little we chat or see each other, we're still best friends... in fact, the rare times that we all see each other, we all do treasure dearly. Ooh, feeling a tad bit sentimental here ;) (it's funny, 'cause I was reading Jesse's Blog and he recently blogged about him and his DHS crew... kinda the same sentimental and cherished thoughts)

- Today's mgmt acctg class was a total nerve-wrecking time... you see, the prof didn't have any course material prepared for class today, and decided to simply take up problems from the txtbk. Unfortunately, we were getting our midterms back today, and she decided to take up problems FIRST :P So for the entire hour and fifteen minutes, I was staring at the pile of marked midterms, anxiously waiting to get mine's back. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we got them back... and I did all right! :) Quite a contrast to my first management accounting midterm EVER back in MGT123... I remember receiving that midterm two years ago, and came bawling out of the classroom, 'cause I nearly bombed the midterm. :)

- I'm gonna take a stab at writing an article for The Mike - The Official Newspaper of St. Michael's College at UT. I help them out with their business affairs, and decided I wanna try something FUN :) Technically, I'm not a St. Mike's person (I'm from University College), but I feel much more involved with St. Mikes than I am with UC for some reason... I'm also at St Mikes waaaay more than I am at UC. But that's not the point... the main thing is, I'm trying new things :) We'll see how my article goes.

- I always think I have nothing else to say UNTIL I post a blog and realize how much I tidbits I have to blab about :)

'Nuff from me. Must prep for tomorrow morning... :) Keep me in your prayers! Thx!


Holly blabbing away...

My third midterm is done, with one more to go! *sigh of relief* However, I'm getting two of them back this week, and am very unsure of what to expect, especially with my law midterm. *sigh* After my international economics midterm this afternoon, I walked around downtown quite a bit - visited the new Roots store on Bloor (OMG - it's soooo nice and big!), ran some errands for The Mike, picked up a reading package I was supposed to get TWO months ago for Korean Civilization, and finally met up with Sarah to go back to her place to lounge before our monday night class at church.

Yep, it was my last time goin' to monday night class. Instead of going to sunday school, i go to monday school ;) A prof from The Tyndale Seminary teaches the course. I learned quite a bit tonite; I'll share w/ you about my thoughts later, and how the class relates to my recent train of thoughts.... but all I can say now is, Habakkuk is a very interesting book to read.

Onto a different topic... another favourite of mine: SMALL WORLD STORIES! This story, I found out two/three weeks ago, but verified it tonight. Anyway, one day, my friend Kat and I were just talking about anything, and out of the blue, the topic of Ivey came up. She told me her best friend Anita went to Ivey. Suddenly, bells started ringing inside my head!!! I remembered Carol often mentioned her roomies, Anne and Anita, in her blog, and how there were so few Chinese ppl in the program. So... tonite, I spoke w/ Carol online, and we were talking about the same Anita! WOO HOO :) Two small world stories within a week.

I'm starting a new section of my webpage (which I never update!), which is about the top five things of different areas which I enjoy/like/prefer. In a way, it's another way to get to know me better aside from my daily ramblings, but in another way, it gives me an opportunity to play w/ some basic & simple html/css. Will let you know when it's up.

Enough from me tonight. After one night of relaxation, cramming for finance begins TOMORROW :P


Day at grandparents'...and other random thoughts

I spent my entire day studying and resting at my grandparents' place. My grandparents are funny... well, moreso my grandma. She often critisizes my grandpa for doing something that would disturb me while I work, whereas she normally does the same thing. Here's today story:

[I'm trying to study stupid international economics...]
Grandpa: Holly, I can't get this thing [the internet] to work! I can't shut the computer down...
[Meanwhile, my grandma sees me pulling my hair out, trying to study...]
Grandma: [to grandpa] Don't bother her! She's trying to study!!
Me: Grandpa, just shut the computer down by pressing this button (hehe, technically, you AREN'T supposed to shut the computer like that, but I didn't have the patience to teach him at that time...)
[two minutes later...]
Grandma: Holly, how do you say this sentence? (She was studying her ESL stuff) And what does this mean? Can you translate these two sentences for me? OH, how do you spell "difficult"? What does it mean?

You get the point... :) Not that I minded helping them both... but it's funny how my grandma ALWAYS does something after she tells my grandpa not to do so...

I spent the day studying, and going to Tim Hortons with my grandparents. It's a routine. Whenever I visit, we always trek over to Timmy's.... I really do enjoy spending the quality time w/ them.

On an unrelated note, I received an email from Andrew today... apparently, he returned from him short trip to the States and caught up with my blog (or maybe Margaret, his gf, checked my blog and told him)... and read the entry where I told some stories, one in which I stated I had thoughts about killing him... hehe :) In response, he told me that he should probably check my blog more frequently. Does that mean if I post up thoughts about wanting to hurt certain people that these ppl will start checking out my blog more? :) Hehe. Don't worry. I won't :) (I'm not normally this violent ;) I've mellowed down quite a bit... Ian's shin should prove it, right Ian?)

Speaking about violence, someone asked me a few days ago why did the Sniper kill so many people. Gosh, if I knew the answer, I think it'll be really scary to be near me - psychotic, serial killer thinking... hehe :P It's just like this email forward I once received... this email relates to a test done by a psychologist on certain ppl in prison. If only I could find it, I'd post it. Simply, the email gave a scenario where this girl met this guy at her mother's funeral. This really good looking guy that apparently tickled her fancy. A few days later, she killed her sister. Why did she do that? (Look at the bottom of this blog for the right answer.)

If you have the right answer.... please stay away from me.

Enough blogging about hurting ppl and stuff. This is TOTALLY not the point of today's blog... Funny how the mind drifts so easily.

she wanted to see the guy again and get together w/ him


Holz's collections of MANY things

[sidenote: this was written last night (oct. 24), but my internet was down, so i wasn't able to publish this until now]

I've been doing a lot of slacking off these days... Today was supposed to be my study-my-buttocks-off day, but I ended up going out for lunch with mom, sleeping for two hours, and working on a webpage... and got some, but not much studying done. As I was bored, I found this pen lying on my desk; it's not your average pen - this one LIGHTS up!!! My friend's dad works in the computers industry, and often gets lots of corporate goodies, like pens. I have a recent fettish with BIC Wide Body Pens, and asked if he had any to spare... he had some similar pens, but also gave me two of these AMD light up pens. :) I thought to myself, I should include these pens into my collection of corporate goodies! I started one recently, during the accounting information sessions blitz. I have managed to collect yoyos, a bucket hat, a telephone extention cord, shoe polish, countless number of pens, frisbees, rulers, keychains, flashlights, etc. I also found some of the goodies I collected from NBTC last year, so I added those goodies (which consisted of a fleece hat, highlighters) to my current collection.

Come to think of it, I do collect a lot of things. My postcard collection has got to be the collection I've worked on for the longest. In fact, I still collect postcards of all sorts - travelling ones and regular funky ones. I remember reading to Disney Adventures a long time ago, and started collecting business cards 'cause some kid did, and I thought it was cool... now, I just have a bunch of junk (namely, business cards) in my drawer. As a kid, I would also collect Kerokerokeroppi items; unfortunately, Sanrio retired Keroppi, so my collection has been put on hold.

I think this little interest of mine in collecting goodies comes from my mother. Talk about outrageous collections - those who know me long enough have heard me complain about my mother's Beanie Babies collection. Up to this date, my mother has collected enough Beanie Babies to take up two shelves in our closet... :P Thank goodness she no longer collects them, but still... it was quite a nightmare seeing my mother go crazy about them. At one point in time, I got so sick of McDonald's, 'cause she bought soooo many happy meals during the Beanie Babies happy meal giveaways. I think it runs in her family, since my Uncle's a fanatic about collecting things, and my aunt collects anything with a watermelon or a happy face on it...

I'm sure my corporate goodies collection will continue to live, up until the day I get employed :) Until then, I'll be collecting more pens and what not ;)



i soooo want this shirt.... :) but it's not julius that attracts me to this shirt; it's the strip of photos... oh on the last photo frame, julius holds a sign that says "paul frank is your friend" - something about that sentence makes me laugh hard!

While slackin' off (for the first time in a long while...) this morning and reading my In Style Magazine, I came across this special section about this special photo booth. Nothing's really special about a photo booth in general - you seem them at malls ALL the time! And they're cheaper than sticker pictures, or lovegety pics! This booth, however, is funky 'cause it's located right in the MTV studios in the heart of NYC. Only MTV guests and performers could have the previlege of taking pictures in that booth. The celebrities who have taken pics in the booth have hilarious poses!

I haven't blabbed about Vivivan Lives (nor have I checked it out) recently. I find that her "viv cam" moments are ALWAYS the same ones... and her journal is getting boring... I don't really dish into gossip... :P Anyway, I recall surfing on her page a long time back, and going thru her treasure/keepsake box. The one thing that made a lasting impression on me is this photo booth strip of her and her best friend...

...What am I getting at? Looking at the In Style article reminds me of all the fun times I've had taking photo booth pictures... I don't know what's so special about them; somehow, sticker pictures and lovegety pictures don't give me that same feeling. Perhaps it's cheaper, that's why ;) No seriously, I think it's because the process of taking these pictures is SO simple (unlike those lovegety booths, where you have to enter your name, choose so many different frames, vote on ppl's silly pictures, etc.), yet the meaning and memories behind the strip of pictures is so much more than $4 :) I have a collection of individual pictures cut out from those strips and each brings lots of memories. :) Also, something about being in that confined space for a minute, being squished inside that booth with a really good friend, and laughing 'til my stomach hurts while taking the pictures gives me a nice, warm, comfty feeling. :)


Just another long day...

...not as long as I thought though. I was sooo hoping to skip finance this afternoon, but upon finding out that we had another MBA prof was covering for my prof, I decided to go give it a try. (I really don't like my finance prof... :P) Although the topic itself wasn't interesting, he still made the lecture bearable.

Several stories of Holz to tell.

Story #1: I've never had the urge to wanna kill someone and not feel really bad about it.... Well, my friend Andrew has the honours of bein' one of those I wanted to kill. :D (He knows I was realllllly upset w/ him...) You see, Andrew's in my mgmt acctg group, and he was really busy over the weekend, so the three other girls in our group and I worked on the project (my long long day at Robarts), and Andrew was assigned to work on the editing and final recommendations based on our detailed analysis of each question.

Well, I had a long day yesterday, and was stressed out w/ the compilation of the project. I emailed my group several times, and asked Andrew to call me ASAP... he's usually really good with emails, but for some reason, I didn't hear from him at all yesterday. I called his cell and home a couple thousand times and he was still nowhere to be found. Since I knew his schedule fairly well, I knew (or I thought) he would be home by 10pm latest. Guess what? I called him at 12am this morning and he was still on where to be found :P I felt like I was a creditor looking for a debtor who ran away.... :P Finally, at 1:30am, he pops up on ICQ.... and he stayed up all night working on the assignment. He made our assignment look freakin' good :) Still... the stress... :P But Andrew's cool otherwise.... :)

Story #2: Another story related to my management accounting course. (You see what my life really consists of?) I was slowly recovering from this whole mgmt acctg project chaos this morning during the beginning of my mgmt acctg lecture, and my prof starts talking...

Prof: Well, good morning! I was wondering, did I mention to you guys which case your second group assignment is based on?
Me: [attempting to speak softly to my friends beside me, but failed to do so... and instead blurted out loud...] There's ANOTHER assignment? We just handed in the first one!
Prof: [chuckles] That's exactly what I was thinking!!

Then she made a proposal w/ us... which was really cool of her. Nevertheless, I didn't realize how hilarious it was until Andrew laughed and said "good one". At that time, I was still bewildered that I said that out loud. (I'm also glad my prof was laughing about it instead...)

Story #3: Magda asked me a really simple question today: "How many cups of coffee do you have per day?" I simply replied, "usually one cup per day, no more than two on long days..." Well, I lied. I had not one, nor two, but THREE cups of caffeine based drinks today :) One coffee, one caramel coretto, and one yin yeung (HK style tea mixed w/ coffee). My dad joked and said my Chinese name has changed from "ho suk yan" to "ka feh yan" (ka-feh-yan in cantonese means caffeine)... Ha ha.

Story #4: I love small world stories. I really do believe in the six-degrees of separation theory. My new finance tutor is from Queens'... I didn't know her family was actually in Kingston until she said she had to go out-of-town to go home. Happens that she knows my friend Waiki... who's also from Kingston :) What a small world...

Just another ordinary day of Holz's life... :D


I'm soooooo mean :P

I'm sitting in Robarts right now. I have been here since 11am this morning, working on the mgmt acctg assignment (again)... but I'm finally done my part! Of course, I've been sitting in the Scotiabank Information Commons (the computer place at the library), hogging one of these computers for four hours. I feel sooooo bad.

But at least I'm done my part of the assignment! Wheeeeee! Now it's time to study... ack. :P

My life...

... what life? :) My life only consists of God, school, family, and sleep.

I thought I would be relaxing after my midterms, but was I ever wrong. Yesterday was pretty relaxing, but I did spend sometime doing my accounting assignment before meeting Ian for dinner. Today... was a totally different story. After church, I went straight to school, heading to Robarts Library. I've never spent such a long time in a library after first year. (I had a six hour spare in my first year every monday, so I spent it studying in the earth sciences library... was I ever the geek? I guess my resistance to becoming a geek took a toll on my marks last year...) I arrived at Robarts at 1pm, and staying in the library until 7:30pm. ARGH! At least I had my group members with me, working on accounting. What fun! :P (sense the sarcasm?)

In midst of all the busy-ness with school, I have been very pessimistic these past few days, in terms of my outlook in life. I keep telling myself how meaningless all this school work is; spending endless hours studying for midterms and working on assignments is no fun; not only is it not fun, it doesn't really mean much. I thought how I could really use the time to spend with my family, friends, and others... I'd rather give my time away to make a difference in people's lives than to stick my head in a textbook and drool on it. :)

And marks... don't get me started. I had this wonderful discussion with my father yesterday about learning. He's currently studying himself (part time), so he's slowly remembering how it feels like to be a student again. I was feeling a bit on the down side yesterday about my midterms and marks, and told him how much I really enjoy my courses... the only things that make school so bad are the marks and the ways used to evaluate a student. He agreed with me for once, saying how he's so happy to be studying NOT because of marks, but because of pure interest.

Despite my tight time schedule for this management accounting assignment, I decided to spend some time with my mom tonight, watching TV with her together... we don't have much time to spend together during the week, as I am busy with school and her with work. I really enjoyed that.

I also enjoy helping out at the Seniors fellowship at church (my parents are counsellors of the fellowship). I was so upset earlier this week when it was decided that my acctg group would meet today, 'cause it meant that I had to skip the monthly fellowship meeting. I love the seniors; they're like kids... but they often say very wise and interesting things. And I miss my grandparents... I haven't visited them for a week, let alone speak with them.

I long for more time spent doing more interesting things... Anyway that's my two-cents for the weekend. Have a great start to a new week!


I'm done with the midterms!!!

... and surprisingly, I have my management accounting case assignment opened in front of me. On a Friday night.... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Anyhow, that's what I'm doing now.

This week is finally over... I dreamt of this day since last weekend. :) Well, the bad part of the week didn't really happen until yesterday. 8 am midterms SUCK.... had one yesterday, and another today... thank goodness I'm not taking auditing this term, otherwise, I would've had three midterms. I also went for an interview today right after my morning midterm, which was a good way to end the week. However, I was a bit tired, but my interviewer was quite nice and the whole process seemed more like a conversation than an actual interview.

Today was supposed to be sushi island day w/ Jon, but my interview was pushed back an hour :( .... next week hopefully

I haven't much time to reflect these days... about things in general.... thus today's blog lacks substance :( Hopefully, I'll slowly regain my life back...


Midterms Galore...

In less than 12 hours, I will be done my first midterm of the year. Surprisingly (and thankfully), I'm not feeling too overwhelmed as I was feeling earlier today...

But what the HECK do the midterms for tomorrow and friday have to start at 8 AM in the MORNING?!?!?!

(It takes me a good hour to get to ready, and another to GET to school...)

Ah wells, at least one's ALMOST over with :)

TTFN :) Nite!

Ah, a moment of peace...

I took this picture two years ago during my fellowships mini retreat.... we were told to have some quiet time/do-your-own-thing time. While thinking about random things, I took this picture... from the treehouse I was at. I remember being very stressed and uncertain about some issues (hehe some school related)... and was refreshed just before I climbed down the treehouse.

Oh, how I wish I was there right now, this instant... (especially now at night, since the stars there are oh-so-magnificent!!! You can see practically every single little bright star in the sky!) No, I've been torn between emotions lately - on one hand, I feel like I'm gonna be all right.. despite how difficult both my midterms are, but on the other hand, I feel like I may fail both of them.... I know I'll be okay though... 'cause I can't really rely on me, but the Big Man Upstairs. But I know I really need some rest...

... anyway, thought I'd share with you my current state of emotion... as well as one of my treasured pictures :)


Goin' crazy

I am slowly going crazy...

you know that annoying and repetitive song kids sing about slowly going crazy? Well, that song describes Holly's current state of mind....

I don't think I've ever studied this much in my life... My morning began at 9 this morning, going to some auntie's house for some prep session on interviews....that, in itself, was quite nerve wrecking :) Then off to Tim Hortons I went to meet up w/ Sabrina to study for biz. law, from 11 - 5:30pm, with an hour break somewhere for lunch... after that, I headed downtown to study for my management accounting midterm... and upon coming home at 9:30pm, I tried to finish my finance assignment, which I eventually gave up on, and left the last, partially answered, question as is.... :P

During this hectic time though, I realise how much my mom cares for me. Yes, she can be awfully nagging at times, but today, she took care of me, understood my level of stress... in a way, she pampered me :) At one point, I was moved by her care...

Anyway, I know the Leafs season has started, and I haven't said a word about it in my blog... :) What a surprise! (See what a toll school takes on my social, non-school related life...) Domi's on fire :) Hehe, scored on Saturday night, and scored tonight as well! (two goals in three games.... heh... let's see how long he'll keep it up!) Too bad they've lost two games already though.

I'm pretty much braindead at this point... (it IS 2:52am... I hardly stay up this late!) Looking forward to a normal day tomorrow :)


On My Knees

There are days when I feel
The best of me is ready to begin.
Then there're days when I feel
I'm letting go and soaring on the wind.
'Cause I've learned in laughter or in pain
How to survive.

I get on my knees, I get on my knees;
There I am before the love that changes me.
See I don't know how, but there's power
When I'm on my knees.

I can be in a crowd
Or by myself, in almost anywhere
When I feel there's a need
To talk with God; He is Emmanuel.
When I close my eyes no darkness there,
There's only light.

~ written by David Mullen et al, sung by Jaci Valesquez

Yes I realize I'm using a lot of lyrics to show some of my thoughts in my blogs these days... I guess the music-deprived Holly finally let loose and decided to exhaust a part of her CD collection :) But that's beside the point.

I'm gonna sidetrack a bit here. One thing that annoys me is when people icq or call me out of the blue to ask for help... it's not like we normally keep in touch, but in times of their need, they suddenly appear in my life. I know I sometimes do that too, albeit I try very hard not to. However, it wasn't until today did I realize how sometimes I do the same with God...

As I was talking w/ my dad during my mini study break over some coffee, he was sharing with me the books he was currently reading, one of which was titled "Basic Christianity" by John Stott. Dad was commenting how the book was written really well... very straight to the point. He also mentioned how Stott writes how often we normally view prayer...

In the book, Stott notes how we would always pray to God and frequently seek His help. What we often forget is that prayer is like a conversation between God and ourselves - we often ask and expect to get a response... but in return, we never respond to God. It's like a one way conversation, or like an occasional request, just like how some of my peers come to me only when they need help. As well, we don't spend much time listening to Him... of course, He doesn't talk to us literally, but He reveals His plans and requests through different events and situations occuring in our lives. During our prayer time, however, we're so consumed w/ our own pleas that we often forget God's requests and thus, neglect to respond to Him. Quite an interesting insight... and another lesson learned. :)

I'm slowly realizing the power of prayer. Yes, I've seen the importance of it during my trip to Vancouver... but forgetful me. "On My Knees" is a personal reminder for myself, and hopefully, you'll find something meaningful w/ it :)

I'm so glad I learned something besides bonds, mortgages, and other yucky finance stuff. ;)


Close to You...

Why do birds suddenly appear,
everytime when you are near?
Just like me, they want to be,
close to you...
~Close to You, sung by the Carpenters

This song is supposedly a love song, but to me, it just reminds me of several friendships that means a lot to me... During this past week, I have made some friends, caught up with some old pals, and have even rekindled a friendship, and for all this, I am really thankful.

On Thursday afternoon, I unexpectedly had some time to spare - I was intending to work in on my assignment w/ Magda, but since we were both braindead from long classes, we each decided to take a break... we spent some good times chatting with each other, despite the lingering stress from the finance assignment. Since Mags had class to go to for an hour, I met up with another old friend, Mish, and went to Kanichiwa with her for some good old california rolls! Since Mish and I had very different schedules, and were both busy with things, we hardly had time to chat for the past year and a bit... we did talk a little, but never really chit-chat. So that was nice...

Those of you who know me well know that I'm not much of a phone person. I never call people and people never call me. My means of communication are MSN and ICQ. However, tonite was a different story - I really wanted to get together with Karen (my good friend from Thornlea), but felt I should stay home to work on finance... anyway, she msged me on icq, and we ended up talking on the phone (she called!) for an hour and a half! I was soooo happy things turned out this way; otherwise, i'd feel guilty for not seeing her during this long wkend, since she's studying in Waterloo. We chatted and caught up, just like the old times... :) (Karen, it just didn't seem long when we were talking.... time passed by too quickly!)

... I also met some dude from this symposium a while back in September... Jon's his name. We've been chatting on icq, and bumping into each other at accounting events, and it's just nice to see someone sharing the same view as me in terms of biz school. This guy's cool - he does magic tricks.... :) Anyway, it's cool to meet someone and actually talk to them about things besides school and accounting.

Lastly, I finally got a chance to see an old old friend whom I haven't personally seen for six years. We had a long series of misunderstandings, which was finally resolved with an email. Yes... I really dislike solving issues through emails, especially friendship issues, but I had a gut feeling that I should send this email, and I did. And things are turning out really well.... :)

Anyway it's late now, but I thought I should blog about it before I forget... Time to hit the hay though... :) 'Til next time, take care!


Silly Stories for the Day...

Today was a stressful, but happy day... plenty of silly stories for today :)

Silly Story #1: This morning was freezing! That's okay... as I was hoping to warm up in the car ride to Finch station... but as soon as mom and I went outside, she was like "AHHHHHH!!!!!" Wondering what happened, I rushed to her side of the car... turns out she left the car door opened for the entire night.... nope, the car door wasn't simply unlocked... it was completely wide opened. Not only was the outside of the car covered with frost, but the inside was too. Heh.... we were surprised no one bothered to steal our car... (thank goodness we live in such a small street where no one can find!) My dad was joking about finding skunks and racoons hibernating inside our car, underneath the seats. That was a good laugh, and a good way to start the early morning. (since i have class at 9am, I have to leave the house quite early)

Silly Story #2: While Mags and I were doing our finance assignment (that ugly thing.... &$@!!!!&@!#!!), we were awfully wacked in the brain, since she had history in the morning, and I had a lovely time studying a management accounting case w/ a friend (i hate mgmt acctg.... AHHH!). I had some problems w/ accessing my voice mail this morning from my cell phone, so I was playing w/ it a lot, and she decided to play with hers.... then she suddenly told me a story, which was hilarious! Apparently, her brother changed her ring tone once without her knowledge, and when someone called her the next day, she didn't know it was her phone that was constantly ringing... all she knew was that there was "pretty music" playing somewhere! Then she got excited and told me to call her from my cell, so that we could listen to her ringtone.... we were seriously wacked in the brain, but it was fun nevertheless... and the ring tone is like a song playing from an ice cream truck... very soft and cute! :)

Silly Story #3: This happened with Mags again.... yes, our so-called studying/work time together wasn't very productive, but fun nevertheless. I showed her this book I bought to prep me for future interviews, and it was really cool! She then remembered an email she received at work; it was an email that asked a question asked at some interviews to see how analytical a person was... here goes the question:
You are driving along a deserted road during a heavy rainstorm. Suddenly, you pass by a bus stop, and see three people inside the bus shelter: a) an old lady trying to get to her dead husband's funeral to bid the last goodbye, b) a man rushing to the hospital to get a glimpse at his newborn and wife, and lastly c) your perfect soulmate... whom would you take in your car, as you only have one seat available?

The answer is quite funny.... and smart :) I'll end this blog by making you think for once :) Tune in tomorrow, as I will post answer is posted! :)


Just an Ordinary Wednesday...

...I love my Wednesdays during the first term... my first and last class starts at 5pm.

I was thinking to myself while making up my schedule in August, how I could spend my Wednesdays studying for my courses, leaving the weekend free for myself. Yeah, RIGHT.

Well, the day started off okay; got up and read my biz law textbook, did my devos, and the rest of the day was spent between my biz law and slacking off... no good.... and unfortunately, the fact that my midterms are next week doesn't ring a bell to me yet...

Surprisingly, I'm not freaking out... excessively, that is. For those of you who know me, I am THE biggest worrywrat ever. My week of hell starts next week, with a finance assignment (%&@#$!!! to finance...) due and two midterms, plus an interview all happening next week. Normally by this time, I'd be worrying and losing sleep over it. Lately, I've learned to become more calm... and handling stress better than before, not that I'm an expert now. It's really cool... and I know I couldn't have done this on my own. So, that's one change I've noticed lately. If I didn't put any effort, I would be worrying now, but I have done my part, so no worries.

I've always been told that you've got to act and work on something in order to achieve your goal..., and on the side, believe that God will take care of you. I've never been comforted by that. During devo today, I read something that made me think: The great need is not to do things, but to believe things." I've been told that I'm a hardworking person... but despite my efforts, my marks and results don't show. I think the thing I really need to work on is the believing part... which I've been doing recently. Through my struggles and outcomes, I've learned that it's not simply the effort that counts, but moreso the faith you have in Him.

Anyway... back to my day. While I was slacking off today, I was going through some of my old CDs... and man, I realized how cool the old school songs were, and how the lyrics of many songs were so meaningful while sounding good at the same time. A lot of the popular songs within the recent years lack substance, especially with the lyrics... Before, it was only Canton (HK) Pop that was filled with songs talking about love, and only love.... now, most songs you hear on the radio deal w/ love and relationships. Nevertheless, it was fun listening to music and singing on top of my lungs today though :) Haven't done that in a while... but I must stick w/ my "do-not-listen-to-music-before-midterms" theory. You see, last year during my first statistics midterm, I was sooo nervous. Not only that, for the entire 50 minutes of the midterm, I had Utada Hikaru's Automatic stuck in my head... (it didn't help that I knew how to sing it in Japanese too... :P)

So after class, I was gonna head to Paul's bday dinner, but instead, received a call from my mom, telling me she was still visiting a family friend in the hospital... she offered to drive me; though I could've refused, I decided not to, since I felt I should visit this auntie. (and I was about to head to the subway station when my mom called!!!) So, I trotted down to Mount Sinai from Avenue Rd & Bloor St... and ended up visiting the auntie. I was so surprised at the lack of security the hospital had, especially after the wkend incident at the hospital in the maternity ward.

That was my ordinary Wednesday, minus the hospital part. It's interesting to see what insights I get from a simple and ordinary day. :)



Who makes,
The sun light up my shadows,
When the darkness tries to follow me.
Who makes,
The air that brings me life,
So I can breathe the love that's given to me.

You make everything good, everything wonderful,
You grace my days,
And heaven fills my view.
Let's forever sing,
You make everything pure, everything beautiful,
You make me see the only thing that's true.

It's You.

Who makes,
The waters of my sorrow part,
And leads the gladness into my heart.
Who makes,
The rivers run that wash away,
And clean my soul to make a new start.

You make everything good, everything wonderful,
You grace my days,
And heaven fills my view.
Let's forever sing,
You make everything pure, everything beautiful,
You make me see the only thing that's true.

It's You.

You hung the moon,
You placed the stars that shine Your love for me.
I hope all that I do
Will show reflections of you.

~ by Michelle Tumes, sung by Jaci Valesquez

It's only Tuesday...

... but Monday seem to have passed so long ago.

Random Scribbles:
~ Stupid baseball. I was planning to take a break from stupid finance at 11pm, and decided to turn on to Fox for some laughs from The Simpsons. Heh. All I saw was a fat guy... no, not Homer. Some fat dude that's on the baseball diamond looking bored. Heck, I'm bored too! So let me watch The Simpsons! Grrr.

~ Stupid Finance. Who cares about consumption today and consumption tomorrow? I DON'T! It's funny though, how my friend Andrew applied the intertemporal thing into a real life situation... actually, he applied it to our short walk from The Mike (a campus newspaper, which Andrew's the editor of) to the bank... You see, Andrew's a really tall guy, walks w/ big strides... whereas shorty me, with my short legs, is practically running every five seconds to catch up w/ Andrew. I finally decided to run two meters ahead so that I could walk at a regular pace until Andrew caught up. Andrew suddenly yelled "hey, you're applying finance! you're using up your energy now and saving it for later!" Stupid finance nevertheless.

~ Wish List. I think I need to make one up :) I think I need something to do besides studying and looking at Business Law, Finance, and Accounting.... :P I think I'll be making two new webpages soon: one for my wish list, the other for my interests... (kinda like my 411)

~ Some people never grow up. Gosh, I can't believe how ppl can still remember someone for who he/she was in junior high, and never bother to really get to know the person for who he/she is NOW. I've been bumping into too many people from my junior high years for the past two days. Sometimes, it's hard to bump into the ppl you want to see at UT, but it's so easy to bump into those you want to avoid. Well, I made a promise to myself not to feel awkward around ppl I've known (and didn't get along well with) in the past, and to be friendly and open to them... heck, these junior high people make it so hard.

~ Me deprived from so many things... social life, lounging time, TV, fine dining, music, anything that ISN"T related to school or job search. Too bad my thanksgiving wkend is occupied by... studying :(

That's all from me... I wanted to take a break, that's all... back to accounting now... I gave up on Finance.


Song of the Moment...

I really like this song; Sarah sang it at Angie's wedding, and it brought me to tears as I was listening, and looking at Angie at the same time (it didn't help that she saw me and smiled too.... that brought more waterworks!) I have a feeling that by the time when I get married (if I get married, that is!), this song will be sung at too many weddings... but if not, I'd like it to be sung at mine... :) But we'll see.... Anyway, here's the song:

I Will Be Here
Steven Curtis Chapman

Tomorrow morning if you wake up
And the sun does not appear
I, I will be here
If in the dark
We lose sight of love
Hold my hand and have no fear
'Cause I, I will be here

I will be here
When you feel like being quiet
When you need to speak your mind
I will listen
And I will be here
When the laughter turns to cryin'
Through the winning, losing and trying
We'll be together, I will be here

Tomorrow morning if you wake up
And the future is unclear
I, I will be here
As sure as seasons are made for change
Our lifetimes are made for years
So I, I will be here

I will be here
And you can cry on my shoulder
When the mirror tells us we're older
I will hold you
And I will be here
To watch you grow in beauty
And tell you all the things
You are to me
I will be here

I will be true
To the promise I have made
To you and to the One
Who gave you to me
I, I will be here


Things I've Learned Recently

I'll just list them on top of my head, not in any particular order, and not necessarily important ;) :

Domi's a good man...: after reading the Toronto star on Thursday, one can tell how much sportsmanship Domi has for the Leafs. Yes, Belfour isn't as good as he can be, and yes, sometimes we may want to "boo" him, but Domi stuck up for the guy and for the team... Way to go, Tie!

Getting good marks isn't everything...: Marks ARE important... but there are more important things to worry about. My philosophy... just as long as I've tried my absolute best, I'm not gonna fret. Even if I don't have the top notch marks, God will take care of everything... school, job, whatever. (This issue is very very hard to realize... it took me at least a good three years... and I know in the future, I still will have to convince myself from time to time...) Learned this through current situations related to my job search.

People make stupid comments...: Well, I often do that too. Actually, the reason I put this so-called lesson was to share w/ you the "quote of the day" from The New York Times. After reading it, I was sorta in disbelief... "Basically, I got on the plane with a bomb. Basically, I tried to ignite it. Basically, yeah, I intended to damage the plane." ~Richard Reid (the dude that tried to blow up a plane after 9/11) He planned to "damage" the plane. Yeah, right. Don't ask me why I put this here... 'cause I don't even know myself. Perhaps its because I found this comment to be very disturbing.

God answers prayers at His timing... and when you least expect it...: Saw my friend from Vancouver yesterday, JB. When I visited him in BC, I remember sharing with him some prayer requests; one of them was for God to guide me thru searching for a career path. At that time, I was (and honestly, still am) unsure about what I wanted to do in the future, job wise. But I recently realize that God will guide you somewhere, and open doors to different opportunities. Although I'm not sure if the path He's leading me presently is the ultimate one for me, I'm sure He'll take care of me and eventually bring me somewhere that's meant for me.

Friendship...: Something I heard tonight at Angie's wedding banquet - the basis of a good friendship isn't the number of years you've known that person, but the trust you have for each other. Very true. As I was talking to Lyds last night on MSN, I realize it's within this past half year that I've met and made a few good friends at Rotman, which is really rare since the atmosphere there is very competitive. Even though it's sometimes hard to know who you can trust and who you can't, I've gotten to know a small handful that I can truly call my friends... even though we've only met for six months. (there are a few that I've known for my whole entire time at UT that I still don't really know.... :( )

Good sushi...: comes from Sushi Island :D Good udon comes from Kanichiwa :9

Submission...: A good quote from a book I've recently started to read - Born Again by Charles W. Colson (he was involved w/ the whole Watergate thing back in the seventies) Here's the quote - "If you want to do something, submit yourself to Me and I will guide you". So true... guiding me doesn't mean He'll bring me to where I want, but He'll bring me to the place that He thinks is the best for me. This quote describes what I have been going through recently.

Stuff I bought for prom three years ago are still useful...: I couldn't believe I dug up the necklaces, bracelets, and those painful three-inch heels from prom, and made use of them tonight at Angie's wedding. I actually made good use of those heels! I was surprised, 'cause it didn't occur to me that my heels actually matched the dress I wore tonight until mom said something... Wah. I also learned that heels are painful.... :(

I get tired easily... too tired...: Like now. I got back from the banquet half an hour ago, and I'm already exhausted. I'm calling it for the night!

I really should be sleeping...

..but I'm really happy... very happy!

Let's just say all the hard work put into my resumes/cover letters paid off..... yay!

Good things come at the most unexpected moments... and that's when it's the best too! (Thank God!)

My big big sis is getting married tomorrow.... (technically, she is getting married today)

I'm hungry.... :P and I finally tried some of that sushi from Sushi Island, a place where I've heard lots of good rants and raves about. Although the sushi was not fresh off from the sushi bar, it was still to desire for. YUMMY.

I'm a pretty happy girl. I've got some more stuff to share about, but since it's late and my mind isn't functioning well (as you can probably tell by the flow of this blog...), I'll save it for another time when I can put much thought into what I want to say.



I'm a wannabe keener too!

Lyds and I have been chatting a bit this week about everything and anything, from our personal struggles to happy thoughts (in midst of our stressful moments). Her msn nickname is "wannabe keener"... and I think I want to be like Lyds too!

I guess I've been feeling incredibly lazy today; after lunch w/ some Josiah peeps, I was really exhausted (I had to go home on my own today, meaning transferring several buses... :P). Instead of studying and working on an assignment, I fell asleep on the couch until I had to tutor this kid.

Surprisingly, I've been quite productive tonight. I'm spending the night at my grandma's place (I'm there right now!), and I end up studying quite a bit (finish going thru thoroughly a chapter in finance!). I find that this place is my ideal place to study 'cause a) it's not quite at my own home w/ lots of distraction, butt it's still very homey since I'm at my grandma's house, and am in my PJs :D and b) the limited internet access here is very ideal for me to studying, unlike at home where unlimited cable is bad for my social and study life... :). It's also hilarious since my grandma and I are studying at the same time...! She's studying for her ESL courses... quite nice. (At first, I was hesitant about having to study w/ my grandparents around 'cause they were trying to converse w/ me... constantly.)

Ah wells, just a short update. Feeling very productive at this moment, so me happy! :D Another happy thought: Ron MacLean is BAAAAACK! Yay for HNIC (Hockey Nite in Canada)! Signing off from ghetto Scarberia.... :D


Thoughts from the wedding rehersal

I knew I had more to say last night after Angie's wedding rehersal... but since I was so exhausted from my long day yesterday, I totally forgot until this afternoon during my Korean Civilzation class. THAT COURSE IS AMAZING... but let's stay on track w/ the main topic... thoughts from the rehersal. While listening to my funny prof, I was glancing over at my friend's clear binder; she had this card inside the clear pocket of the binder, given to her from my sister. The card simply said "You're my sister..."

During the past few months, I've been feeling a bit sad about the relationship between Angie and I. (BTW, just to fill you in, she's my big big sis - we first met when I was five, and she was my camp counsellor for VBS) Over the summer, we didn't talk as much as before, and I felt that we were drifting. Of course, she was busy planning for her big day, and although I understood, I just wished we had more time to chat. But it wasn't until last night during the rehersal that I realized that nothing much has changed. Although we didn't talk as much, she still cared for me the same way (and vice versa, of course!).

Yes, ppl grow - I'm not the same five year old kid when we first met... I don't need to be looked after as much by Ange :) but I know for sure that this friendship will not change...

Another short but sweet thought I had occured while I was waiting for my cue during the wedding... you see, there was this baby girl running around while she was waiting for her sister (one of the flowergirls). Of course, she was too young to run around the sanctuary by herself, so her dad was following her, and playing with her! It was sooo cute. The girl and her dad reminded me of my own relationship w/ my pops, esp. when I was a kid. Yes, my dad has been on my case lately, but otherwise, pretty cool.... (I just have to keep reminding myself that my dad's going thru something like a mid-life crisis... hehe :P)

Final thoughts of the day: I got my phone fixed finally! YAY!!! Man, two days w/o a cell phone was just so inconvenient. It's also very sad how I am dependent on my phone... nooo! Anyway, night!


Top Three...

I'm gonna borrow Richard's style for a bit.... he has a really unique way of expressing his weekly interests - his top ten... instead, I'll just do the top five for now. As well, it's gonna be my top three thoughts for the day - positive or not!

3 - Understanding what's going on in class
For once, I sat in both of my dreadful management classes, and understood most of the stuff covered in class! Hehe... Tuesday is supposedly my awful and stressful day, having management accounting and finance back to back. Nevertheless, I got through the day without being too stressed... although I took this advantage to slack off... which isn't great :( Anyhow, I knew what was going in class, so me happy!

2 - Weddings.... ahhhhh
Today was the wedding rehersal for my big big sis, Angie... (hehe my big sis is Cathy... so that makes Ange my big BIG one!) I am involved with the music in the wedding - I'm surprisingly playing the flute for the procession. (I suck at the flute...) Nevertheless, the wedding rehersal was lovely... and once again, I dreamt about my future wedding... for sure, I'm gonna have light colours as the theme.... (ideally silver and white, and possibly a light shade of purple), and must have Pachabel's Canon in D played with strings during some part of the wedding. It's unbelievable how soon Angie's gonna be MRS. Angie Gocool....

1 - Ron MacLean... NOOOOOO :( *sob*
I'll simply put it this way: hockey night in Canada & don cherry wouldn't be the same without him...
I was tempted to egg the CBC building today... heh :P

Originally, I was gonna put top five thoughts, but am too tired to continue blogging.

Funny thing happened today though... I brought my flute to school for Ange's rehersal, and managed to leave my flute in my mgmt acctg classroom.... heh, looked like an idiot as I scrambled into the classroom to get it back after the next class started :P

Oh, before I sign off, Lyds and I pledged to be accountability partners today!!! Not only in the spiritual aspect, but as well in the studying, and working aspect.... :D we'll see how that goes.



The Weekend Report

I tend to repeat myself a lot. That's what I realized after Sarah mentioned two things: a) I complain about school too much, usually over the same subjects too and b) I've told too many people how my day went wrong 'cause I broke the atenna of my cell phone & reception was close to nothing. So, I'm trying my darn hardest to NOT complain about school.... 'cause Sarah's right, most of the normal ppl on earth dislike school too... so what makes me so special? Heh.

Anyway, I said I was gonna update you on my weekend: The Royal York, Fobbing, and other important things... but never got to it until now. SO, here's the weekend report:

I dreaded this day actually... Normally, the thought of spending an entire day at The Royal York would be exciting, but since I was so behind with school, plus I didn't want to spend the day doing anything besides schoolwork, I wasn't too eager to go. What was going on at Royal York? Well, there was a symposium hosted by a company for commerce/biz/accounting societies from different Ontario unversities. Western, York, Waterloo, McMaster, and all UT campuses attended. I went representing the accounting society. I didn't know what to expect or get out of that event... I had the mentality of goin' for free food! (To my absolute surprise though, the food wasn't very good... only their desserts, cookies, and breakfast was yummy)

First there was a keynote speaker, who asked us about our passions, and directed us to follow our passions (or extentions of our passions) to find the right job. Although I didn't totally agree with her viewpoint, it got me thinking about my ideal (and more realistic) jobs.

The best part of the day was during the "break out" sessions, where different clubs would sit in a room to discuss issues of each club, give out ideas, and promote their own club. There were so many ideas given out, and I had to chance to think of some myself! I really enjoyed meeting different peeps from other universities, and was able to see one of my friend's friend from Waterloo. Oh, and I got my biz. cards that day (new ones!) so I had fun exchanging cards w/ other execs from clubs.

My day downtown ended after a short exploration of the PATH... I didn't realize how tired and sick I was until I boarded the subway at King Station, and fell asleep until Finch. My mom took me home from the station, and from that point onward, I went home, changed, and spent the rest of the day on the sofa recooperating. I came down with a major cold... (which I mentioned on Friday's blog!)

I was hoping to get some work done in the morning before my busy day started in the afternoon... but nope, woke up late, went for breakfast w/ dad, and off to tutoring I went for one of my courses. The boring part of the day was over at 3pm... As soon as I got out of my tutor's apt, I called my friend Sang, and we headed north to.... Pacific Mall for some good time fobbing! You see, Sang is an international student; lives on campus and hardly goes up north... heard about PM but never went, so I decided to take her. And boy was it fun! We didn't eat a lot there; just window shopped... we were saving our appetites for the buffet... hehe. I showed Sang some popular fobby stuff, like McMug... and we looked around for stuff we both liked, such as electronics, phones, non-fobby clothes (e.g. PAUL FRANK!), and groceries... :) (we were both into Japanese and Asian junk food!)

We spent the rest of the evening at China Buffet King... normally I wouldn't go there, but I had some gift certificates that I had to use up... and since Sang wanted to try some Chinese food, I brought her there. We didn't eat as much as we both hoped, but spent a long time just chatting and stuff. It's cool to have a friend to whom you could talk to about anything. Oh, and my cold got a bit better, so no problems there!

That was basically my weekend. What about Sunday, you ask... well, I did studying and more studying on Sunday, and spent most of it being lost and confused w/ my textbooks. Nothing THAT interesting. :D Nevertheless, the weekend was quite memorable and fun :) Unfortunately, it's Monday, and tomorrow's Tuesday. You see, normally people would have a bad day on Monday, and slowly become happier until Wednesday (that's usually the peak); the bad day comes again on Thursday, but when Friday strikes, WHEEE! Well, with me, it's different.
Monday starts off terrible like everyone else... but Tuesday is much worse, since I have management accounting AND finance, which are two courses I dread... but after that, Wednesday Thursday, and Friday and much more happier and fun!

Time for bed... trying to aim for a decent bedtime... around 12:15pm :) 'Nite!

(OOOOOH, friend just msg me - I"M GOING TO A LEAFS GAME!!!! Friend got us tickets to see game!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! OCT. 31 marks my first Leafs game ever... YAY!!!! THANKS PAL!)