The weekend is here!...

...and is going by really quickly. Honestly, too quickly for my likes. I still don't wanna grow up :) But then, the night is still young.

(I'm quite hyper right now actually; I'm not sure if it's 'cause I'm very full from hot pot and I feel like releasing A LOT of energy, or is it because Peggy's mom put some secret ingredient in the soya sauce for hot pot... but then, I'm pretty sure it's the former :D)

I should have spent this weekend studying. Instead, I have been doing everything not related to school - worship practice, lunch & coffee with one of my best friends, hot pot at Pegs' place, and more activities to come. Lunch w/ Clary was awesome; I haven't seen her in ages... although both of us are in Toronto, but busy with school... since Clary's in her final year, she's busy w/ her these too. Anyway, we had lunch at Ten Ren's and caught up with each other... and she got me one of the most beautiful bracelets I've ever seen (aside from the one my mom gave me... the one that I lost :( )... simply spending time with her was enough though; today was really special for me.

Worship practice was loooong; normally, I would complain about practices going over two hours, but today, I played to my heart's content, and really did enjoy my time w/ Sarah, Blo, and Serena (as well as Elaine, who managed to study despite the noise we made!), learning new songs and just playing the piano.

Pegs suggested last week that my fam should go over to her place for hot pot, which happened... (in fact, as I'm writing this, I'm at Pegs' place, as she's busy doing her own thing at the moment.) In a way, we were simply feasting on great food, but I also know it was partially because she wanted to celebrate my special day with me... soooo thanks Pegs for the suggestion. I had a ball :)

So Clary and Pegs - thank you for your thoughts and time today... I treasure our time spent today dearly. :)

Time for some cramming... hehe :D

Learning thru rough times....

... one thing both a friend and I learned yesterday during our conversation on MSN.

Yes, you may seem to be worse off than a lot of people in a particular situation, let it be summer job search, school and marks, relationships, whatever. Yes, it may suck when others have the things you want, and suck even more when those people in particular complain how their world is about to crumble despite what they have.

You're not alone.

In fact, people may be worse off than you are. But seeing how many of us are so self-centered (w/o even knowing it), we are often blinded by that fact. However, in my case, I'm just blinded not only 'cause I think about myself a lot, but also 'cause I lack the faith I need.

I know this is just a stage in life... there'll be plenty more of ups and downs to go thru. On the other hand, it's great to know at least who's really there for me ultimately... family and true friends. Thank you.

p.s. if i seem to have ignored you or whatever, it's not intentional... so please don't take it personally...


I Really Want to Know You . Nichole Nordeman

...I really want to know You
I want to make each day
A different way that I can show you how
I'm really gonna love you
Be patient with my doubt
I'm just trying to figure out Your will
And I really want to know You still...

I don't wanna grow up, 'cause I'm a Toys 'R Us Kid...

With less than a week of my teenage years to go, I haven't been making the most out of it. In fact, instead of enjoying my last days of the teenage years, I've been spending it studying my butt off. Not that I've been extremely productive, but nevertheless, it's still studying.

Anyway, just wanted to explain my temporary absence from blogging :P I miss it dearly... and I'm sure you miss my rants too ;)

Oh, before I forget, I finally had the chance to try Sushi Island - it is amazing :) Must...go...again...sooon. :)

*sigh* back to studying :P


Kids... *sigh* :)

Let me share something with you... something I learned today:

Make me a sandwich... (think of the song "make me a servant" while reading the lyrics...)
Make me a sandwich, with tomato and meat,
Bring me to Costco, to buy some more meat
With mayonnaise, and montreal smoke meat
Make me a sandwich, make me a sandwich,
Make me a sandwich today...

Few things I learned today about kids: 1) Kids are totally unpredictable, 2) Kids are very clever, but simple minded at the same time, and 3) Kids drive me crazy AND at the same time, very happy and cheerful...

More importantly, the way kids learn - the simple and easy way - is the best way to learn. Today, during their worship time, the speaker talked about how come God allows bad things happen to people - good or bad, Christians or not. Although the underlying concept was known to me already, I found that the message given was quite simple, but at the same time, very touching and realistic.

Simple is the keyword: simple and sweet. Just like the kids (most of the time, at least!)

As for the song, "Make me a Sandwich", the kids simply made it up and started singing it while Jon and I asked for requests. I'm never going to eat a sandwich without thinking about this song ever again :) Today's time spent with the kids was quite interesting; for some reason, we had to wait for some kids to join us before starting the worship, so Jon and I had to keep the kids somewhat busy... so when this auntie suggested for us to lead the kids to sing, they became all jumpy and started shouting out the songs they wanted to sing. In fact, they got so excited, to the point where they started singing a capella on their own!!! Jon and I had to figure out what "key" they were singing in (I'm sure the kids just randomly chose a key)... I've never tried playing "Shine Jesus Shine" in the key of E-flat. Despite my tiring day (I didn't get home until 3:30 this morning), the kids perked and cheered me up... for once, I didn't come out of the room with the urge to strangle any one of them :D

Ah, kids.... 'tis life!


Leave me alone!!!

I think I'm in a crappy mood today; seems like I've been annoyed with my parents and grandparents for today. Don't get me wrong... I love them very bery much, but even with those you love, you can get annoyed from time to time.

Anyway, it's moreso my mother and grandmother. Gosh, they're so alike!!! (Oh, I'm talking about my maternal grandma, hence the resemblance) My mother has been asking me questions constantly, although she already has an answer to all her questions. It's like...

Mom: Do you want to take the bus to grandma's place or do you want me to drive?
Me: I'll take the bus.
Mom: Nah, it's such a long ride... I'll drive you! Oh, are you gonna come home first before you head downtown?
Me: (knowing that she had something in mind already...) Whatever you want...
Me: Ma, I didn't answer your questions... you thought I wanted to go straight to the convention centre...
Mom: (paused for a few seconds, knowing that I was right) I'll come pick you up in half an hour.

With my grandma, it's another case.... she says tells me to do one thing, but makes it close to impossible to do so. Like this afternoon, she told me to go outside and study. So I left her in the kitchen to do her own thing, and the next thing you know, she was talking to me at the speed of light while I attempted to study. Heh... normally I would have the patience to deal this this, but for some reason, I lacked the energy and patience needed to deal with my family today.

Originally, I was going to continue and blog about my peeves... every single one of them that has been bugging me since the beginning of this week. Instead, I'm going to share with you what I did that coincidentally relieved my stress :) Reminiscing about my past, and also taking a walk in the cold...

As I was taking a studying break (ah, what else is new?), I was staring outside the window at my grandparents' place. At the same time, it was snowing a bit outside; I thought about my first winter ever in Canada... my grandparents' current residence used to be my home until we moved ten years ago, so I guess being in the house where I first settled brought back these memories. Since there is a hill across from the house, I remember going toboganning with my mom and friend... a few winters later, I remember being stuck about home since it was a snow day. Dad was stuck at home too, so while he shovelled the driveway, mom took me to the backyard and played to our heart's content! (the snow went up to my waist back then, so it was like swimming!)... those days were fun :) Anyway, my break ended, and the stress from studying and family came back... :P

... so, I decided to take a breather before heading to the convention centre to help out with the preparation of an event for this old age home I'm part of. Instead of taking the skywalk, I decided to go outside and walk to the convention centre from Union station in the cold weather. I'm glad I did, 'cause downtown is soooo pretty at night, with all the lights and what not. Also, the cold weather woke me up a bit from my drowsiness... so it was all good :) Toronto is a really great city... although it can be quite boring at times (since there aren't a lot of places where you could go), overall, I'm proud to call it my home. Anyway... point is, I was somewhat refreshed. I had some 'me' time, simply walking around. I enjoy that.

That's all for today; after stuffing a few hundred gift bags with corporate goodies, boxes of tea bags, calendars, and decorative chopsticks, I'm quite exhausted. It's as if I went and worked out. Hence, apologies for the not-so-coherent blog today... :)

Sudden Thought...

...while procrastinating today, I decided to ditch my case study and Korean readings, and decided to attempt and polish my grand piano. I've neglected that thing for as long as I could remember. Often times, during my stressful studying days, I would play a piece or two just to relieve my stress and anxiety. It's not like I totally forgot about my piano; in fact, it was always there - I always saw it when I went downstairs, let it be for food, to go out, whatever... I saw it and thought "I should really dust the piano..." Also, since I devoted more than twelves years into piano, I thought I should've kept up with piano... or at least maintain my touch.

So.... I decided to dust and polish it tonight. The dust was quite thick, as I had to take several swipes before seeing some lustre on the piano. However, due to my negligence, there were dust marks on the piano... Even when I took out the piano polish spray and wiped the piano, the marks were still there. Frustrated, since my piano lost its shine, I attempted to think of various ways to clean off the marks. Finally, I remembered how I would polish a silver ring I once owned - simply rub it until it shines! So I decided to softly polish the piano, using the cloth, rubbing it constantly in one place until I saw now marks at all! I was sooo glad I got rid of the marks.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I only got rid of the marks on one little corner of the piano, and had a long way to go before my entire piano would be shiny. Also, making one little spot clean required lots of effort and energy, as I was getting hot from polishing that one spot. I thought it would only take me ten minutes tops to dust and polish the piano... and that would happen, if I decided to do a half-assed job. However, it would've taken me forever if I decided to polish the entire thing. With my case study and readings waiting for me, I couldn't sacrifice the time to make my piano look pretty.

I realize that this little polishing event is similar to my personal life w/ God... I've known Him since I was a young lad, and know he's always there. However, when I neglected to put the effort in knowing Him and stayin "in tune" with Him, I kinda let the "dust" pile up on me, and slowly, I'm becoming less in tuned and less on-track and clean w/ God. However, in times of stress, I would turn to Him. Once the stress is gone, I'd let the dust pile up again and again...

... However, it's not all bad... at least I am starting to dust the piano again. Similarly, I've slowly taken my baby steps in getting to know Him better. But I realize that it's going to take A LOT of effort and time... just like how it takes forever just to get some dust marks off a small portion of my piano. :)


Commenting Link!

I've always wanted to look for a commenting system, but never found one I really liked.... so I decided to finally stick with enentation.... so from now on, feel free to add comments to my blogs (if there are any)...

... however, feel free to sign my gbook if you want to make a lasting impression :) haha... no, if you want to say hi, hit my g-book! otherwise, if you wanna say anything related to a blog entry, then comment...

SOOOOO just to start it off.... here's a question for now: what do YOU want for Christmas? :) (Hehe... who knows, maybe I'll get your wish fulfilled!)

Random Scribbles...

I'm done my essay! I happily handed my essay to my professor today...

I'm also at a loss for words, partially 'cause I'm exhausted from analysing this case for my law course, and also 'cause I'm just exhausted in general. Yet, I never want to sleep... 'cause if I sleep, tomorrow will come, and that means I have to start studying and working like there's no end. (Yes, I realized this afternoon that exams are soon approaching, in two weeks... GAAAAAAAH!)

Anyway, I finally restored my template for this blog. For weeks, the October and November archieves haven't been up, so I finally kicked my arse and decided to repair it. Somehow, I did! It's really interesting how much the previous journal entries meant to me. I mean, yeah, some of the entries were quite bland and what not (since I only talk about what happens during my usual day), but somehow, thoughts popped up here and there while I read the past entries... kinda reminiscing on the old times, like how Lyds and I met, or my wonderful summer job, or friends that made me smile during down times, etc... I remember Carol J. and Lyds both mentioning how painful it is when ICQ messages history are lost... it's kinda similar... but I'm so happy I restored it!

Anyway, that's all from me. I'm exhausted. :)


Special Person of the Week...

... I really should start this "special person of the week" blog again... on it before was my best friends, my dad, and my aunt... my mom was never the special person of a certain week, but she was constantly mentioned. However, I think I'll start thinking of the special ppl in my life and mentioning them in my blog again.

Sooo, the special person of this week is.... *drumroll*: Ian

Yes, for someone who decided to leave his lab reports and studying behind and help me with my Korean Civ. essay.... for being very supportive and cool, and just for being there ever since the days of Thornlea.... :) Props to him. Thanks for being there.

'Nuff said.... :)

After writing TWO essays (one of which was totally trashed and useless... hence the reason for me to write the second one), I don't think I have much to say... Perhaps I'll go online shopping. HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHA!

Current train of thoughts:

~ I'd rather be writing Christmas cards instead of writing a paper on Buddhism.

~ I can't wait until tomorrow, since after that, I won't have to write a paper, only a case! :) (Case writing is sooo much different)

~ I want to open a shop. Don't know what, don't know where. Maybe along the lines of Starbucks?

~ Why am I blogging?

~ Lyds, I think my procrastination soul is slowly coming out again.... noooooooo!

~ I want to go shopping. Yes. ME. (most ppl know I hate shopping)

~ How to celebrate my birthday? Unfortunately, it'll likely be spent w/ my books.

~ I really should get cracking with my essay.


my interest in Korean civilization has taken a temporary turn :P

me no like writing papers :P i thought i finished one, but after getting it edited... it's revamped.

argh!!! gaaaaaaah.

that was my day. sad, no?


Feeling Sentimental...

I've had this sentimental feeling lingering for the past two days. It's really interesting... it all started after the accounting society seminar Thursday night; after a tiring day, I went out with Herman for some late night dinner, and there we just caught up with each other, since both of us had been busy with school and work respectively. On the way back home, my friend Sang calls me up just to chat for a few minutes, (Sang's from ASUT) and said some nice things, so it was really awesome.

That was just the start. I got home, and started finishing my finance assignment, but unfortunately for me, the laptop was right in front of me. I started chatting with a few others, and ended up chatting with them for a long time. Nevertheless, with my friend Zee and I, we ended off the convo with a really sentimental end (for some reason)... and with Trish, we simply chatted, but it's nice since recently, whenever I go online, Trish is around and we chat for hours (until one of us needs a dinner break or a break from shopping online *wink*).

Yesterday was spent at home for the most part of the day, until at night when I had fellowship. fellowship this week was very different than usual, since it was a Girls' and Guys' night out. While the guys went bowling, us four girls (yes, our fellowship doesn't have a lot of girls, but that's okay!) went to Swiss Chalet, and then to Peggy's house for some "life stories". It was a really nice time for us to bond, since I haven't seen Lillian in ages, and I haven't really had an opportunity for a quality talk to Peggy or Tammy. Man, the number of girls in our fellowship has grown exponentially in size ever since my first year there... :D (this other girl and I were the only consistent Josiah-ites!) It was really nice, a good time to take a break from my paper... which I haven't started writing.

Tammy drove me home, and as we were about to stop right into my driveway, we decided we wanted coffee :) So... off to Second Cup we went, but Commerce had absolutely no parking spaces, so we ended up going to Just Desserts... but it got too smokey there (since we weren't even in the restaurant and went back to the car smelling like cigarettes), so we finally ended up at Tim Hortons until 1am, chatting away.

What a nice start to the weekend. However, my paper awaits. Da da dum.


Song of the moment...

After goin' through my research material for the majority of the day, I've exhausted my mp3 collection (as most of you know, I don't have a lot...); a particular song stands out though. Ian lend me his dad's Notting Hill CD a while ago, and got me hooked on this song... anyway, here it is: She. :) No particular reason why I'm posting the lyrics... they're just simply beautiful ;)

She - Elvis Costello

She may be the face I can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the song the summer sings
May be the chill the autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day

She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
The smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem inside her shell

She who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so crowded and so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry
She may be the love that cannot hope to last
May come to me from shadows of the past
But I'll remember till the day I die

She may be the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I'm alive
The one I'll care for through the rough in many years
Me, I'll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I've got to be
The meaning of my life is she


A real short blurb from Holz

I really really do not like going to the library, namely Toronto Reference and Robarts. I went to four different libraries today to look for books on Korean Civilization; most of the stuff at Robarts were either taken out or in Korean... I don't like libraries anymore, not that I was ever fond of one, w/ the exception of the Earth Sciences Library at UT, since it was a good place to study.

Oh, and I don't think I want the Tiffany items that I mention I wanted it anymore. Trish called me up today, and the prices were just outrageous. No more fancy jewelry for me. You see, when I went to HK two years ago, my mom bought me a white gold bracelet (and the price was even cheaper than the Tiffany's sterling silver necklace!)... but I lost it a year ago, 'cause I was stupid enough to put it in my pocket. Up until this day, I'm still very heartbroken, 'cause the bracelet meant a lot to me. It was also very pretty. More importantly, my mom got it for me...

Other highlights of the day: I finally tried the Nabenyaki Udon Lyds rants and raves about! It was very yummy, especially the soup base. A healthy lunch too, since it's filled with vegetables and a nice egg. However, it was on the pricey side... :( I have yet to try the sushi from Sushi Island...

Enough regrets here. I have a headache so I'm off for now... in the meantime, if you're a fanatic about movie stars and what not, check this celebrity yearbook from In Style out! Quite fun and surprising.


Shop 'til I Drop!

....noooooo! I'm slowly getting addicted to online shopping :). Online window shopping, at least. *phew*

After getting back my finance midterm this afternoon, I was very very happy since I passed, so I had the urge to slack off. While casually researching for my Korean Civilization paper (I finally finalized the topic for my paper.... so now, it's just finding the data...), I was chatting with my friend Trish, and she asks for my opinion on this jacket from Danier Leather. We went on through various topics from stuff we want, to boyfriends, to apartments, and the topic of Tiffany's comes up. Trish then made the big mistake of searching through that website, and got me hooked. Sooooo as I'm researching through different online library cataloges and journals, I've been goin' through the websites for Roots, Tiffany's, and other places...

...I want this, this, this, this, and much much more.... :D

(Thanks Trish for making me soooooo interested in online shopping now...)

Speaking of shopping, I tried to look for stuff for ME while window shopping the other day... (on my way to study at Second Cup in the Eaton Centre... I can actually get work done there, can you believe it?!), but once again, I ended up looking for stuff for OTHER people. *sigh* So, up 'til now, I don't know what I want for my birthday or Christmas.

Ooooh, must share with you a photo sometime that I took w/ my grandpa. Allow me to upload the photo, and I'll show you some other time.

Anyway must get SOME research done, so I must jet... :) Bye bye for now.

I'm still around. I'm alive. Don't give up on my blog yet! :)

You see, I'm currently prepping for my first ever paper due for University. I haven't written a real essay since OAC English. Also, since it's on Korean Civilization, it doesn't help that I don't read Korean, as much of journals I need are in Korean. Hey, it's my first for a lot of things though: my first time going to the stacks at Robarts, my first time going into different libraries at different colleges, my first time taking out a book at UT, and my first university research paper ever...

Don't give up on me... I'll be back soon. (Prob. tomorrow...!)


"success is not the only thing that motivates you to do something, just do it if you want to."

some food for thought :)

guess where i got this from....

... one of those extremely silly Canton movies.

nevertheless, it's still something interesting to think about.

all right, back to studying :P

breathe in...

...breathe out

breathe in...

...breathe out

'nuff said - kinda sums up my week :)

not really in a descriptive mood these days...


Shelter - Jaci Valesquez

How the mind can wander
How the heart can stray
Suddenly you're on the edge of darkness
How it makes me ponder
How I'm led away
Down a path that leaves me worn and tarnished

Battling with the will within
I have known all along
That I should lean on You
'Cause I'm never strong enough
To fight it on my own

Shelter me
The ways of the world are at my feet
Shelter me
From the desires that deceive
You are the fortress I need
Shelter me

How the mind can alter
How the heart can change
When you set your sights on holiness
And though at times you falter
It's the only way
You can find a place of peace to rest

Safe from danger surrounding me
Safe from looming defeat
When temptation is at my door
Lord, I need a harbour
Be my soul's retreat

Shelter me
The ways of the world are at my feet
Shelter me
From the desires that deceive
You are the fortress I need
Shelter me

You will never leave me stranded
Fending for myself
When the enemy advances
You are there to help
Standing in the gap for me
Whenever I grow weak
You are my deliverer
The refuge that I seek

I should lean You
'Cause I'm never strong enough
To fight it on my own

Just another relaxing day...

... w/o getting any work done at all. I guess my excuse is, it's a well deserved break :)

I intended getting up early this morning to start studying, but I ended up waking up at 11am this morning! That's the latest I've slept in since September... I was determined to kick my own arse after lunch w/ my mom, and Pegs, and her mom. I thought going downtown early would help me study, but instead, I had some inkling to go shopping... :D Actually, I nearly headed to the Eaton Centre, but since there was a power outage at St. George which delayed the subway service, I decided against it and went shopping at Winners at College Park instead. Since I had to meet up w/ my friend Anastasia (oooh what a pretty name...!) at the Starbucks on College (at Beverly), I had to get there quick... unfortunately, EVERYTHING related to the TTC was delayed, including the streetcar, I had to walk from Yonge to Beverly... at least I got all that food from the lunch buffet out of my system :)

So, my little coffee time w/ Anastasia was awesome :) I really enjoy coffee shop chats, but since I haven't seen AnaV (my nickname for her) for such a LONG time, it made it even more special. We talked about many things, and unlike most conversations I have w/ my fellow commerce peers, we didn't really talk about commerce... and even if we did, we talked about how much we're disappointed w/ our program, ppl we know within the program, anything that wasn't really academic. In fact, I enjoyed our coffee chat so much, that I decided to skip half of my lecture.... :) It's interesting how we've both done some soul-searching on our own during the end of last yr 'til now... funny how our thoughts about lots of things have changed, not drastically, but still... and I'm glad to be on the same boat as AnaV... (in terms of our thoughts about a certain future career) Nevertheless, AnaV, let's do that again sometime :D I don't mind stinking like Starbucks afterwards... ;)

Oooooh, another small world story. This one's for you, Lyds! As I was walking to Starbucks, I passed by the hospital area, and bumped into this girl I met a few weeks ago at my church. She didn't come regularly, since she had her own church to go to, but came to visit my church 'cause her good friend was one of our pastors. I decided to ask her out of the blue if her last name was "cham", and it was!!! :) You see, I've seen her name around the UTCCF emails I used to get, so it was interesting... then I asked if she knew Lyds, and low and behold, she did. :D Woo hoo, small world story...!

Anyway, had an ASUT meeting tonight, and came home and did absolutely nothing. :) Ah, 'tis is life... blissful life :) Unfortunately, reality will kick in tomorrow, and I'll start kicking my own arse in studying :P Can you believe I'm getting a C- avg in participation in my mgmt acctg class? Me w/ a C- in participation is unheard of... I normally talk to much anyway... :P Anyway, must boost that mark up.

Enough ramblings 'bout me... just wanted to tell you my rare relaxing day, as well as a happy time I had w/ AnaV :)


Take your kids to work day

As I was walking along College St. to meet a friend at Starbucks, I saw this guy with two huge professional cameras. At first, it was his huge camera lenses that caught my attention, but it was really the kid that was next to him, following him around that made me pause. Why on earth would a kid follow this dude around?

Just then, a lady and another kid (I'm assuming it's her son) was crossing the street; the lady was dressed as if she came from work, and her son was just hanging around.

It finally struck to me that today was November 6, the first wednesday in November. In other words, it was "take your kids to work" day in Ontario!

It's been quite a while since I went to work with my dad. I think I went in 1997 w/ him to work, and saw Ian there. Back then, we still annoyed the crap out of each other, so.... :D plenty of insults hurled at each other throughout the day. In fact, he had an advantage, 'cause Motorola decided to be a pain in the butt and mispelled my name. :P I was quite pissed, 'cause they mispelled my name really badly :P Fortunately for him, he could refer me to as "Hollo Ho" for the entire day.

Anyway, going to work with my dad was fun. I was anticipating on goin' to work w/ him for the longest time, but unfortunately, I found his workplace to be a real bore. My dad was cool though :) Unlike Ian and Edgar (who came along w/ Ian), I got to "learn" how to download games off the internet while those two had to test modems or something like that... something really boring, 'cause I vaguely remember Ian complaining :) Besides, dad took me on a coffee (well, back then, it was a pop break for me, since I wasn't allowed to drink coffee) break and it was fun.

Anyway just reminiscing on my past, that's all... :D

Note: I wrote this really early this afternoon, but wasn't able to upload it since my palm doesn't have internet access... :( but it's okay, now that I got a keyboard w/ my Palm, it's sooo fun and convenient! But anyway, a reason why I have two blog entries in a day :)

Holz is back...

... back again! (think of Eminem's song, Without Me)

I'm finally done my month of midterms.... November is the month for assignments. :P Nevertheless, assignments aren't as stressful as midterms.... :) Although the finance midterm was brutal, I found out my mark for my international economics midterm.... and I kicked some butts :) So that kinda compensates the brutal midterm.

I've discovered a great place for wings - Mullens. After the midterm, Andrew and I went to the pub for some wings. Originally, I wasn't gonna eat anything, but since I had a Smirnoff, I decided to take some of Andrew's wings to fill an empty stomach.... and boy were they good!!! Sooooo, for some good music, kick ass wings, and a small place to chill, go to Mullens on Bay (one block north of Wellesley, just a few shops away from Jaka's...). Slow service, unfortunately, but kick ass wings nonetheless. Once again, I test my tolerance of alcohol.... I was tipsy (not drunk!) from 3/4 bottle... :P Andrew reminded me to walk in a straight line... Ahh, need to build up my tolerance.

I am soooo tired right now, so I'm not gonna write a blog w/ substance tonite. However, I'm a bit bored, so here's something fun for me to do, and fun for you to read: :)

a color you like to wear... black
regardless of size or circumstance, and animal you would like to own... pony
a flower you would like to grow in your garden... sunflowers
your lucky number... 20; it's moreso my favourite, not lucky, number
a smell that makes you pause... FOOD =)
a taste that makes you melt... grandma's Chinese soups
a hobby that occupies your time... this thing called a blog :)
a sport you enjoy watching... hockey!
a sport you enjoy playing... volleyball
a city you like to visit... Hong Kong
a country you like to explore... Europe
your favorite meal... all-you-can-eat sushi and sashimi :)
drink you often order... at Starbucks: Tazo Chai Latte ...at Second Cup: Caramel Coretto ...at Tim Hortons: Cafe Mocha
a delicious dessert... cheesecake
a book you strongly recommend... if you know me well, I don't really read... :D
an author who affected you... ditto to above
the magazine you read most frequently... gotta be In Style
music you prefer to listen to when you are alone... oldies
the singer or band you currently listen to most... haven't really caught up w/ music, so make that a tie between Craig David and Hikaru Utada
the film you could watch over and over... The Sound of Music
a TV show you watch regularly... Tie between The Simpsons and Everybody Loves Raymond
a piece of clothing you love to wear... Roots Sweats, 'nuff said :)
your favorite time of day... seeing how school takes up practically all my time now, I'd say the time when I plop on my bed to sleep :)
your favorite place to sit at home... the sofa in the family room :) my family has a nickname for it: the devil ;)
what you most like to do on Sunday... relax. anything BUT school. time w/ family and friends.
your motto... everything happens for a reason, and will ultimately turn out for the best.


(*&#$&*!!!! to Finance...

I need a break from bonds and what not.... I don't like finance, but it's something I have to take.... :P
I had another pre-midterm breakdown today; I've been on a LONG emotional roller coaster ride; for the most part, it's okay, but towards the end of this past week, it's been quite bumpy.

Yet, I've learned so much... of course, if I didn't have a midterm in a way, I would share w/ you my thoughts, but since I do have a midterm to study for, I'll postpone that until Tuesday/Wednesday.

I'm still around.... just barely surviving. I swear, after finance, I'm never gonna touch another course filled with bonds, perpetuities, mortgages, risk, and all that other junk.

You know what? Starbucks seems more appealing as each day passes.... perhaps I may become a "Starbucks Girl", just like my alias on B. Lo's links page.

Anyhoo enuf daydreaming and breakin'... time to get back to the wonderful world of bonds. (please, someone drag me out of there....)


My mom rocks!

Yes she does...
w/o her, I wouldn't be smiling again. :)

Yesterday was just dreadful for me.... You see, I was supposed to hear from this company I interviewed with yesterday, but didn't receive any calls. I was devastated... couldn't study at all yesterday. My mom cheered me up for the entire day....

'Nuff said. If I don't say this now, I don't think I'll say it again anytime soon :D.

It's nice to know that my parents don't expect much out of me, just that I do okay in school and be happy :) Because of this, I'm happy :)

I haven't really gone thru such emotional highs and lows within a week... but this week has certainly been an interesting ride. I didn't hear from the company I interviewed with today. Today has been quite different from yesterday, but I'm still :).

Don't feel like saying much today; just want to let you know I'm still alive and well.

Sorry Herman, I may not be able to treat you for dinner this year... :P maybe next year! ;)


My boy rocks!

"Ooooh.... ahhhhhh.....oooooh.... ahhhhh... WAIT!!!! SHOOT THE PUCK!!!!!! Dammit, stupid Lumme!"

Tonight was my first Leafs game ever. AND IT WAS AWESOME! What a way to top off a great day! I must admit though, the Leafs weren't too great, but at least my boy Domi was on fire!

The first two periods were quite boring; the Leafs scored the first goal, but were behind the Atlanta Thrashers during the second period, until Travis Green tied it up. (That guy's a joke.... he loses the puck and gives it away to the Thrashers, but at least at the end, he did something right!) My man Tie racked up 11 minutes in the penalty box during the first two periods! Although he normally gets penalties, never had he gotten sooo many in just two periods. He also started a nice fight.... hehe was I ever glad I went to the game tonight!

The Leafs smartened up during the third period, or so I thought. Tied at 2-2, the Thrashers go on a powerplay, and BANG! DOMI SCORES UNASSISTED!!!!!!!! It was a beautiful goal, and I was goin' crazy! We all thought he scored the game winner, but unfortunately, the Leafs slacked a bit during the last five minutes and the Thrashers tied the game... overtime was okay - Domi had another breakaway, but was stopped. Overall, it was a great game 'cause it was pretty nerve-wrecking and Domi played well. In fact, Domi did everything - racked up penalty minutes, started a fight, and scored a goal! What more could I ask for?

I'm pretty exhausted, but my first Leafs game was awesome, so much better than the Raptors game I went to in February... whatta nite!

Tomorrow's Friday.... gaaaaaaaah. I gotta kick my arse and start studying hard core for finance...