The Drive Down

During the drive down to Illinois, I took a turn at the wheel, hoping to help out my dad a little... I think I did much of the contrary though... here goes... a conversation at the rest area after my three hour drive in Michigan.


Mom: Wow, that was fast! You were driving faster than your dad :) [she was happy 'cause we were behind... according to HER schedule]

Dad: What were you doing?! You weren't even looking at the speedometer while driving!

Me: What makes you think I wasn't? I knew how fast I was driving.

Dad: No you didn't! You were just going along w/ the flow... driving as fast as everybody else, if not faster, on the interstate!

Me: I knew! Geez, I was averaging 80 miles per hour [equivalent to 130 km/h]!

Dad: That's even worse. You knew how fast you were going. *sigh*

Mom: Hahahahahahaha.....


It's funny, 'coz I kept in mind the 10 km/h rule... (which is, as long as I'm only driving 10 km/h more than the stated speed limit, it's okay.) However, I had forgotten about the conversion from km to miles, so in this case, it was okay for me to drive 10 miles / h faster than the stated speed limit, which was 70, or 110 km/h :)

But here I am, safe and sound in Illinois :) Take care until the next update :D


New Photo Album

Yes, another one.

Why? 'Cause w/o paying, Pbase isn't very helpful... and I don't really feel like resizing my photos, so I decide to stick with imagestation

Anyway, so here is my album: http://www.imagestation.com/members/hollyholz01

You may need to sign in... if you don't feel like making your own login and everything, feel free to use my special one:
username: friendsof holz
pwd: hollay

I'll be off for a few days :) but will hopefully blog regularly... off to The Windy City I go... (again) :D

Pics of Mariko & Breakfast w/ Jess+Clary are up :D


It's 7:04 a.m.

Well, it is according to my Windows clock... I'm currently up and about, trying v. hard not to fall asleep...

You may be wondering what the heck am I up so early.

I, too, am wondering the same thing.

But as a friend puts it, there are very few people that are willing to get up earlier than 7am to meet up with people at that time of the day, and I am very lucky to find a few of them.

Yes, it's finally the three of us together since Christmas... Clary, Jess, and I. Unfortunately, this is the only time the three of us could meet.

Well, I'm off to prep myself to meet Jess... :) and greet her with a not-so-sleepy look.


Main Street Weekend!

Guess where I was this afternoon? On Main Street again... but this time, I went with Karen, whom I've been dying to see since the end of her exams.

I think this wkend has been pleasant, only 'cause I had the opportunity to spend time with my dearests and catch up. It was fun too, since we did more than just drink & chat. It was spontaneous fun, I suppose :)

Since I always mention Karen but never put her name to a face, I have decided to put one of our lovely pics from today up here. :D I'm Karen will spare me :)

More blogs to come this wk :) Last week of work, yippee!!! :)


Learning something new everyday

Tonight, I learned something - never browse through recipes online while you're hungry... it adds to the hunger. :P

I'm starving as I speak, but since it's late, I'm going to bed instead.


Spent a memorable day on Main Street with Jess - took advantage of the Doors Open Markham event and went through the art gallery and other historic sites of Markham. Quite pleasant. As usual, caught up with Jess and had some heart-to-heart chats.

You know you're close to someone when that person has changed but yet, nothing distorts or disrupts the friendship.

I thank God for Jess.


I've Been Sick :P

... thought I would be better by now, but yesterday was really blah... sinuses were congested, crankiness was peeping out, and I went to bed at 10:30.

With "so" much to think and do, I was questioning why this would be happening. Mind you, when I got the fever last wk, it was rather sudden, as I totally did not anticipate on getting sick at all.

Now that I've thought it through, I think it's God's way, albeit it's a little painful :), to tell me I need to rest. I need to make the most of my final weeks of vacation and just relax and enjoy...

... and I think I may just do that.


Look, Ma!


THE Blackout

August 14th at 4:10p.m. - what were YOU doing? I was in my room, feeling weird, and sitting in front of my laptop. On a typical day, I would be at work, but the 14th was an exception, only 'cause I was sick. All the sudden, the fan went off. Yep. You've guessed it. THE blackout... the one where the U.S. and Canada are pointing fingers at each other as to who caused it.

I'm not here to talk about what happened - you can go to CNN.com for a pro-US perspective or simply click on BBC.com for an outsider's point of view, where they don't refer to Canada as a country consisting of two cities - Toronto and Ottawa. (Mind you, I was pretty disgusted when I saw how CNN spelt Ottawa in its TV headlines - OTTOWA)

I'm not here to talk about what I did during the blackout either - many people have done that already, and besides, if I were to rant and rave about it, even I'd fall asleep trying to think of what to write. I simply slept.

I've been sick since Wednesday afternoon, and realized what a wimp I was yesterday night. Why? Well... I was in the ER last night for 4 hours, simply 'cause of a FISHBONE. :P (Yes, I could read through the doc's eyes - "fishbone? what they hell is this girl coming to the ER for?") To make a long story short, I swallowed a bone on Tuesday, but since I was sick on Wednesday w/ a fever (that's right, kids, run away from me now, 'cause I'm also coughing...), I thought it was a sore throat until I felt something poking into the back of my throat yesterday, and realized it was the bone.

Since I was over 19, I had to go into the ER myself, due to the "No Visitors Allowed into the hospital" policy (all thanks to SARS). I guess with that being my first time entering a hospital as a patient, I was a little freaked out... didn't know what would happen, how long the wait, etc. Let's just say, I am a WIMP. Even a kid that was waiting in the ER with me was braver than me. She only shed tears inside the ER, once the doctor took a look at her. Myself? Don't even ask. :)

I could come up with one reason why I shed tears though - after watching City Pulse 24 for 4 straight hours and the same exact news conference for 10 + times, I started to get a little antsy. To top it off, I was still recuperating from my fever/flu so I had a headache... and the ER staff wasn't exactly the most friendliest team I've ever met... (I still want to punch the lights out of the EMS dude who kept telling my mother off and thinking she didn't understand English.)

I've learned a lesson from this. Actually, two lessons:

A) As the movie "Finding Nemo" stresses, FISH ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD. I am a little hesitant to eat fish for the time being.
B) I need to learn not to be a wimp.

:) Time to take a break.


Good Old Sid

Sid. He once stood tall and bright, and brought a smile to many of those who see him everyday. Suddenly, for some strange odd reason, people started drowning him... with what? Water. Nice Aberfolye, Evian, Perrier, tap, Lake Ontario water. Sure, most of it was nice quality water, but still... a plant's a plant. (Yes, by now, I think you've probably figured that Sid's a plant)

Sid is right next to me, and is often a topic of conversation between myself and the coworker sitting across from me. We've seen him with big leaves, and with no leaves. (Too much water was given to Sid to a point where his roots are starting to rot) We all cared for Sid a lot; even during the days Sid was turning yellow, LB (my coworker who works in and out of the office) brought in plant food for Sid, even though she had to rush downtown for a meeting that day. While everyone else in the office thought Sid was going to die, considering that his leaves were turning yellow by the minute, some of us had faith that he'd pull through.

So how's Sid doing presently? He's starting fresh and renewed; yes all his leaves eventually fell off, but new shoots are growing; however, the damaged roots are still recuperating. Sid wants to grow, yet the past is still holding him back. No matter what though, Sid's still alive and growing, albeith slowly.

What's the point of this story?

I feel a bit like Sid. And I thought I'd use this occassion to share w/ you my newfound love. :)


Man, when my best friend ICQs me to tell me I haven't blogged in a while, that really tells me I have to update - she's usually busy w/ school, so if she has time to check my site, and notices the lack of updates, it means I have really fallen into a ditch.

Anyway, I haven't been updating, not because I have been living a monotonous life (actually, my wkend was pretty bland, but that's another story), but because I have been thinking a lot - in fact, probably a bit too much for my own good. Since this is the summer before my graduating year (if all goes well, that is!), I've been feeling a bit more anxious and have been thinking about my future. That's just a little bit of what I've been thinking though. Also, the things that normally don't get to me, such as things like my height, have been getting to me, strangely.

It's funny how I was so excited and eager at the beginning of this summer to 'light the fire', serve at church, rekindle friendships, start on projects, etc. even during the time I was in summer school. I've learned that the more you want to live the Life and get closer with Him, the more you're either tempted or bogged down by the ordinary things in life - anything to discourage you from doing what you intend to do. That's why this thinking of mine has been drawing me away from many things, from the ordinary Blogger to being involved in other things.

What am I gonna do? :) Obviously, I'm not going to sit here and do nothing; I'll start by thinking happy thoughts and taking it easy... :) (+ diggin' the Word and other things)

That's all from me for now; this alone took me half a day to write :)