It's funny how a tiny little one can make you forget everything for a moment. :) Although no explosive farts came out, the giggles and the wiggles certainly made me smile. The momma's looking happy too!

Currently commuting to Mississauga; probably will be there until the middle of December... and after my 2 wks of study leave and the CKE, I'll be back in 'sauga for another few months. I actually don't mind the drive that much. I must say though, doors are starting to give me the creeps. I can't look at a Home Depot flier w/o thinking of work.

I need sleep.


I'm Tired...

... of:

- going downtown every single day
- feeling isolated
- always making the effort to keep in touch w/ ppl but it's not reciprocated, esp in a time of need
- feeling invisibleeven among the people I know
- unanswered emails
- studying
- work-tgh-home-eat-sleep-work-tgh-home-study-eat-sleep-work...
- superficiality

For a girl who simply smiles w/ glee when the neighbourhood Starbucks gives out free Venti Chai Lattes, it doesn't take much to really make me happy. Considering the way things are going, I'm not really unhappy... I've just had enough of what's been going on lately.


i nearly forgot how to log onto this thing.

work has been all right so far - not too busy for me yet. the next thing you know, i'll prob. be busy up to "here" (imagine short little me tippy-toeing and raising my arm has high as i can). i'll be out at a client's starting next week, and am supposedly not scheduled back at the office until sometime in february. but then, the schedule always changes, so we'll see what happens eventually.

wish i was there tonight. the raps are totally a different team... at least, that was the impression i got while watching the game.

i'm really not that busy lately. well, it's either work or family. i wish i had more time for friends, but that's not happening lately. notice that studying's not even in the picture when it's supposed to be. i know w/ His grace, i'll get thru the cke... but that's not the most important thing at this moment.

thx for those who have been keeping me in check and have been praying for my family and i; it's greatly appreciated.

oh, how i wish i could go back in time, preferably to april 28, 2004. but life goes on... and thru the experiences and situations given, i'm sure I'll be seeing more of His grace and power.

heading to oakville tomorrow so must hit the hay. night night.