I So Wanna...

go to the Royal Windsor Arms. Who's in?! :)

BTW, the above link is a hint for some of you food connoisseurs :)


What am I Doing Here?

It's Sunday. I'm at 4100 Yonge Street. WHYYYYYY?


Newsflash: Potential Blackmail Material Found

My father's recent obsession with his new toy has created potential blackmail material for some of you people out there... :) From the Stanbridge days, to vacations, to other situations, he's transferred almost everything from the old Sony Video 8 system onto the new DVDs that he recently burned w/ his DVD writer.

Hehehe. I think I'll be nice and notify the potential victims of my father's hobby shortly.

In other news, I've hopped on the same bandwagon as Sarah - the new toy of my life. After receiving a call from Purolator yesterday, I hurried there after training (which was after work :P) to welcome my Dell Axim into my open arms. Still playing around w/ it though... but Joe, hook me up w/ programs!

On a totally unrelated note, my mother never ceases to amaze and surprise me in ways I never thought of. She told me not to worry about the CKE this morning when I called home from work (to let her know my reckless driving got me safe to work), just out of the blue. I suppose with me attempting to wake up at insane hours in the morning trying to study and feeling like crap before going to work has gotten her a bit concerned. She tells me to relax and not to worry about it until the 17th... (when I get to go on my study leave)... I was moved. Hehe.

I'm attempting to do work... but it's been a slow morning. Chatting too much w/ my senior, who's really fun :) However, it's lunch now, so off to Timmy's I go for the afternoon shift for COFFEE :) I like it here though - I'm in Mississauga/Oakville (well, Winston Churchill is the border line) and right by the lake, which is very plesant :D The work itself is another story, but we'll see what happens. Until next time, adios :)


How Sad...

This is actually quite true... when I was travelling in Europe, I met two Americans, both who had Canadian flags on their bags cos they wanted to avoid the hassels while travelling.

Yet, aside from travelling, they like think of us as their inferior.

'Tis sad.