Now... don't laugh.

I know some of you might, but hey, it's my childhood... so laugh all you want.

I finally purchased this.

(I know what some of you may be thinking - no, it isn't the iPod)


What a way to end the week!

Praise Him for this.

:) Crusin' along 'til March...


I realize my blogs are becoming shorter. It goes to show you what kinda life I live. Haha :) A rather bland, boring, and not-so-interesting type of life. You know you really lack a life when:

- your conversation topics come straight from 680 news (for example: "you know, I heard on 680 that medical students are the most reckless drivers in town. did they ever consider that auditors are probably the most reckless drivers, considering i nearly fell asleep at the wheel while driving in the farmlands of mississauga?")
- you jump for joy when you get to leave at 8:00pm instead of a later time (FYI - it's considered early during busy season)
- you're ecstatic when you can sleep in until 9:00 the next morning. when you get to sleep in until 11am, you think it's a miracle.
- you haven't made one single reservation for winterlicious, whereas before, you'd go crazy making winterlicious reservations when AMEX's 'front of the line' event occurs
- you get to go shopping: online only, cos by the time you get off work, most stores would be closing or would've already been closed
- you get excited about very small things in life. very easily amused.
- you live vicariously through people - including those who you normally think lead a boring life

oh yes, replace you w/ holz. :)

what's up w/ me lately though, that doesn't revolve around work?
- buying lots of magazines (i spent over $25 on magazines alone during the past two weeks), yet having little or no time reading them
- slowly attempting to put my social life back on track... but mere attempts have been made, thanks to busy season
- reminiscing about the summer days, moseying around TO, asia, and Europe
- attempting to pick up photography again, but again, time is something that i don't have
- learning how to play MJ
- getting rear ended
- hoping to get an iPod, if not, an iPod shuffle. we shall see.
- sleeeeep. :) speaking of which, i shall prepare myself to do so soon.

ciao :)

that's all for now.


So it all comes down to this. The last hours...

In any case, so many thoughts in my head as of late - from new year's resolutions, my life resuming after 1 pm tomorrow, friendships & relationships, family, to a friend who's ill, there's much going on in that little head of mine. It's really His grace that has pulled me through these past few weeks.

Work resumes on Thursday. Even though I've been studying during this holiday, I really did enjoy my time off from work. As of now though, one of my closest friends from high school and I are not only good chums, but colleagues. :) Who would've thought... Thornlea aspires their students to be accountants! In our practice alone, there's four ex-Thornleaers. Anyway, getting off track.

Will keep you posted on bits and pieces of my life. Right now, I must prepare to sleep for a big morning ahead.