I'm currently in Orillia... with nothing much to do. I decided to give the internet a try, but it's really slow (since the hotel only has dial up). Here's to some "first" experiences:

1. My first business trip experience
Being in Orillia, it doesn't make it that exciting though. My dad's first ever business trip was in Singapore, compared to my trip to a small town in Ontario. However, things are quite different here. The classic response, when I was asking about the nearest starbucks: "what's star-bucks?" Aside from the local Wal-Mart, Zehrs, and some eateries, there isn't much to do. At least not at night... if it wasn't so cold, I would have gone star gazing. The trip isn't fun though; the job I'm scheduled on is tight on time, so lots of undue stress. :( At least the king sized bed keeps me comfy :) I miss company though.

2. My first experience dealing with death of a loved one
I'm not sure if you could tell from my previous blog, but it was written the night my grandfather had passed away. It's been a long struggle for him, and after half a year of fighting lung cancer, he passed away. It was also my first time seeing someone pass away in front of my very own eyes. God's timing is really perfect; my dad and I were able to rush down to Mount Sinai from home just in time before the last minute. Surprisingly, I've taken it quite well, considering how close we were. But I really miss him. Really, really miss him. I can't help but get teary eyed when driving along Sheppard Ave. E. & Morningside, thinking of our days at the ghetto Scarberia plaza and our long coffee chats at Tim Hortons. It's quite unusual for me to see his picture on the wall where he once used to sit regularly. Through this experience though, it has brought my family closer than before. There's always pros and cons to each experience. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have had the opportunity to share laughter and memories w/ my grandfather in these past 22 years. When time permits, I may post what I shared during his funeral. We'll see.

3. My first personal training experience
Add to that my first time joining a fitness club. And boy, after my first training session was I in pain. My session was on Saturday afternoon... I was in pain up until yesterday. But boy, was it a good workout. :)

4. My first big splurge
I finally purchased the beloved :) no, not the shuffle. Hehe!

There's probably more... but I must slowly get ready for bed. (It takes a while... I may not be actually asleep until 12-ish... haha) Ciao!



from a blog entry sometime in august 2004:
"I'm glad that in these past 21 odd years, nothing has really changed between my grandpa and me :)."

... and nothing ever will change.