Summer's Here!

Yes, I'm aware that we're approaching the end of July... but for me, the summer has just begun! And I'm off to a great start, being at the beautiful UofT campus everyday since Monday, sitting through 7 hours of class each day, and realizing that there's 7 weeks to go until my "summer" is over.

Several things to be thankful for as of late:
1. The girls - girls I know I can count on regardless of what happens... :) Fun times at Starbucks!
2. The fact that I'm still going through training classes and studying
3. My Ice Special. Ask me about it :)
4. Experiences to keep my potentially super inflated ego quite low

This always happens - I usually have a long(er) list of things to mention, but I end up not remember half of them... I started a habit of making lists recently; this is because I am easily distracted during training classes and am in a dire need to do something to keep myself awake while I learn how to make quants and understand the importance of tax and performance measurement/measures/metrics. One of these list include goals for the summer to ensure my life is totally not gobbled up by the UFE monster; items include:

a. learning how to cook
b. writing a note to someone (anyone... to continue w/ a habit formed when I was back in josiah) at least once per week
c. going to queen street east at least once
d. pick up a sport
e. pick up piano again
f. go to sushi kaji once
g. visit grandma at least twice a week

and the list shall continue...

Speaking of Sushi Kaji - is anyone willing to spend $120 on a meal with me?!? Hahaha I blame my study partnerino for introducing me to this fine dining establishment. According to Toronto Life, it's the best Japanese restaurant out there.

All righty... time for bed. G'nite!


Ordinary Day

This past weekend has been one full of revelations, consisting of happy and sad moments relating to me and those around me; this includes a long lost "sis" giving birth to another child, my progress in my career, a friend's loss of an uncle, family problems, etc. In retrospect, I find this year has been full of surprises - with the joyful ones being a gift, and the seemingly sad ones being a blessing in disguise, such as loved ones being ill and broken friendships. A common theme is that each experience is molding me to become a mature person and to realize despite what may be happening isn't ideal, ultimately it'll be okay cos God's in control.

The lyrics below do relate to what I've been going through as of late; the song has actually been stuck in my head for more than a week already! No matter what you may be going through, I hope the lyrics will be somewhat of an inspiration to you.


Ordinary Day || Ginny Owens

I've lived a lot of life
Seen so many things,
And I like to think,
Nothing surprises me,
So I try
To take it all in stride,
No matter what tomorrow brings -
But Your plans for me
Aren't predictable,
And I find Your dreams
So incredible.
Never common place,
And in so many ways,
Always wild and wonderful -

Oh, You keep me guessing,
Holding on tight
For the ride of my life
With You, all I can say,
There's no such thing as an ordinary day.

Since You write the script,
I must confess
I don't always know
What will happen next,
Takes my breath away,
Takes a lot of faith,
'cause I don't know what to expect

Oh, You keep me guessing,
Holding on tight
For the ride of my life
With You, all I can say,
There's no such thing as an ordinary day.

Every time a new adventure unfolds,
I realize that I'm not the one in control...


Currently thankful for: My neighbourhood Starbucks (or as a barista refers to it as the Cheer's Bar for me, since I go in practically everyday!), as it provides an atmosphere not only to work, but also to maintain friendships and good conversations :)


After going out for some good old DQ w/ Sarah, I realized how much has happened in the past year. New job, family adjustments, personal life adjustments, etc. It's been one heck of a ride... seemingly long, yet short at the same time.

Wowzas. Anyway, I haven't forgotten about some of my faithful readers (and for that, Magda, you get a "yay!" for that)... but as I have to travel to Oakville tomorrow morning, I must keep this very short. I'll be back. :)


Currently thankful for: God's timing, and knowing that it's perfect in every way, even when it doesn't seem like it (like my current client!!! although the hours are shorter than the previous job that i was on last week - meaning less chargeable hours for me - at least i actually get to go home on time... and see people that I want to see, not that my senior is not fun... she's all right.)