This isWhat I'm Dreaming Of...

A nice, pish posh coffee shop good for late night chats or a long day of studying. :) I miss Cambridge & Costas. This was one of the most unique coffee shops I've ever been to.

Anyone want to open one up w/ me?


Originally I thought of writing a deep, thought provoking (at least on my part!) entry, but seeing how it's the weekend I decided to make this a fluffier and lighter entry.

I've been reading my old blog entries from two summers ago; having gone through the lists of things that make me smile (from a year ago), I've decided to redo the list updated for this year :). After all, change is happening all the time... so the same things and more will make me smile. So here goes:

1. family
2. fellowshiping w/ brothers and sisters by different means
3. seeing transformed lives (for the good)!
4. surprise visits from aunt
5. mariko
6. "i feel good" w/ yanna (and of course, who can forget the encounter w/ pastor hua?)
7. my trigger happy finger
8. starbucks w/ close friends
9. driving on my own (at speeds which i will not reveal here... no need to fear for my life!)
10. reminiscing about old trips (i.e. vancouver, europe, hk, japan...)
11. starbucks chat w/ the baristas
12. making someone's day :) or giving them some helpful insight
13. knowing He has a plan for me in every aspect of my life
14. boy meets girl
15. jw, cl, kl, rl, ll, sc, sw, vm, and all the different ppl God has placed in my life (for which i'm previleged to call them as friends)
16. realizing i think, write, and talk like an accountant (it makes me laugh, not smile... to see how sad it actually is! haha - point 15 is already a good example of audit life)
17. the ice special next month
18. a warm cup of tea

must get ready for bed; list will continue shortly! i'll leave you w/ this question though - what makes you smile?


Currently thankful for: The break from work :) albeit stressful from 9-5 ("where is that C? ahhh... i want a C! @#*&$!!") the nights and wkends off are simply worth it.


Feeling Nostalgic

Lots to share on this rainy day. Feeling nostalgic yet excited for what is to come in the near future at the same time. Have lots of thoughts running through my mind, but the lack of sleep and energy will not permit me to write something of substance and depth (nor allow me to get to the point concisely).

For now, I'll leave you with a new look. It's time for a change. :)


Currently thankful for: Can & Mylene :) (I'm halfway through the book!)


That's a First!

There's always a first time for everything...

... my first time seeing my parents kiss (although it was a prank set up by their friends for their 25th wedding anniversary)
... my first time going camping ever (w/ my university friends)
... my first time being single after a long while (since high school)
... my first time enjoying the summer even if I have to study
... my first time going to queen street east and seeing the beaches area
... my first time watching a Philipino film (had an excellent interpreter)

Again, I had a long list but due to my aging memory (or me blogging at this ungodly hour), I have forgotten what I wanted to list. :)

Regardless through the scary moments (ahem, the first item on the list), to the happiest ones, I can see God working through all things at all times. Looking up! ;)


Lessons Learned

It's always great to reflect on what one has learned in the past bit. Of course, if I were to tell you what I learned during my UFE (uniform final exam for my accounting designation) you'd fall asleep on me, so I'll just tell you some of the life lessons learned this week:

- I'm a geek. I talk like an accountant. Like say, when comparing several months to a long period of time, I use the term immaterial. I need a life. I can't make accounting my life.
- It's astonishing to see how two weeks can be a fleeting memory for certain people, considering other factors, of course. It actually disgusts me. For instance, it feels like it's been a long while since I've passed the SOA exam cos of UFE training, but I only found out less than two weeks ago. There are other things that I found out two weeks ago, but am astonished to see how the situation has enfold.
- Hanging out w/ certain people too much makes you want to react and talk like them. My pal V from work and I commute together to training. We were splashed by a passing van that drove through a puddle... and my first reaction was "*!@&#!!!!" out loud, just like V would normally do w/ the same exasperated tone. We both paused and looked at each other, cos at that point, we knew we hung around together too much... since I normally don't swear.
- God really brings you through really tough times to make you understand what experiencing Him is all about. Through a conversation w/ dad today, I learned to really life out your spiritual life means to go through everyday situations and hard times, and seeing Him in midst of it all.
- A diamond is really a diamond when you see one. And it really means that the person's engaged. I'm so happy for my sis Serena! :) (to make a long story short, I had to take a double look to realize that the ring she was wearing was no ordinary ring...; I blame it on being tired though... haha cos apparently, I had glanced at it a few times but it didn't sink in until a while later.)
- God may use the hardships he placed in my life (they're not that bad... but still painful enough) to help others in the future. We'll see where He guides me.

Anyway lots more to share, but we'll save it for later.