This is what my mui has become. A fish. At least she's a cute fish.

i had an awesome weekend, full of stories, lessons, and situations to share. had plenty of qt time w/ friends and grandma. thankful for good friends, good food, and good laughs.

in my mailbox sometime this past week was a package from amazon.ca; inside was the everyday italian cookbook. i can say that i am thankful for coming across giada de laurentiis - her book and her show on the food network are amazing.

i'm falling behind my course. i don't think my prof is very happy with me - even though i can easily finish the je me presente assignment, i can barely tell time en francais.

originally, i was concerned that my parents weren't too happy with me for being out almost everyday since last tuesday. in fact, the last time i had dinner with them was on tuesday night. however, my parents informed me this morning that they were going out for dinner tonight; my mother was concerned whether or not i had plans instead (methink my mom thinks i have no life...). how funny the roles are reversed here. presently, i am sitting at home waiting for them to come back from their dinner at a friend's place.

anyway - preparing for another long week ahead. a la prochaine! a bientot! (yes, i realize i don't have my accents, but you know what i mean... right?)


Currently daydreaming - do you think I can fit in Vancouver and Tofino in a 7 day week? or Vancouver and Banff? Ah, keep on dreaming, Holz. I blame NG Traveler for bringing my hopes up. (FYI - NG Traveler is not a geeky magazine as some people think of it to be *ahem*) I also blame the early start of my busy season for the constant daydreaming.


learning how to be still.

"be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:19


I've been really lazy with my blog, I just realized. It's been rather plain and dull, with no pictures whatsoever. That may soon change, however, depending on how much work comes my way in the next few weeks - more work = more fatigued holz = holz not wanting to do much.

So what's new?

- I saw Les Miserables again last night - despite having seen it last year in London, I am very impressed w/ last night's show... personally, I think last night's show was even better than the one in London.
- Hockey's back! However, my dad's glued to watching a Korean tv show instead. How strange.
- The Amazing Race is back too! I don't know what team I'm rooting for though. None of them really appeal to me, not even then one w/ the 3 daughters and their dad.
- I've been blessed to have met a group of girls yearning to grow together in Christ; can't wait to see what He'll do in each of our lives
- Going to Alleykatz tonight w/ Serena... we'll see how that goes :) perhaps we'll try Grazie too?
- Travellog - I have yet to update it here. Coming soon, so stay tuned!
- I am in love w/ Moleskine notebooks. Saw one at Page One at Causeway Bay, bought one... and am in love. I want more!
- I really have to start learning how to budget my money.

All righty - enough randomness. Stay tuned :)


I must explain the last blog entry before I have more people wondering if I'm going through depression. :)

I was feeling a bit homesick last week - having been away the week before in HK followed by a week long of intense training for work at Niagara Falls was a bit too much for me. I missed the familiarity of the nearby Starbucks instead of the Starbucks at Niagara Falls which was overpriced (I couldn't justify paying $5 for a tall tazo chai latte... but I succumbed to it on the final night seeing how I had some money left from the per diem), heart to heart chats with friends, my own bed, and family. That combined with PVS (post vacation syndrome) made things a bit antsy for me.

Funny thing though - coming back home wasn't as awesome as I thought it may be... perhaps the dose of reality hit me hard. Knowing that there are things I have to face. Changes to adapt to (but then, what's new w/ that?). New responsibilities coming my way.

Taking things one step at a time...