Apparently I've been 'tagged' too...

So the idea is to write 5 random facts (apparently weird and random) about me and then 'tag' 5 other people and the cycle continues. (I'm just copying what Nev wrote, as he has tagged me...)

1) I walk fast for my height. Don't underestimate the short people!
2) I've been punched (accidentally) by a boy before. The actual scar still remains
3) I've fallen down the escalator before in HK. Perhaps that explains my weirdness and slow reaction to many things.
4) I have a foot made of lead. I must thank my employer for training me indirectly on how to drive like a maniac.
5) I have the ability to scare the crap out of people due to this ability of mine to remember names and faces of people I met eons ago. Read blog entry from a few days ago.

So I can now tag people. Woo hoo! So here goes: Myles, Ray (since he loves reading the lives of other ppl... so it's our turn to see his life!), Katlok, Joe, and Heidi.


more to share about the previous post at a later time. :) in the meantime, i'll share w/ you a song... that many of you may know. perhaps the smaller things in life have been blocking the bigger blessings He has given to me... and for that, I am ashamed. may this song be a reminder for both you and i.

be magnified

i have made You too small in my eyes,
oh Lord, forgive
and i have believed in a lie
that You were unable to help me.

but now oh Lord, i see my wrong
heal my heart and show Yourself strong
and in my eyes and with my song
oh Lord be magnified
oh Lord be magnified

be magnified, oh Lord
You are highly exalted
and there is nothing You can't do
oh Lord my eyes are on You
be magnified
oh Lord be magnified

i have leaned on the wisdom of men
oh Lord forgive me
and i have responded to them
instead of Your love and Your mercy

but now oh Lord, i see my wrong
heal my heart and show Yourself strong
and in my eyes and with my song
oh Lord be magnified
oh Lord be magnified

be magnified, oh Lord
You are highly exalted
and there is nothing You can't do
oh Lord my eyes are on You
be magnified
oh Lord be magnified


wow. i can actually sign passports in the future.

tee hee hee. :)


It's been a while since I've had the time to do things other than work. Like emailing people. Catching up on my TVB series. Planning my own birthday party. Blogging. Yes... I have neglected my blog once again. I always come back though, no?

Lately, I've been having these situations where I scare the people I meet. How? For some reason, I have this ability to remember and recognize faces and names of people I met eons ago (think junior high, or elementary school). I also have the ability to play two degrees of sepearation with people that I barely know. Here are some prime examples:

- Chatting w/ Mils, who I got to know recently. We decided to do something together one weekend, and she mentioned she was going to bring a friend along. Just for curiosity's sake, I asked who this friend was, not expecting to actually know this person. She tells me it's this girl name Emily. Turns out I know Emily from my days at Emily Carr (elementary school). Mils thought it was weird yet cool all at once.
- Chatting w/ a friend from work who's a co-op. Mentions on the job that she had a friend doing Engineering at UofT by a certain name. Not thinking real hard, I said that I had a friend at UofT engineering who also knew a girl w/ the same name. Turns out it's the same person that we're referring to, and my co-op friend knows my friend well. Another cool yet freaky moment.
- Meeting Ruth's cousin - you see, I actually met this girl a few years ago while being stuck on the subway for some reason. Somehow, all these years, I remembered her name and what not, even though I only met her once until Ruth brought her to church. Unfortunately, I did scare her. Ooops.
- Went to a friend's birthday party and recognized someone from Teens' Conference 1996. It's been 9 years... and yes, she was surprised.

I have more stories similar to the ones above. Although my memory is failing me these days, I still manage to remember people from the past. Wierd... speaking of strange things, I really should follow up on the "tag" by Nevin. Soon, soon. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow, and a weekend free from work. :)


ah... work.

for once this week, i didn't have to bring work home to do. only because i stayed until 10pm and decided i had enough for the day. it's funny despite the late hours, i find myself yearning to do things after work. like playing badminton (which i did today; fortunately the place i play at was opened until 11:30 for tonight's session). or catching up on emails. or chatting. i suppose i'm really yearning for an imbalanced work/life style. currently, my work=life. i'm hoping to get this balance - work < life. not the other way around.

despite the long hours, i realize there are things to be thankful for about this current client i'm at:
- it's my closest client by far. i'm working in aurora, which is only a 15 minute drive from my house (but then, i'm going at God forbidden speeds...)
- it's so busy that it forces me not to think about the 25th. countdown to the "r" day - 7 days. i'm still debating whether to spend thursday night playing badminton, or going to the kpmg function to count the hours away.
- it gives me an opportunity to go out for lunch w/ my parents; seeing it's such a close client, they come to find me... :) never done that before, except for last year when i was sitting idle at the office for weeks, and mom decided to go out w/ me for lunch.

anyway... the list is fairly short. can't think of too much. as challenging as the job is, and as steep as the learning curve can get, i'm longing for some time alone. w/ God. i haven't even had time to think about december 1st. or rather, december 3rd.

in other news, i've been tagged apparently... (thanks nevin) but i'll save the tagging for tomorrow or the weekend. :) i have to get ready for bed in the meantime. as much as i'd love to say the wkend is here, it isn't for me. tomorrow's just friday. followed by another day in the office on saturday. but hey, i'm thankful for having a job, to say the very least. anyway, please email me should you feel i need some distractions from work. :) ciao!


Another Random Update

I think I've been neglecting my parents a bit too much as of late. I've been coming home late this past week, and three out of the five times I've come home, I haven't been greeted at the door... instead, I find myself venturing to the family room to find them both having their eyes glued to the TV, watching the Korean drama series Dae Jang Kum. Considering both my parents prohibited me from being a couch potato w/ the TVB series, I'm appalled!

In other news of being appalled, I just found out how much it sucks being a topic of conversation, especially when it's not substantiated based on how well the people know me.

While work has been sucking the life out of me, I have been forced to make good use of my time. In hopes of not breaching my own rule of "no talking on the phone while driving", I decided to pick up practicing languages I've come across in my lifetime, including French and Mandarin. If you're looking for good Mandarin praise and worship music, contact me!! :) or check out the site here -> Joshua.

On a serious note, this past week has really been a long week in all areas - work, spiritual, personal, family, etc. Yet, through it all, I'm learning to rely on Him. The song "Reaching for You" really reminds me of the reason why He's giving me these experiences.

As the title says, this is a completely random blog. A question that I've been struggling with lately is how I'm going to celebrate my birthday which is coming up in approximately half a month. Actually, the question is, should I celebrate it? Will I be in the mood to celebrate? How am I going to celebrate? With who? How? I've never done anything special for my birthday... w/ the exception of my 15th b-day where my mom invited a bunch of ppl to my house. But I wanna do something fun. But what?

So much for sleeping early. It's already 11:42! I blame my slow internet connection... I've been trying to send Nevin a song for the longest time. Still trying. Hopefully it'll work soon, cos I'd love to teach the song in the near future. We shall see. In the meantime, I must get ready for another long week ahead. I don't want to end up giving my senior a cut-eye... like I did last week on my last client. As unintentional as it was (as I was thinking in my head, and my senior saw the cut eye that was formed), I still feel terrible.


Random thoughts...

... seeing how I have a perfect work-life balance, where life=work and work is my life for the time beeing, I really haven't had much time to do anything, except to think of things on my daily drive to and from oakville.

so here goes:
- should I do anything for my birthday this year? What should I do?
- countdown - 2 weeks until the R day.
- reacquainting w/ people is a great thing! Within the past two weeks I've reacquianted with 2 people from my days at Emily Carr Public School. Considering I left in grade 5, it's really a blessing. Among those include this particular friend named Jennifer
- apparently, according to my senior renee, I'm smitten. haha.
- i think i need to reread mr. josh harris' book


I think I'm moving on...


The Holz Update

So what's been going on in the world of Holz's? Quite a bit... fortunately, not all of it is work related.

- Learning how to appreciate my mom more and more, even as the nagging is becoming more frequent (i.e. your scarf looks funny; did you eat your vitamins?; what are you going to wear to ___ tomorrow?; etc.) - despite running late for worship practice this morning, after driving for 3 minutes, I realized I had forgotten to take the mug of tea she had prepared for me this morning... I u-turned back to get it. At least my team members were understanding :)
- Enjoying the opportunities He's given me to serve w/ my worship team; I had a great time this past week serving alongside w/ them. Of course, having an opportunity to be on the same team as my sidekick totally rocks. I think he knows who he is...
- Being thankful for the people God has placed in my life - Jessica (who totally made my day today w/ a wonderful surprise!), Myles (for challenging me and keeping me accountable to Him), Karen (for understanding my stress at that wonderful door making company), Serena (for reading my mind...). Even if your name's not here, chances are, I can think of something to be thankful for because of you.
- Reminding myself that what I do at work is not for myself, not for my team, but for His glory. That whatever efforts I put in should not be under anyone but God's expectations.
- Growing with a group of girls - I joined a small group in September w/ six other girls, and we're learning to grow together in Him. God's timing is perfect.
- Spending my spare time learning and doing things. Like French. Cooking (I have my own personal family studies' teacher!!). Dancing. Watching Movies.
- Making lists of things I want to do, things I should do, things that I definitely have to do... life is definitely not mundane at this point.

All in all, it's been an all right week, not free from challenges though - but through it all, I'm learning to grow in Him. Everyday.