i miss blogging. yet, i can't seem to find the time to do so. :( lots to share, and ramble on about. (nothing juicy though!)

i suppose i'm trying to prioritize things in life... so if i have time, i'd try to catch up with people first before anything. i haven't had time to even catch up w/ karen, who's been back for reading week and is now going back to 'loo. *sigh*

blogging will come.... soon. in the meantime, i'm trying to fix my ipod. it's not turning on. :(

no worries, i had a good wkend. stuff to think about, but happy times indeed. may phil.. 4:11-13 be a light and encouragement to you all this coming week.


I have had limited access to the internet for the past few days - which is good on my part. :) However, having late nights commence again has kept me pretty much behind on other things in life. Like people's birthday. So here's an entry dedicated to a frequent visitor here - THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MAGDA!!!!! (I remembered! Email me at work sometime? Haha)

All right, time to get ready for bed. Downtown clients are no fun. Lacking sleep. At least I'm a block away from Starbucks, across from a Timmy's, and I can see CCW from where I'm at. Now, only if I had the time to enjoy the place. Not that I'm extremely swamped, but I'm extremely confused with my job. Gaaaaaaaaaaah.


Thankful for...

It's been a while since I've blogged about things I'm thankful for. Rather, I've been blogging on the fluffier and lighter things in life (not that anything is wrong with that). So, here goes w/ the things I've been thankful for as of late:

- A Smooth Transition
I'm slowly adjusting into a new church community and my small group - to my surprise, I happen to be in the same small group as an old friend from junior high/u of t. I've been challenged spiritually, and am slowly establishing friendships here and there. It's also definitely a leap of faith I've taken that's showing me the different ways God works in all our lives. Continuing to learn more as each day passes...

- Friends who have offered their tummys...
Who have been gracious enough to eat my brownies and cookies, to keep me from eating all of my baked goods... after all, I have to fit into a dress in less than 3 weeks! Seriously, thanks for the feedback! (and Ray - how many? ;) just kidding... I just read your BLOG!)

- An opportunity...
... to possibly confront a friend. However, with this comes much discernment and prayer before any action are taken. I'm learning how to hear God speak through this experience, and as hard as it may seem, I'm taking this as a learning opportunity.

- The Neighbourhood Starbucks
I'm not brainwashed by Starbucks... yet. :) But, I'm thankful for the one nearby my house, where I've had way too many memorable moments (and some not-so-great ones, like doing audit work until closing or studying). Catching up w/ Jess & Clary, the usual coffee chat w/ Mom, getting to know Ada (who led me to Mils, who led me to Em, etc...), the Starbucks crew (by that, I mean the baristas that work there who have allowed me to experience bits and pieces of their lives - unfortunately not behind the counter...), quiet moments to read, and many many more.

- Emily & Richie
I reacquainted with Emily a few months ago through my friend Mils. Emily was an old neighbour back in the Scarberia days... we went to the same elementary school together. I was classmates up until grade 4 with Richie, her younger brother. This past Sunday, I had a chance to have lunch w/ them, and I caught up w/ the old times - finding out where my old classmates have gone, and how life has been for Em & Richie. Also had a chance to reacquaint w/ Em and Richie... it was awesome! I've been blessed as it is hard to find friends from the past. I'm looking forward to getting to know them even more as time passes.

- Other long time friendships
Can't believe it's been almost 7 or 8 years since I've met some of my high school friends; over the weekend, I found out one of the girls is getting married this year (wedding count up to 3 now!). Looking back, it's awesome to have shared this transition with this group of friends, even though we're not the tightest group of friends (due to distance, etc.)... at least we still keep in touch, catch up every two months, and share w/ each other our bigger moments in life. :)

- My other "family"
Although they are planning to take a family portrait sans moi, I'm still privilege to be welcomed to their home almost all the time, and use their kitchen as if it were my own. I still have the claim to the shed. :)

There are many more... but it's a bit past my bedtime, so I must get going. In the meantime, think of things YOU are thankful for, and perhaps share? Comment box is always available.


Thought I'd share w/ you a picture of my creation... :) They're apparently edible. No one has complained to me about being sick yet... so I take that as a good sign. Next on my to-bake list... more cookies. Hopefully next weekend won't be like this weekend... in terms a baking-free wkend.
PS - I promise for a longer blog next time.