Why do I never ever learn from my previous experiences?

WHY DID I STAY UP AND BAKE LAST NIGHT?! (I came home at 10:30 and somehow, I was not in the right state of mind as I went straight to the kitchen and baked something that didn't turn out as pretty as I expected... but still edible)

I blame it on the Kitchen Aid. But that machine is sooooo.... good :).

All righty, back to work; otherwise, I will not be finished w/ this audit at the rate I'm going.


Parental Units - Part I

So, having been told on numerous occassions that my parents - particularly my mother - are very interesting and cool people, I decided to blog about them in a two part series. Each series dedicated to them individually. So let's start with my mother.

I don't know about you wackos out there, but what on earth makes you guys think my mom is awesome and cool be hanging out with?!

(I'm just kidding. Kinda. I still think all of you are a little weird though. Please answer the above question, cos really, I don't understand where you're coming from. The comment that Jess made this afternoon about my mom actually inspired me to blog about this... cos she thinks my mom is cool.)

It's hard for me to see my mom from my friend's perspective. Like most kids, I see the sides that you people never can see. :) Like how my mom knows of the right timing to bring up certain topics (i.e. deciding to talk about my love life - or rather lack of one - right after a jack and jill... among other topics and things that I didn't need to know about). Or how my mom loves to remind me multiple times a day to put on moisturizer. Or how she likes to pack my bags for me whenever I go out of town EVEN IF IT IS ALREADY PACKED by yours truly. (although she has been good this time and did not even open my suitcase when I went to OhReallyAh)

I do admit, however, that my mom can be awesome at times... like the whole Kitchen Aid mixer story (which I can share in person to make a long story short). Or when she cooks a nice meal after a long day at work. Or when she brought home a kick-arse convectional oven cos the stove we have doesn't work. Or when we still take time for each other and have an afternoon tea/coffee break at Starbucks or a local Chinese bakery. Or when she's just trying to convince me to relax.

So I suppose she CAN be cool. I suppose...

Next on the hit list: my dad.


learning (even more)...

... that kitchen aid mixer for kitchen aid is like the iPod for apple computers. You buy the main thing and a gazillion other cool gadgets can be used with it... at a ridiculously expensive price. Still, the mixer is really intriguing and useful, just like my trusty iPod. (yes, a kitchen aid mixer is now sitting somewhere in my kitchen!!!)

... that the taylor-johson temperament analysis is freakishly accurate. so apparently, it's confirmed that i'm a tense, high-strung, apprensive individual that's also very impulsive (i.e. uncontrolled, disorganized, and changeable)... and not to forget that i'm extremely subjective - that is, extremely emotional, illogical, and self-absorbed. do you agree?

... that working has made Holly extremely incapable of tracking time (thanks Karen for the reminder). From the last entry, I meant to say vancouver 2006! tofino might be a possibility. :) can't wait. in fact, it may be vancouver x2. we'll see. must sit down and plan w/ the group soon.

... that i really really really really like vball drills. :D and that i can spike! (yes, my friend kalee has made it a point that i can't say "i can't spike"... and after being drilled by her and some friends during vball, i am able to spike to the end of the court. so no more looking down on the short ppl! :) i miss high school vball.

... how to deal w/ being at work despite the stress and workload that is seemingly impossible to finish. today's sermon was quite a reminder for me: "each one should use whatever gifthe has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ." - 1 Peter 4:10-12 even though i'm still in search of where God wants me to serve in ministry, i know for sure that i can still serve him as written above at the very place he has put me - that is, at work. *ahem, prayer request from yours truly - to keep me accountable to what i've written here*

... the meaning of success, whish is to be saved for another day.

... or should i say, i will be learning tomorrow, that if i don't sleep soon, i'm going to be a zombie at work. that is, if i get there safely, seeing that i'll be up in orillia for another week. so on this note, i bid you adieu until next time. (btw - it's room 303 for those that know what 1-877 orillia means)


Greetings from Orillia...

... a year passes by quickly. I'm back on my Orillia client for the 2006 audit and so far, it's been busy. Working lots and working late. Unlike last year, I'll be in town for a week and a half. Fortunately I get to go home for the weekend. To get me through this and the remainder of busy season, there are things I am looking forward to, including but not limited to the following:

- Acquiring a Kitchen Aid Mixer. *drool*
- Vancouver/BC 2005... & being a wedding crasher! :)
- Possibly taking a course w/ a few others for cooking/baking?
- Spring & Summer sports/activities
- NYC w/ Jess? Maybe?
- Clary's visit in about a week...!

I just looked at my clock and realized it's almost 1:45am... I think I should head to bed soon.


So I got tagged by Nev. Seeing how I've had so little time to blog my thoughts, I'll just use this for the time being:

1)Who tagged you?

2)In what situation did you meet this person?
at NTCBC - when I was in grade 6 or 7.

3)How long have you known this person for?
I think too long. Just kidding... 10+ years.

4)What is so special about this person?
Despite the tough and confident exterior, deep down he's extremely caring and warm... full of deep thoughts. An understanding friend... despite being a man of few words (at times). He's also freakin' hilarious and fun to hang around with. oh, and he bakes WELL :) therefore a jack of all trades. Unlike yours truly.

5)In your heart, what do you think about this person?
I think of him as an awesome brother in Christ... one who listens and is there when needed, especially for spontaneous venting sessions. Like mentioned in #4, he has a big heart for people despite the tough exterior. I wish I could be there for him as he is there for me.

6)At this moment, is there anyone you want to meet? Who?
This is out of no where... haha. At this time? No... not really. I have enough trouble keeping in touch w/ people I know already.

7)Favourite memory?
Many. The Great Panda Adventure. :) (just kidding... I felt so bad for pulling him to watch this incredibly sappy and boring flick back in grade 7) Worship teams. Pulling last minute practices that resulted in an awesome time of worship - The First Noel, 'nuff said.

8)Tag 8 more people
I don't think 8 people read this thing. Or even if they do, they don't blog. Maybe they can email their results hahahaha :) and email tag. (woo hoo, starting chain email at work!) So here goes: Magda, Leslie, Gigi, Kat Lok, Jess, Ray, Mils, Karen-o


...things i'm learning day by day...

... exercising grace at work with colleages that really don't deserve it but yet, God's reminding me of the grace He has bestowed me with. also learning to bite my tongue while i'm at it.

... what it feels like to be in fellowship w/ bros and sis' just like acts 2:42

... taking a step of faith can lead to big and small joys :)

... how to make apple pie from scratch :D and fortunately, there were enough people to eat it AND not get sick :D

... the joys and challenges of being single - for which i'm extremely thankful for.

... the joy of prayer. it's awesome :)

anyway time for BED :D