Apparently I've been MIA from a lot of things - people, blog, home, etc. Got to a point where Renee had to email me at work just to see if i was okay.

Anyway, I'm still alive... somewhat kicking. My busy season has started again, albeit it will be short lived. I've been suffering from short term memory... with the many thoughts meddling in my head, I can only remember so many of them at this point in time. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:
- my many beefs with certain things in life
- needing to plan for my trip in approximately a month's time (who wants to help?)
- what to do with a gift card i got from work a year ago... should i buy clothes or contribute the money to a kitchen aid ice cream making component?

As you can see, my brain's not filled with too much substance these days. Or not that I can recall. However, just want to leave a mark just to let you know what's in Holz's head at the time being. Must get to bed soon.


The Adventures of Jess & Holz...
Today's adventure showed both Jess and I how spontanaeity can be fun! All this stemmed from the simple question "what are you doing tomorrow?" during our work emails... I asked with the intention of going for the usual Starbucks adventure, while Jess had something else in mind. She simply suggested an afternoon downtown. Well, an afternoon downtown turned out to be an afternoon + dinner in the different areas of Toronto. We ventured to the the not-so-frequented areas (Queen St W. & Bathurst, the Distillery district) and ended our night at Bayview & Eglinton for a Smalltalk meal. Our afternoon tea at the red box tea house was definitely kick-arse. Must go again!

Tiring day, but definitely fun & memorable. We also found Wage's best friend. (think uglidolls) :)
Next up on our list of adventures - Shoppers Drug Mart. (and trust me, it will definitely be an adventure for yours truly if only you knew why we were going there, and if you know me & my fear of cosmetic products, especially when applied on yours truly.)


Since I haven't posted pictures in a long while, I thought I'd share with you my baking repetoire to date - in order since this craze of mine began... although some goodies are missing:

Above includes: Chocolate Chip Cookies courtesy of Renee, Brownies, Blueberry Muffins, Jam Drops, Espresso Cake w/ Chocolate icing, & Apple Cinnamon Tea Cake
Also in my baking log: Apple Pie, Coconut Macaroons, Maple Syrup Patty Cakes, Lamingtons
My challege to date: Macaroons & Merangues :P

My current goal: to make something similar to what my grandmother is enjoying - the three tiered afternoon tea tray w/ those awesome kick-arse sandwiches.

This entry is making me hungry... must go to bed to allow the hunger pangs to subside.


i'm coming to the realization that i'm a very mean person inside. or at least i'm not as nice as i'd like to be. i think like a mean person...



some food for thought:

"what makes us human is not our mind but our heart, not our ability to think but our ability to love"

- Henri Nouwen


on my mind...

tonight's conversation with Serena reminded me of how quickly time passes by. with the long weekend coming up, i realise wedding season has officially begun this year! last year's season started off w/ my friend jenn's wedding down by the lake during the long weekend. i was also going crazy that weekend trying to deal a surprise party for mr. raymond onami and attempting to studying for the school of accountancy in the beautiful spring weather. two years ago at this time, vicky and i were moseying in hong kong along lan kwai fong and tst. three years ago at this time, i was starting my third and last summer internship at the insurance company.

sarah's wedding this past weekend also reminded me of how fast the days pass by... i recall the day she called me from the via train coming back to toronto from montreal... in september, the weekend before i wrote the UFE. seeing her walk into the church's sanctuary made me tear up quite a bit. it made me realise how privileged i was to be part of her special day and how we've grown closer especially in the past six years (she was the first person i had lunch w/ at UofT as a frosh!! and we just bumped into each other...)

aside from nostalgia, other things on my mind include my own stubbornness to listen to myself. i've been telling myself to go to sleep early every morning since sunday, as i've been waking up feeling very groggy and regretting the things i had occupied myself with. in fact, like now, i should really be in bed as i had told myself this morning...but i decided to check on my email and blog. last night, out of my insanity, i decided to bake. the night before... i don't even remember.

speaking of remembering things, my memory has deteriorated quite a bit relative to how good i was in remembering names, places, things, etc. before starting work. i have an extremely hard time recalling what i have been up to during the weekend. i've forgotten to pay a credit card bill previously. and names... i don't remember names anymore. i was just gonna blog about something, but i don't remember what exactly it was... so i'll ramble on about my working adventures.

for the past week and a half, i've been working at a client location down in the heart of toronto's financial district - right at yonge & adelaide. and believe me, i can't believe how fascinated i am with this experience, seeing that it's my first time working in the downtown core since starting work. as i told a friend, i feel like a country girl going into the big city - the subway experience, moseying along the PATH, going for the timmy's (tea) or starbucks pickups, etc. funny thing is, it's not like i've never been in the PATH before during the weekday... but being a part of the work force as opposed to a relaxing student somehow makes a difference. and i don't get to enjoy such luxuries at my north york office. :)

anyway... i should really get to bed. more to come next time.


in need of ideas. fast.

dit moi ("tell me" en francais; using the tad bit that I remember when taking French), any ideas for an interesting & unforgettable mother's day activity that I can do w/ my grandma?

forget about the following: cooking, baking, afternoon tea at a nice place, excursion downtown - i've already done all that with her.

help me...


my fellow readers,

just out of curiosity - what would you consider as a social butterfly?