I did it... I signed up for the run. :)

Finally, one of my summer goals are really coming to play :D So, just to warn you, don't be surprised to see me collecting for pledges in the near future. Just a warning months in advance ;).


Glad to hear everything is okay.
The pics above were all taken from Galiano Island, BC. I believe the pictures do the place injustice, as one would have to see it for him/herself. Galiano Island was one of the best parts of the Vancouver/Rockies trip, as I had a chance to relax, run, reflect, and read. Spending time hiking and enjoying the nature w/ my Uncle and Mom also definitely topped the list (as my mom was really relaxed in Galiano as opposed to the other places we visited during the trip). More importantly, just seeing how awesome His creation - the birds of the air, the crabs of the sea, the tall trees, and the rocky shores - I was astounded by what surrounded me in Galiano. Glad there's a cabin that I can return to in the near future!


Since it'll take time for me to share with you my trip and the excitement that came along with it, I'll sidetrack a bit from the adventure in the West and share with you one of the many thoughts that have been popping in and out of my brain for the past month.

Movies never really leave a lasting impression on me. (For those of you who know me, I'm not a movie buff - I barely watch movies just cos I can't sit still for a long period of time) However, one of the few movies that I remember distinctively is "The Interpreter", staring Nicole Kidman as an interpreter for the UN. What left a mark on my mind isn't the story line itself, but the notebooks that Kidman's character's brother left behind, containing lists of different things in those notebooks.

With so many thoughts that go through my mind (as I am, after all, a thinker), I think it'd be interesting to adopt something like that. In a way, it'd be like a journal or a diary. However, instead of having a chronological day-to-day diary like the ones I've written in as a child, it'd be a diary of random thoughts popping up left right and center on specific topics. Like items I've baked. People I've met. Places travelled. Ongoing characteristics/personalities you look for in a person. Places you want to go. Things you want to do (like rent a moped or skydive - no, not me...). Etc. After all, I AM suffering from short term memory loss frequently these days. What are your thoughts?

We'll see... unfortunately, most of the time I come up with ideas that don't seem to materialize. :) I'll keep you posted.


Ahhh, Vancouver.

I love this place. The environment, the scenery, the nature, the people... everything.

Somehow, I always take something good and bad from my vacations in Vancouver.

When I was 9 months old, I got really sick here... w/ a high fever.
When I was 21 years old, I went to Stanley Park with my cousin, and because I distract some dude while getting something out of her car, a dude snatched her purse from the car while we went to take pictures of the totem poles. (in fact, go back to May 2004 archives and you'll read what happened in one of the entries)

I'll save this trip's experience for the next entry. Regardless, I'm still thankful for a chance to vacation. Can't complain. :)




cannot ask for more:
- great running time
- good and healthy food
- awesome scenery w/ mountains and oceans
- great family time
- lots of time to read
- in awe of His creation

galiano island is fun :) thanks Uncle John! (let's see how long it'll take for you to find this, given that i haven't blogged in ages)