"All I want to do is give life to You, and let Your will be done 'til it's all I want to do."

So many desires and wishes in my heart. Yet, may my utmost desire be to give Him all the glory He deserves. Let it be less of me, and more of You, Lord.


Vancouver - Trip #2 :)

Kayaking is fun... :)
Cycling around Stanley Park is also fun...

Watching fireworks and gazing into the clear skies looking for stars tops it off.

A great trip so far... :), celebrating friendship/fellowship w/ a few from small group and witnessing the marriage of two good friends! Whistler and the Grouse Grind awaits. I've had quite a bit some time to myself during this trip too... so cheers for seeing old and new friends! More importantly, I had some quality reflection time - lots of thoughts conjured in my mind about the present and the future, and how He is a part of all things. Reflections to come.


I did it!!! I ran 5K w/o stopping... that means I can definitely do the Run for the Cure. That also means you can also be rest assured that I can finish the run and sponsor me. :) Hehehe.

However, the lack of sleep that I've been getting since arriving in YVR (yes, I'm in Vancouver again, vacationing w/ friends and attending a wonderful wedding celebration for two of my good friends), I ran 5K without thinking that I had another 5K to travel before getting back to my uncle's place. Silly me. Regardless, I did it!

In other news, my cousin is also fulfilling a promise he had made six years ago - he's finally treating me to my graduation dinner. Six years ago, he said he would treat me to a nice restarant once I came out of University. Heck, it's been two years since I've walked out of Convocation Hall, but later is definitely better than never :).