Too much (that I want) to do, too little time

This has been a fun-filled summer, I must say. One of the more memorable and active ones, for sure. A retrospective blog will come at a later date before I digress. Looking ahead, there's still so much I want to do, but I realise as busy season draws near, time to do fun & personal things aside from the important things (i.e. spending quiet time, family time, friends time) will slowly diminish to a near non-existent state. Here's what I've picked up in the past while that I want to continue doing:

1. Baking - biscottis, petite cakes, cookies, pies... so much to make. (also a lot to invest in too)
2. Ice cream making (the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream maker finally befriended me! I made green tea ice cream :) )
3. Be involved in the community - let it be at church, my neighbourhood, a NPO, etc.; however, something may be in the works as I am still praying about it.
4. Beach Vball - played the first game last night after a four month hiatus. I miss it so much! It's good to be back...
5. Outdoor sports - I want to go kiyaking/hiking/something outdoors related and not of the norm once more before the winter hits. Time? I don't know... w/ a business trip to the US in the way, plus a one week visit to HK in the works, not sure if that's possible.
6. Clean my room - it's been left the same way as it has been for the past 9 months; I have made attempts to clean it, but each time, only the area around my desk gets cleaned... and destroyed within a week.
7. Go shopping. I need work clothes pretty badly. And shoes... but what's another few months considering I've been searching for a pair for three years?

Anyway back to work. :)