a u t h e n t i c i t y.

Our small group discussion on The Big Kahuna (starring Kevin Spacey and Danny De Vito) has made me question many things about myself, particularly in the area of authenticity in my relationships and conversations with friends, family, and acquaintances alike. I have never been a fan of small talk or engaging in conversations for a particular motive. Yet, I question whether there is some ulterior motive in my interactions with people deep inside my thoughts and heart. Do I really converse with people simply for the sake of really wanting to know how they're doing, or is there something else to fulfill some inner desire of mine that even I may not be aware of at that very moment?

Ah, so many questions that are left to be unanswered at the present moment... but to add on to my long list of things to think about.


Oh - I've been lazy to update my links on top of actually updating this blog. However, I now have a new photo album site that I must actually take advantage of. So please check my new photo site from time to time:




Another Delayed Post

As I have been blogging rather infrequently this past year, it makes me wonder who actually still reads this blog. From time to time, I've actually contemplated whether or not to continue with this blog. Considering that I'm rather sentimental and reminiscent of things in the past, and having seen the past four years being chronicled here, I'll keep this going despite the frequency and what not. Hopefully there will still be substance :)

I like posting about my "first" things in life... so here goes:
- First climb up the CN tower took place yesterday: accomplished in 24:25. Considering I had no goals to make it in the speed of light, I'm pretty content. However, next year's expectations will be higher.
- I also received my first parking ticket ever - this happened right after the climb, but it was well-deserved, considering I knew I had a big fat chance of getting this ticket.
- My first engagement as a senior happened last week; albeit a bit stressful as I was assigned a first year w/ no experience to "help" me (it ended up being a mentoring exercise for me more than anything, as I had to guide her through her sections without the help of any prior year examples), it was an interesting experience... but yes, it's hard to believe I'm a senior now.

Lethargy is kicking in. Must sign off... 'til next time, keep smiling!


mission accomplished

we (anita and i) did it! we ran the 5K this morning for the cibc run for the cure in 25 minutes... w/ only one short 15 second break for water. :) so i can definitely say i ran 5K w/o stopping much. it was really nice to chat w/ anita afterwards too over a nice, well-deserved tall mild soy misto. all in all, it was a nice morning spent in downtown toronto.

so i ran for a cause (or two). it was awesome running with so many people - i think it's a good way to start this running hobby of mine. just hearing so many other footsteps running at the same pace as me was just exhilarating! on a serious note, it was astounding to see how many people ran for a cause - the wall of hope which runners signed was just filled w/ signatures and people writing who they were running for.

you can still sponsor me... just look me up under the toronto location! remember, it's for a great cause :)