my best friend is coming home! but that means there's no point in planning a trip to iqaluit anymore.

but she's coming back!


busy season is here.

how can one tell?
- holly becomes more absent minded, and the short term memory thing is even more prevalent than usual
- holly becomes less active, in many regards - physically, socially, etc.
- holly lacks sleep, regardless of the number of hours slept (am i chronically sleep deprived?)
- holly goes through acne breakouts... in the oddest spots on the face
- holly's dining room becomes the working room

busy season is here, as a checkmark can be made on each of the lines above. that's right, tick and bop it. :)

btw, what inspired this blog was the fact i couldn't remember something i originally wanted to blog about... something of more substance. ah wells, next time! unfortunately, no photo blogs can be made at the present moment as my computer has officially gone ka-put on me. time for a newbie.

speaking of time, it's time to hit the hay.



Last night, I realised there were two things that could easily pry my mind away from work: TVB and BVB - that is, those really stupid Chinese drama series (TVB) and beach vball.

No matter how unrealistic, cheesy, and even absurd the TVB plots can get, especially during the finale of the series, I find that I can easily immerse myself into those shows... and all is forgotten for that short 40 minute span. In all honesty, it surprises me how the shows can take my mind off of things. Heck, it works.

Onto BVB, it doesn't surprise me at all that the game takes my mind off of work. Given that I've gotten smashed in the face w/ a volleyball (cos the opponent spiked the ball in my face), endure the late night games and drop in, and what not, I still enjoy playing very much so.

I realised that there was another similarity between these two interests of mine. I actually learn a lot from both, as hard as it is to believe with the former interest. Using the recent series I indulged myself in (the Gateux Affairs), I totally have thoughts on how pathetic the main character is in several regards - she's naive in easily trusting people and in throwing a fit over the smallest things. Yet, through her, I can actually see a bit of my personality being reflected... as sad and tough as it is to believe. (especially the daydreaming part, although I can definitely say I don't daydream about walking and running through grassy fields with the person of my interest, if any...)

I am also reminded of how emotions easily determine the outcome of one's work. This actually occured to me while playing BVB; during our second set, we somehow hit a really good run, and we became optimistic about the game - in fact, we won the set considering we were down by 2-8 at the beginning of the set. Similarly, during the show, the main character won the cake competition that she was originally doomed for as she had been told off by her mentor, whom she had a crush on. Her spirits were crushed. However, when the mentor texted her and said he shared similar sentiments (in liking her), she was able to make a comeback. REALLY stupid, but it's so true that emotions and attitude do play a big role in how we get things done.

Anyway, just some rambling thoughts. :) For your benefit, maybe a picture blog will come soon :D.