Still learning how to surrender.


Need some opinions - do you think Montreal is do-able in a weekend? (i.e. leave late Friday night, come back Sunday?)


God is Good!!! :)

Urbana sharing is still delayed - it's been a bit busy both on the work and personal front, but I cannot leave today's experience unblogged. Today's chain of emails relate to the thoughts and God's calling at Urbana... moreso a confirmation for both myself and my sister in Christ!

To make a long story short, at Urbana, I sensed God reminding me of the purpose of being at the firm... not so much for my love for auditing but rather for the people I come into contact with. Being at a firm, my exposure to people is quite large - for coworkers and clients alike. It fosters an environment when effective, lives can impact lives in big and small ways. Anyway, at Urbana, I realized the possible need for some sort of common ground for Christian professionals to gather - what a better way than to start at my own workplace, taking baby steps at a time to see where He is leading.

So, since being back, I've taken some time to touch base w/ a few people at the Firm to assess whether they're interested in something like an investigative bible study or a small group of some sort. This morning, while waiting for the client to give me information, I decide to email this girl whom I've met once in December, but have heard a lot about her since we have so many mutual friends. My initial plan was to email her to reintroduce myself, and slowly ask if she's interested in the small group thing when the emails flowed regularly. To my absolute surprise, she responded really quickly, not only to tell me she remembers me, but also emailing to see if I was interested in starting a small group with her for Christian professionals! In a way, she and I were the answers to each of our own prayers :)!

Sooo... we'll be meeting soon - I'm excited to see what He has in store for us!



Happy New Year! Yes, albeit I'm a week late, I am still wishing you all a wonderful and blessed new year.

A few common topics of discussion amongst different groups of friends as of late include new year resolutions, possible vacation ideas for 2007, and Urbana.

I used to be gung-ho about setting new year resolutions, but after many years of attempt and failures, I have decided it was not longer effective. However, I am a believer of setting goals (and aiming to achieve them)... and included are as follows:
- learn how to use my camera to its full potential
- learn how to cook
- serve consistently in one ministry at t3c
- improve volleyball & running
- consistent devos & learning how to build a strong foundation of Faith

As for vacations, I am still deciding where I should go this year - HK for sure will be on my list as I try to visit my grandma every year... but am unsure as to the timing. There are plenty of wkend trips I want to go on - to NYC, to Montreal, to Vermont, and the list goes on. We'll see...

Urbana 2006 has come and gone. Went on a road trip w/ a few friends from T3C (and the special guest from TCBC) to Chicago and St. Louis. I'm thankful for the opportunity to continue building on friendships and more importantly, to discern where God is leading me and prompting me to grow and minister. I'm also thankful that I had a chance to go with these people, as we've been keeping each other accountable before, during, and after Urbana. I'm excited to see what God has in store for each and everyone of us. This paragraph only describes merely my thoughts and experiences from Urbana, so I'll save a detailed sharing for another time.

Personally, with the new year, I realise I have to count my blessings - especially as I have been catapulated into the peak of the audit busy season. Included are the following:
- Parents: despite my mom going above and beyond for a 24 year old, I am very thankful for them... and their patience and understanding
- Being called "jeh jeh" instead of "Dora" by my Mui :)
- Urbana
- Friends from childhood - Ben, Vicky, etc.
- T3C Small Group and Community: I can't believe it's already been one year since I've been here. I'm integrating slowly into the community, and have built some good bonds with people.

Well the bed beckons me, as I have a long week ahead. Cheers, and take care.