The Tale of a Dork-to-be

So... as promised, here is the low down on my dorky weekend. Not as hilarious as Anita's tales, but still, pretty laughable. Here goes:

Having only a few hours of sleep on Saturday morning(as I attempted to clear all my work to have a relatively work-free wkend), I realised I had forgotten my password for my work computer, as I had changed it at 1am in the morning, and thus, had forgotten what I had changed it to. So I call IT, and here goes the conversation.

H: Hi. Um... I changed my password sometime around midnight.. and somehow forgot the password.
IT: Uh, I can't reset it for you... you have to be on the network
H; But how am I going to get on the network if I forgot my password.
IT: Try this - dial in using the phone, since you only need your passcode... then I'll reset your password.
H: Okay... hold on. [Holly proceeds to unplug one of the two phone jacks that's on the wall... and hooks up the laptop. A few minutes later, she gets through]
H: I got through! [Silence. Holly thinks to herself, "the IT guy must've put me on hold"]
Three minutes later...
H: Hello? [suddenly looks at the phone jack...] OH CRAP.... I hung up on the guy.
[Holly calls again to IT]
H: Yeah... sorry I hung up on you.
IT: It's okay... [IT guy sounds absolutely thrilled] so yeah, your password has changed.... so try logging in again now.
H: Okay, I have to redial in since I unplugged the modem... hold on. [Holly unplugs the other line on the 2nd jack, and attempts to dial in via modem... ]
H: Um... I'm trying to dial in, but I can't. No dial tone.
IT: Mam, you're talking to me....
H: Oh. Heh. Heh. Silly me. Let me call you back on the cell phone. [Holly tries looking for the IT number but can't find it... as she somehow has misplaced it through this frenzy]
H: Um... I know this sounds really silly, but I don't have your number. I simply pressed redial to call you. Do you mind giving it to me?

At this point, I'm in utter embarassment and the guy is thinking to himself what kind of dorks my firm hires. :) But, what matters is, I got my password back, and I'm back in action.

The second dorky story happens hours later, when I go to my optical shop w/ these new contacts of mine, unopened from its original packaging. Why? Cos I was soooo brilliant, in that I forgot them in the car when I picked them up weeks ago, and they froze. I thawed them, but my optician laughed at me when I brought them in (as my mother and Fiona advised me not to wear them) and kindly replaced the pair for me.

There. It's probably funnier said than written... but you get the gist. I need to sleep... :P otherwise, there will be more dorkisms coming along your way. Bonne Soir.


Reflections: Day 4-6

I shall postpone the stories of Holz's dorkisms for another day. While sharing w/ Karen at Starbucks during our Starbucks Sunday School hour, I realized I have yet to blog about the latter part of my short, but thought-provoking, trip to the Orient.

I am reminded how much I dislike shopping - or rather, how much shopping tires me out. After spending two hours in an export outlet w/ Fiona's mom and Evie on day 4, I was yearning to go anywhere but a mall. Yet, the ironic thing is, on day 5, I was reminded an extremely important lesson - if something was meant to be yours, and if it's w/n His will for you, it will be within your grasp and you will get it somehow. It's a matter of time, patience, and discernment. More importantly, don't settle for anything less or anything else unless if there's a clear sign/prompting from God that it's time to move on. How did this come about?

It's from my search for the pair of Puma shoes. While Andrew and I were shopping in Mong Kok, I saw a pair of Pumas I really wanted. However, they didn't have my size. So, I searched for them at several more stores at Langham Place, but to my disappointment, they weren't to be found anywhere. After the family dinner, I went to Mong Kong's Fa Yuen Street, where there were two blocks of stores solely devoted to sneakers/runners/etc. I spent two hours looking for the pair of shoes. I found the pair at several stores, but again, not for my feet. As I was frustrated... and unsatisfied that I was leaving empty handed. So I settled for another pair at the end. It was decent, pleasing at that moment... but just a few days ago, while cleaning my room, I thought to myself "what was I thinking?!" Probably the lack of energy, water, and accountability from friends/fam (i.e. their opinions) triggered my impulsive purchase.

Believe it or not, this lesson is an extremely great reminder, especially for my current yearnings and desires. However, I learned something while writing this too - it's all His timing... but we have to learn to listen.

On a lighter note, the last three days of the trip was spent with family, catching up w/ Evie (ah, Starbucks... and shopping), Gladys (thanks for lunch, btw!), fobbatizing myself in big and small ways (I somehow always purchase a staple fob item each time I go back), and eating to my heart's delight. :P I am so paying for it right now though. I also found out I have a cousin that's waaaaaay older than me. He's actually a step-cousin, but yeah. I shall share a picture later. I also found out I had an aunt that I never met.

I spent day 6 on the plane... and in YVR - Vancouver! :) It was a relaxing day, spent w/ my grandma, Uncle John, and Aunt Lidia.... and to my surprise, I had a nice enjoyable Starbucks time w/ my cousin too. :) However, I was also dazed for the great part of the day, while adjusting to jet-lag. I miss Vancouver - good sushi, nature, everything.

Anyway... time to sign off, as tomorrow is another new day, learning about gas, hedging, and all that fun stuff.


A Dorky Weekend

I had an extremely dorky weekend - however, it will take me a while to blog so we'll leave that for another day. In the meantime, I am thankful for a relatively decent, although simultaneously eye-opening/wake-up call-type-of-weekend:

- going back to high school days of vball drils. love them! (but i am extremely sore)
- today's sermon - a broken worshipper
- birthday surprises & celebrations & spending time w/ a great community of friends
- catching up w/ one of the best friends and her sis
- a reminder of what priorities are

Praying for a slightly more peaceful week than the last.


i want to hide under my covers and not come out for a long long long long long time.

in fact, i am hiding. just not in my covers yet. will... do... so... now.

(fyi - it's work related... so not to worry anyone, although i've already scared someone. haha...)


Reflections - Day 1 to 3

It's 7:45am on the 14th. I've only been here for two and a half days, but it feels like I've been here for a long while. I haven't been able to sleep much or sleep well, waking up at 5am for the past three days. I suppose my sleeping pattern is left much to be undesired for, as I averaged 4 hours of sleep the two weeks prior to coming to HK.

Yes, I'm currently in Hong Kong, as my previous posts have already hinted. The primary purpose of this trip is to bid a final farewell to my grandmother, who had passed away almost a month ago. My trip here has been a rushed one right from the get go, from the moment I purchased the plane ticket online in my hotel room in Houston. However, God has been paving ways in making this trip possible. Being granted a week off during the black out period at work is definitely the big thing, as it is one of the busiest months in the assurance practices of any accounting firm. The fact I made it to the wake on time is also something to be thankful for, as my plane landed here in on Sunday night at 7pm as scheduled (my dad came to HK a week earlier on the same flight, which was delayed by several hours...), the night of my grandma's viewing and in time to hear my father share his sentiments and thoughts about my grandma.

So my reflections of the past few days? Here goes:

- Funerals in HK are definitely not peaceful. Not only are they rushed, loud, noisy, and rather disorganized, but they do not encourage or hint at any point in time the fact we should remember the dead. Yes, we should pay respects by bowing and in action (i.e. sitting there) but nothing more. I was not a happy camper in this respect, to say the very least.

- Death brings the family closer together - I experienced this during my grandfather's death two years ago, and two years later, my thoughts remain the same. I'm thankful for the chance to bond and spend time w/ my cousins... in the past, since I always visited during the busy work week, I wouldn't have the chance to spend time with them given that they have to work. With the funeral, it gave all of us some time away from work, hence more time to spend with each other.

- Time is a gift - something I have not had for a long while. I don't get to venture out frequently, except to a client location... I am very thankful. I've had a chance to do some long delayed reading, catching up on long delayed emails (for ministry purposes and following up w/ Urbana commitments), listen to music, do some research for things I'm actually interested in, and spend time with family! Unfortunately, I also had some time to go on facebook (I finally joined - as I was told there is a primary school reunion of some sort - and there is!!! I can't believe I'm this close to reliving my days at Emily Carr PS) and I can totally see why the site is addictive.

- I'm wonderfully blessed with two things - an awesome family and great friends. My family is not perfect (far from it - on both my mom's and my dad's side), with lots of quirks, disagreements, and interesting relationships; it definitely makes life a little more interesting and constantly reminds me not to take any relationship w/n the family for granted. As for friends, having been able to meet up with old friends at different points this week, I realize I am blessed with friends from the past (such as Rosie, whom I've known for 10 years...) and present. Also, I was sent away with a friendly ride on Kat Lok's airport shuttle and a much appreciated late night coffee run from a friend (as I was working late into the night at the office a few hours prior to taking off from YYZ). I really can't ask for more. Even at the present moment, I'm blessed with a conversation with the kid that's almost like my brother (as I knew of his existence before he was even born...), as he is hearing me out with some dilemma of mine.

Anyway, I'm off to the Island side to meet up w/ Evie... and to be a courier of some sort for her beloved :) More reflections to come.

"we love because He first loved us"

With all the massive advertising here in HK for valentine's day gifts and what not, it is extremely easy for one to become bitter, especially those who have been single for a long while :) however, I am reminded greatly that really, the greatest love of all is His love... and by that, we should exercise the love bestowed to us by Him and His grace. With that said, Happy Valentine's Day - may your love for your significant others, family, and friends alike shine :)


thankful for good friends :) and for a superb early morning shuttle to the airport at 5am - thanks Kat!

(yes, both of us pulled an all nighter, hence my squinted eyes)

lots to share w/ much time to reflect and ponder. lots to give praise for as well. however, need to sleep too... so we'll save that for another day.



trying to love my job, trying to love my job, trying to love my job...

did anyone see the GM commercial during the superbowl last night? (the Canadian GM one) i feel like the robotic arm. funny thing is, my client's production line looks almost exactly like it, since they make parts for those cars. ahhhh...


"Count your blessings instead of sheep...

... one of my favourite Diana Krall songs. So true in every sense. Despite the downs at work this past week, I have many blessings to count... for which I'm thankful for:

- rennovations at home. put it this way, I will admit to being spoiled, hands down
- reminders of the fact He has crafted each situation and experience to draw me closer to Him and to learn more about myself & His will/direction in my life
- strawberry dipped chocolates in Indy from my Superfriends
- Starbucks run(s) w/ awesome sisters in Christ after service
- "therapy" group at work, which includes late night dinners on Saturday night
- great conversations in the car
- emails
- prayer group w/ Ina & Anita
- informal conversations w/ dad
- getting a ride from a big sis from the airport
- brunch at Cora's w/ S&S
- calls from friends while being afar... (even if it means discussing how to assess a variance...)
- an upcoming week to reflect and restore
- exciting ministries and initiatives at church

There are many more... but i must sleep as i have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow morning. Off to London I go for a week.

Must continue to keep myself focused and levelheaded... so many thoughts, yet patience is a virtue in finding out the answers to the thoughts.