A Passion Revived... :)

Seeing how this is late night post, you can probably guess this passion isn't anything of great substance or depth, but it is still a passion nonetheless: being a foodie. Now, I don't proclaim to be an expert of any sort. I don't think I'll ever be able to be a food critique or what not... seeing how I can even barely fend for myself when it comes to cooking and what not. However, I do enjoy trying good and interesting restaurants... so, like my friend Jenn suggested, here's a list of places I want to try in the next few months (or realistically, years, seeing how this interest, like most of my other ones, isn't exactly the cost-sensitive hobby/interest):

1) Sushi Kaji: if you have kept up w/ my blog in the past two years, I've probably mentioned this several times in passing... I'm sloly recruiting people to come with!
2) Bymark: their rating has been fairly consistent in the past few years... so I'd like to give it a try - heard a LOT of good things about it!
3) Perigee: at the distillery district - my friend Mo went and said the dessert is to die for. I wanna go!!
4) Solo Sushi: Now, I'm not sure of the exact name of this place, but it's a Japanese place in Newmarket, Omakase style. Yummy :)
5) Langdon Hall: Looks fancy schmancy though... but great reviews!
6) Cava Restaurant: A reasonably priced tapas bar with good ratings from martiniboys.com... the menu looks really unique too!
7) Terra Restaurant: So close to home... a gem that's hidden in Thornhill, actually - they started having a tapas bar.

Anyway... to be updated; but for now, it's time for BED.... unfortunately, toiling in the kitchen for the night has brought semi-successful results. While I can now proudly say I can make some sort of hummus (edamame hummus to be exact), my green tea biscottis still don't look edible... not very one bit. Anyway, good night!



my friend sent me this - http://starbuckseverywhere.net/Toronto.htm :) hehe... let's see how many i've been to that's listed here.


feeling a bit frustrated - i think i was more mature three years ago compared to now. i feel like a high schooler... (now, if only i had march break off, then that wouldn't be a problem!) in every possible way.

i think i am being cornered again, going back to the basics of surrendering.


the baking haitus is over. i broke out the nutella.




- i was apparently a target during tonight's game, and i had some hard hits, but i'm still loving the game. :)
- facebook is extremely addictive. what makes it different from friendster though? (haven't figured that out yet...)
- i always tell myself to sleep early when i wake up in the morning; yet, i never learn... like now.
- still figuring where to go for vacation this year, and for how long. where to... where to... the land of the kiwis?
- learning to do things on my own this year... - i'm growing up :D
- finally taking kat out for dinner this weekend.... so i'm only half a year late for her belated birthday celebration...
- i need more sleep
- time simply flies by - i'm back in Oh-Really-Ah next week for two weeks.... my third year back at this client.
- roll up the rim - losing terribly - 15 cups consummed 3 wins 12 losses. i wonder why i can't save money.
- sleeeeeeep. a precious commodity.


ignorance is bliss.... but at the same time, i'm thankful for being in the know as well.