Ah... it has been a long hiatus. What have I been up to?

1) Summer Planning Galore. It's that time of the year, where everyone including myself is making plans for the summer. I'm still debating where to go this summer, what to do, what sports I want to get involve or continue with, etc. The concrete plans so far: running (Sporting Life 10K!), some sort of volleyball, ultimate... yeah. Photography is also one of them, as I have to make use of the things I've been bestowed with. Oh, and trips! So many things to think about.

2) Orillia. Back to that Client of mines that I've been on since my first year. I always miss the town when I'm done, but rarely enjoy my stays up north due to the nature of the job. Love the hospitality, the people, but just the fact it's for work makes it bad.

3) Room. It's slowly being cleaned. I've only delayed this for a year and a half. :)

Anyway... time for bed. :)



People say I'm an addict to Starbucks & their coffee. Some say I should work there (I want to!). But very few people wonder why I enjoy Starbucks a lot... and why I often insist on going there. Considering the fact I'm currently on a coffee hiatus, it's not because of their coffee. They have very good, but extremely strong, coffee... and awesome espresso based drinks, but no, it's not because of their beverage selection. It's also not about the brand either. If I was going for coffee by myself (on the go, that is) and there was a timmy's and starbucks side by side, I'd opt for timmy's.

So what is it that makes me insistent on going to Starbucks (and thus causing you to believe I am a Starbucks addict?)?

It's the memories and friendships I've built up at various Starbucks all throughout these years - with people and on my own. Now, I'm not even talking about Starbucks in Toronto, but around the world - in the US, Japan, HK... yeah. The list is quite long, but I'll list a few experiences here just for starters:

- UofT years - caught up w/ friends during breaks in between classes at the Starbucks on Bloor
- Starbucks at the Shibuya crossing while catching up w/ my Aunt
- Catching up with Vicky over a green tea frappucino in Hong Kong by Causeway Bay on our first trip abroad together in 2004... and the many more conversations at the Starbucks at Bathurst & Steeles near her home
- Meeting Ada at the Starbucks at Hwy 7 & Bayview, who (re)introduced me to Mils... with whom I started going to T3C with.
- Studying for the UFE at Starbucks with my study buddies or solo - long, yet somewhat memorable days
- Hanging out with my younger cousin(s) at Starbucks in Lake Genova, Wisconsin and also in Steveston, BC - very rarely do I get to hang out with them... and have conversations.
- Pouring my heart out to my older cousin Lousila at Starbucks in HK & in BC
- Long conversations with the bestests at Starbucks, especially when Clary was still in Nunavut, and we would always go to Starbucks when she was in town.
- Mo getting me a Caramel Macchiato for my birthday - he hates Starbucks (the smell of it, the establishment itself, etc.), but was willing to get me one just for my special day... which was very much appreciated as it reminded me of what great friends him and Caro are to me
- the Starbucks Sunday School - this to me is still a surprise, as it simply began with one simple question proposed to Clinton: "I'm going to Starbucks - want to come?"; from there, it grew from one person to 9 people at one point in time... heh.
- quiet moments at Starbucks - reflecting lots...
- simply seeking some relaxing moments at Starbucks in HK Metroplaza (my only source of the South China Morning Post)
- Starbucking w/ Anita right after the CIBC Run for the Cure... ah, the conversations w/ her :)
- Starbucking w/ Evie in HK in TST... after a long LONG afternoon of shopping :) but simply fellowshipping with her.

Wow. The more I think, the more moments I recall. This is just a short list too! Soo... perhaps this now tells you why I love Starbucks? :) I'm up for a Starbucks w/ you if you are up for one :D

BTW - just a FYI - if you bring a tumbler to Starbucks on April 22nd, you get a free coffee (it's for earth day)... :)


my mind just came to a blank. there were things to blog about, but alas, it must be the old age. maybe it's the lack of caffeine in my system. i mean, it's only day 11 of my coffee-withdrawal experiment. because i can't think of anything of substance to blog about at this moment, i'll just leave you with some things that are running through my head as of late:

- summer vacation plans - where to?! (believe it or not, i'm thinking south...)
- summer plans for sports - what to join?
- where is God guiding me and leading me with the circumstances and situations He has placed in my life?
- my April looks jam packed... : when's a good time for jazz night?!
- thankful for friends - friends & tea are great combos... esp w/ friends you haven't seen in ages (i.e. the dork that i wanna be like - anita!)

speaking of friends... now i remember what i wanted to blog about! :D :) :D i'll save it for a separate post that is to come shortly.


It's been an interesting weekend - with ups and downs. It's been a while since I've wanted to stay home on a Saturday night and do nothing (but to watch a movie) - but that didn't happen. However, it was still a lazy Saturday as I took an afternoon nap (which is extremely rare...) and slept for 9 hours :) Today was totally the opposite, as we had volleyball training at T3C + the T3C running crew started running again...

My dad's been awesome in ensuring I'm somewhat afloat and on top of things, despite the ups and downs I've been experiencing. He has reminded me to constantly think of Philippians 4:8. It has kept me going this past week, so I'll end off the post with this: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.


a few questions:

- how/where can i get rid of my old textbooks (that may not even be used anymore in schools)?
- who wants lotion? i've got H20, bath and body works, and other lovely ones that i can't quite use due to my migraines but must clear out of my room

i'm trying to clean my room - a mere attempt though. it's a mess. it's been a mess for the past year and a half.