More Starbucks Adventures for You

Here are several signs/situations that indicate I frequent Starbucks too much for my own good:

1. I recently went to the North York Centre Starbucks (across from Empress) where I don't visit very often because I don't work or live near there. However, I went there for lunch one day, and saw two baristas whom I knew from other Starbucks locations... that work there permanently. So, being welcomed at a Starbucks that I rarely visit was kind of shocking to me, to say the least.

2. Befriending Starbucks baristas at more than one location - in addition to the Bayvew/7 location, I now know of a few baristas at the Warden/Steeles location... :) So now when I walk in, they actually greet me by name. This happened as the barista that I befriended said "you always order that drink... would you like to try the soy misto w/ this...?"

3. Being able to order several drinks that aren't on the menu. London Fog, mistos, versions of americanos, etc. :)

4. Perks!

My next big challenge is not to get suckered into the Starbucks craziness downtown... as I will be heading south to the heart of the financial district in a few days to start w/ another group at the Firm. We'll see how that goes.


i ran my first 10K today.

woo hoo!

and here are the results too!