A Mid Year Review

I've recently picked up reading Courage and Calling by Gordon Smith, a book I purchased at Urbana. While the book discusses the importance of recognizing what your vocation/calling is, it also highlights many points that I've been pondering about as of late, such as being intentional, which I'll save for another time. In the meantime, I know it's been long due since I've last given a blog update... Given the book emphasizes on the importance of self-discovery (for the purpose of knowing who God has created you to be) and learning to live both retrospectively and presently, plus the fact it's been half a year since I probably wrote anything to update you on my well-being, it's about time for a mid-year review of Holz's life.

The first half of 2007 has treated me well - lots of ups and some minor downs - but I've come to reflect and learn more about who God has made me to be in the past six months (although this will be a continuous journey). Through the big things in life such as career, to the small - yet extremely imporant - things in life such as friendships, I can certainly see that He has his timing for a lot of things... and I should presently be waiting presently for his direction in ministry, life, and other things.

In the work aspect of life, I am currently out of audit!!! I made the switch into a tax group in our downtown location... so I am now located in the downtown core, with my own desk and what not. (yes, no more hotelling stations!!! I never had a permanent desk during my tenure in audit) It's awesome to be working with my old audit teammates that have made the move to tax prior to my arrival. I've also bumped into a lot of people now that I commute on the GO and mosey around the downtown PATH, including some from my old church. I also enjoy the hour long commute, as it gives me an opportunity to read and nap :)

Onto other news, I am currently injured and out-of-commission from running and playing volleyball, due to an overuse injury from running. I ran my first 10K (the sporting life 10K) and didn't take time to rest subsequent to the race, resulting in a mild shin splint. I promised my physio friend I would rest after our volleyball tourney last weekend + the Becel Ride for Heart, which I did... I miss sports. I'm also giving Ultimate a chance... although w/ my injury I have not been able to play.

In terms of ministry, it's awesome to see how God has slowly provided opportunities for me to integrate into the T3C community - through serving on the worship team, my small group, the Oasis Cafe ministry, Summer Conference, and potentially other areas that may involve counselling and mentorship. Considering I came to T3C only knowing one person, it's really goes to show how God leads once I took that leap of faith.

Family life has been quite interesting as of late - as the months pass, I realize how the dynamics are changing. Instead of me ditching my parents for friends, recently it's been the other way around. :)

In other parts of my life, my foodie interest is slowly getting back in gear - I've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know my friend Jenn a lot this past year. We both share the love for food, although I argue that she definitely has more of the love than I do... because of her, I finally got a chance to try Sushi Kaji!!! (I've been ranting and raving about it since 2005) Look out for future entries for our love of food.... :D Baking has been the same, as of late... but I did manage to cook a decent meal for Jenn and Mils a few weeks ago. :) Looking forward to taking courses in the near future w/ Jenn... we'll see.

I realize I can only go so far in telling you what's been happening - as I'm typing all this out, I realize how busy life is. I guess the challenge for the latter half of 2007 is to learn to be still and take time out to absorb and reflect every opportunity, situation, and blessing that has been bestowed on me... and to discern what there is to learn from all of the above.

Stay tuned for more adventures ahead.