After chatting w/ Myles last week, I realise I have forgotten to count my blessings. I remember sometime a year and a half ago, I had attempted to blog on a daily what I was "currently thankful for" (ha - one of my many failed attempts on making this blog full of substance and depth). I kept at it for a while... but eventually stopped blogging about them. At least I could still easily remember things to be thankful and praiseworthy of. However, I've gotten to the point where I take things for granted so easily... and have forgotten how to say "thanks" for the big and especially small things in life.

I shall make another attempt - perhaps this will be a remedy to my current state of cynicism and crankiness. Also, maybe it'll help make things a little less "holly" centered and more focused on the giver of my blessings and those who contributed to those awesome moments. So here goes...

I am currently thankful for: West end friends who have offered their homes to me to stay in two nights in a row... and keep me well fed - with great food and awesome conversations.


I think as each month passes by, I realize I'm becoming older and more senile :) Also easily irritable... I wonder why that is. As I ponder more, I notice a lot of the annoyances I come across deal with people being inconsiderate or oblivious to their surroundings. Say, on the GO Train, I find it irritating when people talk loud or on their cell phones for the entire train ride. As if I desire to be concerned about their kids' soccer games or the fact you can't manage your portfolio properly. Another scenario would be driving, especially when a slower driver hogs the passing lane.

Hmm... I wonder what is stirring this disturbance in me...


i think i need to hide in my home for a day. just one day.