it's a beautiful day...

... or at least it will be one on September 17, 2009 - rain or shine. i'm finally going to a U2 concert! :) wahoo. it's been a while since i've had to sit in front of a computer clicking refresh every 30 seconds, in attempt to purchase concert tickets.

yes, not exactly the most thought provoking blog entry, but something to share. the little excitements in my life to keep me going through busy season.


the comeback...

i've contemplated on whether or not to revive this blog for the longest time. after realizing how much time i've spent thinking about it, i put my foot down and decided to do so...

i've realized in the past year and a half that time really does fly by. i look back at my blog entries from years ago (more than 7 in fact!) and realize how much less i've reflected on the things happening in my life or the thoughts that go in and out of my head. perhaps it comes with the age where the memory starts to fade day by day, but i find myself having trouble remembering things happening a week ago... and forgetting the thoughts and ideas brewing in my head.

i've also come to the point of realization that i don't have as much time these days to keep in touch with everyone, to let them know what's going on in my life and what has been inspiring me (or letting down). as this is the original intent of my blog, since i started this in university when all my friends were out of town for school, perhaps it will once again acts as a means of inviting you, my friends, back into my world. (not that there has been a lot going on, as you will probably come to realize with further entries) and perhaps it will compensate a little (but definitely not completely) for me being MIA from time to time.

so i'm back. stay tuned. :)