apparently, per ryan seacrest, yesterday was national coffee day.

i didn't know that.

as such, i concluded i am no longer a coffee addict as many people once concluded. speaking of which, i didn't even have my coffee today! however, once tomorrow comes, perhaps that may all change and my conclusion may be wrong.



it's been a while since i've stayed at home/around home for an entire day after church, with the intention of doing so. (with the exception of being sick)

it's also been a while since i've moseyed around the family room, watching a movie at 3pm in the afternoon on a sunday, rather than going up and about.

however, the restful part of the day didn't come with the movie. in fact, i felt a bit restless, as it seemed like i wasn't doing anything that was value added. it came when ben and i finished the movie, and stepped out of the house to return the dvd and to also go for a coffee. our convo in the BEN86 (aka his car, as the neighbourhood starbucks was at full capacity, like usual) was one of the refreshing convos we've had about life and our friends recently.

so what did i learn?

i can't simply rest by doing absolutely nothing. for me, rest is being in a relaxing environment but at the same time, being reflective and of course, being in great company of friends and coffee.



you would've thought with a two month break, i would've started blogging from the getgo. but with a week left in my break, i decided to start blogging just now. haha :) (sorta)

but before i forget, i thought yesterday night was something that's worth noting for memory's sake.

i finally signed the waiver and team sheet for dynamite rolls. we're finally "playing at the same level". haha :)

who's we, you ask?

ben and myself.

what are dynamite rolls, you ask?

it's the volleyball team started by ben. it took us three years to finally play on the same team in the outtahand league. the first year, i was rejected because "we don't play on the same level". the second year, i decided to stick with my original team to continue working out the chemistry of the team. finally, this year, i was told "i made it on the team".

haha. oh ben.