since i started working downtown two and a bit years ago, i've had the opportunity to bump into a lot of people from my past - let it be from junior high, university, ntcbc, old teams, etc.

i had one of the most memorable "bump ins" with someone from my past this week, and also the most interesting rush to the GO train station to catch my train. who made it so interesting? jon ng, a friend from my high school days.

mind you, it wasn't the first time i've bumped into him. in fact, i've bumped into him in exactly the same spot before - while we were crossing the north side of bay street at front, with me going west, and him going east. both times i was literally running for my train, with less than five minutes to go.

the first time, we just waved hello and goodbye... this past thursday, being the second time, he surprised me out of the blue. just like the first time, we yelled and waved hello and goodbye. as i was looking out for oncoming traffic, to attempt to jaywalk, all the sudden i hear "hey - i'm going to follow you this time until you get to your platform!" i turned around and saw jon. after asking if he was sure and him nodding, i said "i'm going to jaywalk - you ready?"

i didn't expect him to come with me, but he did! in two minutes time, we asked of each other's whereabouts, and i updated him on my two month sabbatical. i must say, it was quite a memorable. and now, as i promised him while entering the "paid fare" zone... i'll message him to arrange for a proper catch up time.



i've only been at work for 3 days (with a wkend in between) but it feels like i've been back for 3 weeks. however, not complaining. it's good to have routine back to a certain degree. and to be catapulted back into reality.