it's a lovely day in the neighbourhood...

this weekend made me realize how much I appreciate my neighbourhood - let it be for my own personal running and biking adventures, or for getting together with our t3c neighbours closeby.

i have been thinking about making the best of the neighbourhood i've grown up in (and still reside)... thanks to ben's neighbour who kindly introduced himself to us a few weeks ago. mind you, he has this rare trait as most people these days would keep to themselves and their homes, but he has inspired me to become more of a neighbour to those in my community, and appreciate my neighbourhood more... let it be for building nearby coworkers and t3cers up (surprisingly there's quite a few nearby!), or simply building rapport with people you see occassionally just to offer a smile and hello...

haha first step might be to buy a bbq and have one : ) (i dare not use the one at home that's been sitting idle for 10 plus years)


i finally ventured out to my grandma's nearby timmy's after a 5 month hiatus (as she was out of town...), to chat over coffee and other unhealthy things (though I was still able to boycott the items i refuse to have at timmy's due to my personal vendetta)

though it was a really good and enjoyable conversation with minimal nagging (and questions relating to the future :p), our conversation made me realize I am actually not as family oriented as I thought I was. I mean, I am close with my immediate family of 3 plus grandma... But other than that, I realize I actually do a poor job in keeping in touch with my relatives, and in caring for them. Not only that, but I realize it isn't a natural gift of mine to be the family connector, as I realize I have become ingrained in the things nearby me over the past few years. (Which is a good and bad thing, as I am continually learning not to stretch myself thin, though at the expense of slowly becoming a hermit)

ahh, the things I learn everyday. I guess its time to get onto those emails and facebook messages...


double impact volleyball tourney
chirashi take out (talk about deja vu!)
sunday service with old friends from nt

what a nice way to spend 2day :)

and what a better way to end it by having tomorrow off!