I had this urge to visit my blog just now, while on a work trip in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Perhaps being confined to the hotel makes one reflect a bit.

I just realized it's been ten years since I first blogged... just for kicks, I went back to 08.01.2002 - 08.31-2002 just to see how things were 10 years ago versus now. I remembered how this blog kept me sane when I first started it - perhaps it was an outlet for me in thinking through the ideas in my head. (after all, the original title for this blog was "the random thoughts of hollyholz") This could be used again now for the very same reason, since it's been hard to process thoughts as of late.

Reading through the blog, I realized I haven't really changed much at all, in terms of my values, and where I find joy/entertainment. Despite this thought, I know that my world has changed tenfolds since then. I've gone through seeing loved ones get sick, losing loved ones to illnesses, graudating, finding a job, switching churches, gaining friends, losing friends, finding my bestest friend and marrying him, quitting a job, taking a leap of faith, finding an unexpected job that was truly God sent, and now... just abosrbing all the changes and transitions in the past few years.

This year, I've learned that change is never ending... and that there is no constant other than God alone. Prior to this year, I had thought in the midst of a change, at least there would be other constants in life that'd keep you afloat (for that time being). But this year... I've come to learn there are no constants in life. Family and friends are normally the anchors in one's life. (normally - but not always. however, in my case it is) However, family life does change naturally when one gets married (though married life is treating me well to date). Friends that you've hoped to journey with for your life eventually find other paths to their walk. This seems to be a really long lesson, as it's taken me quite some time to learn. The challenge is to continue to find the joys and thankful items in light of all the changes, in dealing with the change.

I guess this isn't so much of a random thought, but an attempt to untangle the many thoughts in my mind this past year.